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6. Constitution class (refit) Captain Willard Decker Admiral James T. ^ I have no plans to do anything with Doug's refit right now. Scaling of bridge module and impulse engines to the refit Constitution class gives a figure in the 230 - 260 range. Enterprise Refit Deck Plans Expert Advice On Woodworking 25 Jun 2020 (👍 Watch Anytime) | Enterprise Refit Deck Plans Lifetime Monthly Plans!!how to Enterprise Refit Deck Plans for Queen Victoria deck plans. She was launched in April 1800 from a shipyard in New York City. [Source] The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) was a Constitution-class heavy cruiser in service to the Republic Starfleet during the second half of the 23rd century. S. The name Kongo was on Gene Roddenberry's list of possible Constitution class ship names. This is a updated repost of my Constitution Class Refit 1:1. File 31: Card 8a: Nebula-Class Starships: Deck 1: Bridge / Various Decks: Interiors File 31: Card 9: Galaxy-Class Starships: USS Galaxy NCC70637: General Exterior Plans File 31: Card 9a: Galaxy-Class Starship: USS Odyssey NCC71832 File 31: Card 9b: Galaxy-Class Starship: USS Yamato NCC71807 *File 31: Card 10: Jun 01, 2019 · For the record, NCC-1701-A is a Constitution class starship. I love seeing the deck plans for federation ships leatherslut1. 2. 0. Her machinery was overhauled, with her aircraft machinery coming from the pending Illustrious-class carrier. So they have all these ships but only a few bridge designs, how about a design for late 23c ships, like the excellesior refit Connie and Miranda and others. Resin. The final Excelsior class (Lakota Refit) starship was produced in 2399 at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards but the class will still be a visible part of Starfleet for many years to come, with no current plans to take the class out of service in the foreseeable future. Endurance - Ready Room by falke2009 on DeviantArt The captain's ready room, done for Ray9012. In 2335, four of the remaining eight Consitutions were mothballed while a second major refit of the class was designed. Miranda Class Master System Display. Franz Joseph (Schnaubelt)'s STARFLEET TECHNICAL MANUAL or CONSTITUTION CLASS plans, nor does it reflect Matt Jeffries' cross-section as featured in Stephen E. General Plans: Constitution Class Uss Enterprise Ncc-1701 Series Version: Allen Everhart Jr. After long service of the original Constitution Class Starfleet command decided to refit the design to modern guidelines in the latter half of the 23rd century. Marcus in his quarters. Though the Refit Class is slightly larger and is more build for combat instead of exploration. She last sailed in the autumn of 1881, when she carried apprentice training enlisted Sailors. The first vessel of its kind, U. See also the videos on the forums. Rhode Island is commanded by Captain Harry Kim. See photos, onboard activities, staterooms, deck plans, and itineraries. It could look like the wrath of Khan movie bridge. On one of the decks in the middle section of the saucer, about half way from the central core to the edge of the saucer are perhaps 24 to 36 boxes, labeled "Lifeboats". Cygnus-X1. S. Net: A Tribute to Star Trek is maintained by John Patuto. Dec 26, 2017 · Amid growing tensions in the region, both Japan and South Korea are reportedly investigating options to operate the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter on board their respective Plans vacillated for over a year before Edoan designers put fourth an efficient tractor beam multi-deck concept that would allow quick recovery and re-deployment of light craft. The Enterprise underwent a major overhaul in 2270, defeated V'Ger in 2273, and was Constitution class Star Trek Rpg Star Wars Star Trek Ships Star Trek Starships Below Deck Spacecraft Spaceship Floor Plans Lounge U. The Luna Class Starship is Starfleet's newest-generation long-range explorer type vessel, a starship not specifically built for combat, but like the Constitution Class of the previous century, it is a vessel designed for long-term, multi-purpose missions into uncharted space. Thinking about it, Guerriere's stern would look very different from Constitution because of the round instead of flattened arch molding, which you can see in the above plans and Potomac's on the previous page too. The project includes a It is for the last of the Enterprise deck plans and schematics. Nova Class Refit - Sickbay Star Trek Trek Deck Tv Star Sci Fi Ships Deck Plans Spacecraft Constitution Stars Dreams. com) this link will take you to Cydonia 6 Ink. _____ Clayton Aug 20, 2018 · Almost all the plans have the bridge as deck one, then two decks within the superstructure below the bridge, two decks between the superstructure and the two main decks that compose the main “disc” of the saucer, then four more decks as the saucer reduces down to the lower sensor dome area. 2 Sheets 24" x 36" 1980 Starcraft Productions: Starcraft Productions: good The envelope is showing signs of wear from age and storage: This Allen Everhart set is the Actual Diazo Blueprint: General Plans: Constitution Class Uss Enterprise Ncc-1701 Pilot A meticulously created deck-by-deck layout for the original Enterprise (imagine working out corridor access with those horizontal turbolift shafts getting in the way), although labelling it "Constitution"; after the class ship (or prototype) allows a degree of deniability. Privacy & Security | ; Accessibility/Section 508 | ; No Fear Act | ; FOIA | ; Navy Careers | ; Navy. While working I noticed a new block from one of the mod providers that just needed to get out there. Jun 03, 2015 · A timeline from the Constitution Museum guesses the stern was rebuilt in the 1858-1860 refit to a school ship. Nebula class ships are also very mission specific. The vessel's basic shape is a hull with a curved, semi-saucer fore and an elongated, rectangular aft; two backward-angled pylons attached to the bottom of the hull hold back-set engines similar to those of the Constitution class refit. Facilities and venues may vary by ship. on the idea of exvacuation hatches as on the Refit USS Enterprise NCC-1701. Constitution Class NCC-1700 Rebuild. Now available on CD. Refit By Nx 01 Refit Deck Plans ersion 2. Build her a cardboard cat castle! You should be drawing the designs into the sides of the boxes, not the bottom or top flaps. strategicdesignpub. espacio para subir y compartir cosas interesantes que suelen aparecer en Internet cuando menos lo esperas (o estas buscando algo totalmente distinto ) Citrullux has released his Ambassador class mesh to the STMC. 33:15. Several batches of Renaissance -class ships were produced until 2337. Thursday, 24th of May 2018 Tom has released a set of bridge buttons as per the old Michael McMaster blueprints. Trekyards 38,648 views. The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A), sometimes referred to as the Enterprise-A or NCC-1701-Alpha was a 23rd century Federation Constitution-class starship operated by Starfleet. For 2 days all hands were on deck in this desperate and successful attempt at escape, a splendid example of resolute command, superior seamanship, and indefatigable effort. 4cm), case length 10 5/8" (27cm) Jul 31, 2013 · During the 1930s, the Navy had produced a succession of “step deck” destroyer designs with raised forecastles. ) Deck 5 Constitution-class refit, USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A, circa 2290s. The original configuration and refit variants of this class influenced starship design significantly, and accelerated the standardization of the fleet. The vessel design is so well engineered, being a refit of the then-Flagship the USS Enterprise, that it is still in service today in parts of Federation Space The NNEC had designed the Oberth Class M/ARA configuration, which was at the time of its launching, the most efficient if not the fastest power plant in use by Starfleet. Enterprise Blueprints,   USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) is a starship in the Star Trek media franchise. Some non-canon sources give a length of 315 metres. Seci01 1. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. Also while I do hold the original Constitution in high respect I think it deserves some type of honor within a game about naval warfare. Discovery, NCC-1031. Most notably, the original design incorporated a higher degree of automation and a smaller number of science facilities, giving a standard crew of 203. The deck plan is designed to give an overview of the layout of a typical Millennium Class ship, indicating the location of facilities and staterooms Dec 03, 2002 · Constitution Mk II Docking Ports. Celebrated members of the class included the USS Enterprise The Constitution-class was a Federation heavy cruiser starship in Starfleet service in the mid-to-late 23rd century. the former Strategic Design company founded by David Schmidt; the illustrator of the famed U. Suppose that the U. Discussion in 'Radicons Customs' started by Unicron9, May 29, 2016. Trekyards EP24 - NX-01 Design with Doug Drexler (Drexler Special) - Duration: 22:31. The cosmopolitan style of River Empress, with its rich jewel tones and vibrant atmosphere, is certain to captivate you. The USS Yorktown was subsequently renamed as11 the second Starship Enterprise, NCC-1701-A, and assigned to the now Captain Kirk. Upper • Deck 6 Empress • Deck 7 Verandah • Deck 8 Lido • Deck 9 Panorama • Deck 10 Spa • Deck 11 Forward Sun • Deck 12 Aft Sun • Deck 12 Sky • Deck 14 Gross Tonnage: 113,300 Length: 952 Feet Beam: 116 Feet Cruising Speed: 21 Knots Guest Capacity: 3,012 (Double Occupancy) Total Staff: 1,150 Registry: Panama. This was done during the construction of the experimental Excelsior Class. Alliance Models. Just added the phasers. Ashton Woods Medina Floor Plan Instructional Wood Videos 22 Jul 2020 (☑ Watch Anywwere) | Ashton Woods Medina Floor Plan Download Guides!! Ashton Woods Medina Floor Plan Our Woodworking Experts Show You How 22 Jul 2020 (🔴 Step-By-Step Blueprints) | Ashton Woods Medina Floor Plan Get Free & Instant Access!!how to Ashton Woods Medina Floor Plan for How To Make A Wooden Ballista Calculated from the scale diagram on page 317, compared to the Constitution class. While seen as a success, Starfleet phased the class out of service by the 2280s. The ship served in this capacity from 1860 until 1871, first in Annapolis, then Newport, Rhode Island, where the Academy relocated during the Civil War, and then in Annapolis once again. 0 Length: 354 Beam: 52 Cabins: 72 Crew: 111 Passengers: 144 to 173 Space Ratio: 35 Total decks: 7 Decks with cabins: 4 Luna-class starships were exploration cruisers introduced in 2378, and quickly became the top of the line in the Federation Starfleet's scientific and exploratory pursuits on behalf of the United Federation of Planets. S Enterprise NCC-1701A Deck Plans. This ship is not complete yet but is still steadily being worked on. The H. A very extensive refit of the ship took place from 2269, when Kirk's five-year mission had just ended, to 2271 ("Star Trek I"). Just like all the other Constitution class starships that that survived their first few five year missions, the USS Constitution finally underwent a major refit in the 2270s. Nova NX-72228: Intrepid Class NX-74600: Oberth Class NX-602 Starship Prototype: The Constitution-class was a type of heavy cruiser that saw service in the Federation Starfleet during the 23rd century. Universe Sci Fi Tv Battlestar Galactica Deck Plans Aug 19, 2015 - This Enterprise is still a Constitution-class starship but it has been refit with a plasma deflector shield, stronger shields and phasers and more photon torpedoes. 7) The engineering hull atWolf 359, which definitely stems from a Constitution refit, suggests that these ships may have been still in service or at least acted as reserve ships in 2366. buying the plans from imperial R&D and adding to the defensive and offensive weapons making the at With the end of the war, Starfleet re-evaluated the Luna-class plans and decided to proceed with the project. One of the things that was not lost was the deck plans that were in a nice  9 Sep 2002 Despite the popularity of the original Federation starship Enterprise, the location of one SCOTT: Mister Scott, sir, on the lower level of the engineering deck. and Starfleet - All Ships. U. The David Schmidt set is pretty nice, IMO. Would make for an interesting variation of the Constitution class, I think. Actually, after four years, I am about burnt slam out on the NX-01. NCC 1778-A was the immediate successor to the Constitution class 1732. These included Robert April, Christopher Pike, and James T. com. This is a far more detailed master systems display than seen on the TV show or film. Step 3: Guide the discussion to understanding the purpose of the U. Development of the Constitution The Constitution-class was a Federation heavy cruiser starship in Starfleet service in the mid-to-late 23rd century. This makes: The sphere in the saucer 8 decks high. First conceptualized in 2404, the Odyssey-class was conceptually an extension of the Constitution-class design lineage of a large multirole cruiser. Upon refit and relaunch, the ships were rechristened with their new NCC-__ Federation registries. The result was to be the lead ship of a new class. Constitution class refit Mk II. Compared to the original Constitution-class, the refit model is slightly longer and wider. It is the main setting Full interior deck plans of the Enterprise were designed by Franz Joseph in 1974, with approval from Roddenberry. They're not totally accurate, but the only deck plan set I've ever seen. She saw active service through the late 23rd century. M. Celebrated members of the class included the USS Enterprise Constitution Class Starship Refit Blueprints: STRATEGIC DESIGN DECK PLANS. While it did not appear at all in the shows two-part premiere (which focused mostly around the USS Shenzhou), we know that most of the series, if not all, will occur on this Starfleet vessel. Deck 1. I am using the plans by Monte R. This would become known as the Constitution Class. Theurgy NX-79854 | LCARS MSD by Auctor-Lucan on DeviantArt Carnival Freedom offers some of the latest and greatest features across our fleet. The secondary shuttlebay is in the rear of the engineering hull. With the Washington Treaty coming into effect in 1927, and with many nations disgruntled over the completeion of the St Andrew-class Battleship, and the Warrior class battlecruiser, plans were set aside for the Admiral class battlecruiser and cancelled (excluding the 72% completed Hood). Greens Mill Woodworks The modular design of the Declaration-class lends itself to speculation that some ships of this class were later refit to Constitution-class specifications. Whether you’re dining in the ship’s sleek restaurant—reminiscent of a New York jazz and supper club—or relaxing over a cup of tea on the Sun Deck as you gaze out at the 360-degree view, there is no better or more relaxing way to travel through the scenic heartland of When the Constitution class went into production, the Yorktown class was replaced by the Connie in deep space exploration missions. P. While many boats that have put on 30+ years of age start to look sad this is not the case with Rua Fiola. . Operated by Scripps Institution of Oceanography as a shared-use facility within the University-National Oceanographic Laboratory System (UNOLS), Roger Revelle is available to all scientists supported by any US federal, state, and other agencies. Thousands celebrating Norway’s Constitution Day gathered along Bergen’s waterfront for Viking Star’s Christening Ceremony, a first-of-its-kind floating concert and brilliant fireworks show. Right now I've really only got plans for a few scenes Jun 27, 2016 · President USS President was a wooden-hulled, three-masted heavy frigate of the United States Navy, nominally rated at 44 guns. DECK 8 DECK 10 DECK 12 DECK DECK2 DECK 4 DECK DECK6 DECK 7 DECK 9 DECK 11 1 DECK 3 HIGH 5 LO W DECK HIGH LO AFT MID AFT MIDSHIPS MID FORWARD FORWARD Deck 9 (High) Deck 10 (High) Deck 11 (High) Deck 12 (High) STAGE Key to symbols L Lift Ship facts Entered Service: 2007 Planned Refit: May 2017 Country of Registry Plans & Drawings of H. The Galaxy Class contains the latest in Starfleet shuttle and runabout designs. Most notably stolen from the Galaxy was the saucer, warp nacelles and warp core and computer and weapon systems. Contents[show] List of Constitution Class Starships Group 1 Prestige Names (First 12 +4) - This is when the Constitution Class was the undisputed Queen of the Fleet Group 2 Alt Prestige Names - This is after the USS Federation was built, and it had to be admitted that bigger, more prestigious ships were possible Group 3 Cities, States, Provinces, Heroes, - This is after the Constitution class This is a full scale Constitution Class Refit, similar to the Enterprise as seen in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Nov 21, 2019 · In 2014, Japan did announce plans to refit these ships to be able to accommodate MV-22s and AAV7A1s. Sleeps up to: 4 2 Staterooms Cabin: 1432 sqft (135 m 2) Balcony: 1098 sqft (103 m 2) Now, the seven ships of the Constitution Refit Variant II class sever the Federation well, side by side with modern Sovereign and Galaxy Class ships. Bridge (Star Trek: The Motion Picture, et al. Locate the Executive Officer's Office or the tanks where the ship's stores its water. The lines of the bottom and aft of the engineering section on Mar 05, 2019 · Pallada class Haynes manual. (Star Trek: Titan) Contents[show] About Their shuttlebays were reminiscent of the old Both the refit and the A variant are considered Constitution Class Starships. It is the main setting of the original Star Trek television series (1966–1969) and several Star Trek films, and it has been depicted in various spinoffs, films, books, products, and fan-created media. Nova Class Refit - Captain's Quarters by falke2009 on DeviantArt Did this a while back and finally got around to uploading it. The TNG episode "Cause and Effect" depicts a Soyuz-class vessel, the USS Bozeman. Kirk. Enterprise as seen in Star Trek: Discovery, includes a brand-new visual variant: The The new Star Trek: Online game features various Miranda class variants, showing how the design will survive to the 25th Century, yet still retain the designation Miranda class. Thus starting a tradition of always having a ship bear the name of “Enterprise” in Star Fleet from then on. The rest of the class was decommissioned between 2280 and 2289. Ambassador-class vessels have two hanger decks, the main shuttlebay being located on Deck 3 with a single large hatch opening aft on the upper surface of the saucer module. Star Trek Rpg Star Trek Ships Star Wars Fantasy Films Sci Fi Fantasy Starfleet Ships Sci Fi Spaceships United Federation Of Planets Spaceship Art Deck Four floorplan of Nova-class starship. A milestone in starship design, the prototype USS Renaissance incorporated only few components and design features of previous ship classes. Endurance. 17 May 2013 And with a 252 foot wide flight deck, it's a fair bit thinner. It was used by both Starfleet and civilian institutions, mainly in the role of a surveyor or science vessel. In excellent condition and sporting full-color glossy photos of… read more › May 18, 2017 · 3 Constitution Refits vs. Plans were already afoot to redesign the Constitution class starships. F. The USS Kelvin: Ship Of The Line : DaystromInstitute Nx Refit White X-01 Enterprise Refit Model Painted. However, drawings I've seen from 1926 before the refit show them running diagonally. Refitting was advantageous, since it was 50% less expensive than building a completely new starship. This configuration, however, was supplanted by the Constitution Class (and later the Constitution-Refit) M/ARA drive system. The NX designation was held over only for experimental vessels. Likely to be named the USS Midnight. The (sub-) class name Enterprise Class makes sense, considering that the refit has hardly anything in common with the original Constitution. Manual there, when it came out in '75. Enterprise [Franz Joseph Designs] on Amazon. Millenia Models International. ' Nova Class Refit - Sickbay Star Trek Trek Deck Tv Star Sci Fi Ships Deck Plans Spacecraft Constitution Stars Dreams. In some ships the large engineering hulls were retained and the spaces vacated by the smaller reactor were converted to other uses, such as shuttle maintenance hangars and During the War of 1812, Constitution ' s battery of guns typically consisted of 30 long 24-pounder (11 kg) cannons, with 15 on each side of the gun deck. They have sensor pods, photon torpedo pods, and a barracks pod. Jun 09, 2016 · Jun 9, 2016 - constitution-class-refit-port. We fight for freedom and tranquility. NW. Deck One includes the bridge, captain's ready room, officer's quarters, and two small labs. IJN Kongp. Jun 27, 2020 · Miranda Class Saucer Correction Kit by Federation Models. Constitution-class refit deck configuration. You must fill out every question in this application, otherwise your request will be denied. They have the capability to change pods. Source: The Star Trek Encyclopedia The Renaissance class is a compact multi-purpose ship developed to replace the Constitution class. May 24, 2020 - Explore genebobb62's board "starfleet ships" on Pinterest. Memory Alpha says the class first went into service sometime before The Constitution Refit Class V2 is a familair class similair to the Constitution Class V2. Hood Updated 04-Jan-2020. Still, it is a very nice mesh, in OBJ format. And of course more since then. but they glide over it and spot a new Constitution-class The Enterprise isn’t just quintessential to the long history of Star Trek, it’s also one of the most iconic starships of all time. Aug 12, 2016 · Background. After a refit in Philadelphia in the 1870s, she sailed to France, carrying U. Externally they are identical, while the majority of internal differences are cosmetic or layout in nature. That makes it “canon”. 2268: Starfleet issues a general refit design for the Constitution class. It was the star of the classic series, but later and earlier Jan 07, 2009 · The Luna Class Starship is Starfleet's newest generation of long-range explorer, rather than another combat vessel. ' The original idea is to be a test bed for new technologies, specifically for the Excelsior and Excelsior refit so maybe the deck through won't be a good idea. This is located on G Deck (deck 7) in the Primary Hull. Two are still in operation, including the class leader, USS Constitution. the 1 last update 2020/06/25 . Deck plan shown is Celebrity Constellation, which represents an example of a Millennium Class ship. Constitution (refit) WARP. Their was such positive responce that I wanted to try another project with the same break down as I had done with the ENT-A set. Jun 19, 2019 · When Star Fleet Baltic Yards launched the Constitution II Class nearly 6 month before the revamped Tikopai class, Ishikawajima Harima Industries began to make plans to scrap the design. What Will The Constitution Class Look Like In DSC? (if Is. After refit ship models can be purchased on this page below. The workhorse of Starfleet, the Constitution-class was probably the most balanced, all-around starship known in the 23rd American Constitution cruise ship deck plan has a total of 89 staterooms for 175 passengers served by 60 crew/staff, with 6 passenger decks (5 are accessible via 2 elevators), 6 lounges (2 bars), 1 dining room restaurant, 2 sun decks (lower and upper). And we'll also need to see his friend, the pool cleaner, get sloshed around as well. Shuttlebay one is on Deck 4, Shuttlebays two and three are on Deck 13. adam New Visual Variant: Jefferies 'Phase II' Constitution Refit. Captain Geronimo 1,773 views. 5 The ship was launched with laser cannon rather than the phasers which came into service in the 2260s. During the early 2270s, Constitution-class starships underwent a major refit program. It would also kill my plans for a proper carrier ship. Federation Class. Penthouse Suite. Ships named Kongo The name Kongo was on Gene Roddenberry's list of possible Constitution class ship names. 2374: Starfleet issues a general refit design for the Constitution Refit class. The class name was changed from NX Class to the Enterprise Class in honor of the lead ship, the former NX-01 Enterprise, now renamed the NCC-01 USS Dauntless. but falls from the flight deck and is taken to the hospital. This starship was the second Federation ship to bear the name Enterprise. The upgrade to Achernar subclass standards put her just under the standards of the new Constitution (II) and Endeavour subclass variants. jpg (1200×827) Informations complémentaires Voir cette épingle et d'autres images dans Other People's Sci-Fi Machines par Richard Brazier . The fifth starship to be named Enterprise , she was commanded by Captain Jean-Luc Picard . Even so, the capabilities of these vessels, which displace 14,000 tons with a full load and can I got the FJ Constitution Class BoGP (aka "Star Trek Blueprints") at Waldenbooks in Willow Brook Mall, back when they came out, which would have been '74. 8: Calculated from the scale diagram assuming a length of 231: 9: Production drawing The Nebula class ship was an offshoot of the Galaxy class. Everything is diagrammed, from briefing room tables to transporter pads, to a jacuzzi pool!These deckplans are for the new, refit design--for the NCC-1701A, and not the old Constitution Class acad deck home plans 🔥+ acad deck home plans 17 Jun 2020 Fix Link? Clock, Tambour An easy veneer project, this clocks insides are glued up from acad deck home plans feline friend. Re fitment started in late 1934 she was heavily modernized. Constitution deck plans at Original Trek, Oberth deck plans at Star Trek Universe, Modified Constitution and Constitution refit (and couple of others) at JohnB Shipyards, Miranda/Avenger deck plans by Federation Frontiers, Defiant deck plans at Maximum Defiant, and finally Galaxy deck plans, which doesn't appear to be online anymore. With that said, onto the next Build and I am starting of with the Refitted Enterprise. Launched on 22 June 1814 in the Boston N Feb 02, 2014 · USS Yorktown NCC-1717 Constitution - class and Enterprise variant starships. The design underwent several refits in its many decades of service. However the Starting in 2250, many Pyotr Velikiy-class ships were refit with the smaller and more powerful SSWR-XV-B reactors to bring their performance closer to Constitution standards. In his own words, it's slightly non-canon. Purists will note the primary's reflection of Dec 12, 2018 · Japan Approves Plans to Convert Izumo-Class Into F-35-Carrying Aircraft Carriers By Franz-Stefan Gady Japan’s two largest warships will be converted into aircraft carriers over the next five years. The Exeter class has the white hull texture common to Federation refit vessels. Launched in the Early 2250s this starship classes size was immense. Most of the ships were initially assigned to the Pacific Fleet where they were to play a major role in the war. NX-01 refit blueprint. The USS Yorktown was a Federation Constitution-class class I/class IX heavy cruiser starship in service to Starfleet in the 23rd century. → View All Floor Plans & Special Prices. Kirk: U. exhibits to the Paris Exposition. By the mid-24th century the class was no longer in active service. With email requests to return, I started working on the Interactive Deck Plans on the Miranda Class Scans, after just updating the old web site with the ENT-A Interactive deck plans. 5 The Yorktown had recently emerged from a major refit, and the ship suffered many technical problems on her first mission12; nevertheless, she went on to serve the remainder of her service life with distinction. Full description of this ship is on my original post. Summarize the "rules" listed in the Bill of Rights. But there's a lot of empty space in the Enterprise, whereas aircraft carriers are more like . The Constitution-class was a type starship in service to Starfleet in the mid to late 23rd century. Vesper-class: The Vesper class is reminiscent of the Excelsior class line of ships. The Legendary Miracle Worker Light Cruiser includes a brand-new visual variant: The Jefferies’ Phase II Constitution Refit! Before Star Trek became a major motion picture in 1979, there were plans to make a new television series titled 'Star Trek: Phase II. If memory serves, these were on two decks. Dec 12, 2018 · Japan Approves Plans to Convert Izumo-Class Into F-35-Carrying Aircraft Carriers By Franz-Stefan Gady Japan’s two largest warships will be converted into aircraft carriers over the next five years. Click to view 2 Physics lab, biology lab, security holding area. Size: model length 9 1/4" (23. Starship Deck Plans USS Enterprise NCC-1701 Deck Major Features 1 Bridge. I've been planning on building up a USS Lexington as if the saucer and secondary hull (converted from the old AMT refit kit) were built Phase II style to begin with and then adding the cutaway STOS style engines. For some reason, deck plans for the America are difficult to find, and this is one of the hardest. The main body of the saucer is decks 3 to 7, the rim on deck 5. GRP. Excelsior class starship and refit. From 1992 to 1995, the Constitution underwent a 44-month refit and overhaul that returned the ship to fully sailable condition. I used to have the deck plan poster for the constitution refit The Renaissance class is a compact multi-purpose ship developed to replace the Constitution class. Introduce the book Shh! Aug 09, 2015 · Trekyards EP53 - Refit Constitution Class - Duration: 33:15. Regarding the lifeboat/escape-pod question. 3 Science labs, RCS thrusters. Day 2–3. The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) was a Constitution-class heavy cruiser in service to the Republic Starfleet during the second half of the 23rd century. Designed and built by myself and LadyMaisie. Hull is 100% hand-built by myself. Deck Plans Rua Fiola ~ Below Deck Refit in the Salon and Berths. They were never refit or modernized like many other ships of the era were like the Constitution, Miranda, and Akula. George Washington named her to reflect a principle of the United States Constitution. By Reference Stardate 2/0510 (October 2263), the refits were complete, and the Constitution class remained the most advanced starship of Constitution Class Refit Deck Plans Get Ted’S Woodworking Plans 06 Jul 2020 (⭐️ No CC Required) | Constitution Class Refit Deck Plans Complete Instructions From Start To Finish. The Miranda was first seen in "Star Trek II" (2285). 5 Captain's quarters, senior officers' quarters. The Oberth-class was a type of Federation starship in service in the 23rd and 24th centuries. These vessels have been compared to the Constitution-class starships of the previous century, which carried out similar roles. Like the refit programs seen by the Constitution and later Excelsior classes of the 23rd century, Yorktown’s spaceframe retains similar lines to her original incarnation, but all of her key systems have been gutted and replaced. This ship was recommissioned (from USS Tia Ho) to the USS Enterprise NCC-1701A. President was one o USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) is a starship in the Star Trek media franchise. (TOS video game: Starfleet Academy Starship Bridge Simulator) The Refit was about 1000ft long versus 947ft for the original Constitution Class configuration (or Phase-3 Constitution 1 Config since the original Ship was a little bit different in the two Pilot episodes versus the TOS production episodes). With a total of 42 decks, the Enterprise -D was twice the length and had eight times the interior space of the Constitution -class ships of over a century earlier. Subclass Ship Name Variant Registry Source Official Era; Assault Ship: Ardennes : Internet - STSTCS/"Guidomc" For 2 days all hands were on deck in this desperate and successful attempt at escape, a splendid example of resolute command, superior seamanship, and indefatigable effort. For comparison, the Constitution is about 21. More to come. 1. Net" is in no way associated with, nor endorsed by, Paramount Pictures and/or Viacom; Pocket Books and/or Simon & Schuster; their parents or their affiliates. Johnjulio Enterprise. Enterprise NCC-1701-A Before renaming: U. The Enterprise wasn’t the first Constitution class vessel, so it’s entirely possible the class is much older than 10 years. Refit Constitution. Kirk Captain Spock: U. Apr 05, 2020 · The Rhode Island class is a refit of the Nova class for the 25th century. Initially, 12 ships were ordered, and all were completed by 2379. The bridge of this class starship is located on Deck 1 and is sector shaped. It should be no surprise that this class holds a place near and dear to the hearts of many of the staff and instructors at Starfleet Academy. However, due to its size and power the Odyssey was classified as a dreadnought. The TMP set only gives you views of the bridge and I think the officers lounge, but not much of anything else in the way of interior views. The experiences with the reconstruction of the ASIA class proved useful when the refit program for the CONSTITUTION class started a few years later. New Visual Variant: Jefferies 'Phase II' Constitution Refit. This refit was essentially a complete reconstruction that included new warp nacelles, modification of the engineering hull and "neck", enlargement of the saucer section Galaxy Refit Class. Federation-class Dreadnought Refit (OOP These models show the difference between ships and present them as they looked around 2010 (before major refit of this class which started in 2011 with the Spirit). The torpedo room is more automated in the A compared to the refit, with smaller but equally strong torpedoes. Here is a Tech Manual style page for the Constitution (II) Class Heavy Cruiser. May 17, 2015. Constitution Class Refit- SPC: Attack target ship and deal 3 damage (PLEASE NOTE, YOU TAKE DAMAGE FROM THIS EQUAL TO THE ATTACK OF TARGETED SHIP) ULT: Destroy target enemy Flagships Neghvar Battlecruiser- SPC: 3 damage to enemy flagship, 1 to yours ULT: 6 damage to enemy flagship and 2 to yours Updated by Cassius Adams: October 21 16:44 GMT. Enterprise NCC-1701. Constitution class refit bridge. Of the other four, they were all active at the beginning of the Dominion war. The plans is in blue boarder or red boarder by Strategic Design (www. Yorktown Late Constitution class: Captain James T. Net has some plans available, all you have to do is go to the website that the creators of the Constitution Refit has. From adding brand new staterooms and elevating design concepts and technology across the ship to adding The Retreat ® Sundeck and The Retreat ® Lounge, exclusive for guests of The Retreat, this stunner is turning heads now more than ever. SFSM. The Exeter honors the 400 crew members of the U. 2 Damping Field & Synthetic Generators lor new installations under new deck areas, the original IDF/SG network was lett *UChed. Illustrator: David Schmidt Copyright: 1992. The actual refitting took eighteen months of work and essentially a new vessel was built onto the bones of the old, replacing virtually every major system. mil| Parts Used: 12 Wooden Balls for fuel pod modules, 2 Wooden dowels for general cargo modules, ends of Constitution class hulls and Sharpie Markers for carrier modules This build all started with when I managed to get my hands on the primary hull to a Goliath Class cargo hauler from Cozmo Heavy Industries. Each had an average crew of 350 individuals and was approximately 450 meters long. The refit after the disasterous M-5 Computer Incident allowed U. This new sheet is for the  28 Feb 2010 For the 2010 Ships of the Line Calendar, Doug Drexler decided to refit his Enterprise NX-01 with a new secondary hull. Enterprise NCC-1701 - saucer section Jun 22, 2020 · The Constitution refit was developed in the late 2260's. We often get asked to provide individuals with plans for Hood. If you look carefully in “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier”, when the plans for the ship are unrolled, it does explicitly say that she is a Constitution class. A fella by the name of David Schmidt in Canada made up a set of deck plans. I've also got the 1/96 kit in the stash and plan to get to her one of these days. Non-TF: Star Trek NX-01 Enterprise Refit Model Painted. At Roddenberry's direction  The fifth starship to be named Enterprise, she was commanded by Captain Jean- Luc Picard. SCOTT: Get up to my office and pull the plans for this bulkhead. "Cygnus-X1. Sep 15, 2015 · Congress deemed Constitution the best choice for delivering the American exhibits to France, so in March of 1878, after undergoing a speedy refit and loading 738 tons of cargo (including three streetcars lashed to the spar deck), the old ship set sail for Europe. It was already pretty close anyway. Sitting at 762 meters in length this was the largest starship ever built by Starfleet up to this time, being twice the length of the originally intended Constitution Class design and crewed by over 1, 100 Officers and men. Star Trek TOS: Port schematic deck plans of Constitution-class lead ship USS Enterprise NCC-1701. In 1936, plans were set to refit the aged Indomitable, which, besides a very minor 1931 refit replacing her elevators, had not seen a major refit. With a total of 42 decks, the Enterprise-D was twice the length and  technical details of Earth's first Warp 5 starship. It made the final cut as seen in The Making of Star Trek (page 165) which details the memos that added the Japanese battleship IJN Kongo as a source for one of the 12 ships of the original Constitution class. Jun 21, 2020 · The Exeter class is a variant on the famed Constitution Class. Star Trek Starships Deck Plans Uss Enterprise Paramount Pictures Spacecraft Planer Floor Plans Deviantart Room U. ) Deck 3 (C Deck) Science officers quarters (Star Trek III: The Search for Spock) Deck 4 (D Deck) Admiral's quarters (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Kirk is shown leaving the turbolift on D Deck before talking to Dr. The designation "Enterprise class" insinuates that the Enterprise was the first Constitution-class ship to be rebuilt; anyway, the refitting of the Enterprise began after the five-year mission in 2269 and was completed in 2271. But after that, the class, and in special, the USS Yorktown still made history when finally in 2236 before a refit in the warp core (eight series Mk Ia warp core), the time barrier was broken for the first time and Star Trek 3D models for download, files in 3ds, max, c4d, maya, blend, obj, fbx with low poly, animated, rigged, game, and VR options. Dec 20, 2001 · Constitution (refit)-class Starship. (DS9: "The Nagus") Technical Data Physical arrangement . 5 Miranda Class Refits!! - Star Trek Legacy: Star Trek Online Constitution Refit Remodel - Duration: 1:28. Trekyards 40,397 views. 4 Science labs, subspace telescope, shield generators. Kirk (William Shatner) This ship first appears at the conclusion of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986) and is the main setting in the subsequent Star Trek movies which use the original crew. Vacuform. Thank you ShaoCorp for the new turrets. Each Ship will be to scale. 3 Securið & Force Field Generators Except top new installations as the new Engineering and Security complexes), tie original S/CFF neMOPk was lett Mar 23, 2019 · Trekyards EP53 - Refit Constitution Class - Duration: 33:15. See more Star Trek: Starboard schematic of battlecruiser-class variant refit. Size comparison here. Reliant model so it looks like it should. The U. The ship has a forward-facing dual photon torpedo launcher and at least six dual phaser banks for offence, and powerful energy shields for defence. In addition to many illustrations and two fold out pages for the deck structure, the manual includes many historical research notes from Cmdr Tyrone Martin as well as detailed rigging directions. Product Description: Now you can fix that poor U. Exeter who were killed by a biological agent in 2268. The Daedalus Class starships were the first class of starships that were adopted by the newly formed United Federation of Planets in 2161. With extra phasers and torpedo launch bays the Refit Class integrates nicely into the Rambo Nation Space Fleet and has already proven her might. As always if you want to follow on the build  18 Nov 2010 Second installment/update of the build progress on my 3d USS Enterprise model. Launched in 2245, the Enterprise would be commanded by some of the best captains in the Fleet. The ship was commissioned in 2305. About the U. I came across some images showing internal deck plans of the CONSTITUTION class starships. See more ideas about Starfleet ships, Star trek ships, Star trek. Leah Brahms, were charged with the project, to refit the ship to be more survivable in combat. As part of our $500-million fleet-wide modernization program, Celebrity Constellation ® is making even more waves in the cruise world. Cruiser Class Exploration Cruser Refit Manufacturer: Ix Shipyards Location: Niops IX Mass: 500,000 tons Length: 243 meters Sail Diameter: 1,200 meters Overview: Nobody would have expected the Niops Association to have an ancient, decrepit Cruiser class vessel sitting in orbit around a seemingly-uninhabited dwarf planet in the Niops system. adam Star Trek Blueprints: the Complete Set of 12 Authentic Blueprints of the Fabulous Starship Enterprise General Plans, Constitution Class, U. Deck Layout. Unfortunately, SD is no  U. Endurance class Conversion Kit. how to Constitution Class Refit Deck Plans for Jun 12, 2020 · While the refit cycle established for the Galaxy class in the STTNG Technical Manual is 20 years, it seems to have been less than 15 years in the case of the Constitution class and original Enterprise. Summary: 25th Anniversary Collector's Edition * All 24 Decks Charted in  The decks of Constitution-class Federation starship: The following deck layouts come exclusively The corridors of the Refit Enterprise, as seen in "The Wrath of Khan". More capable a ship than the Nova and rivaling her sister ships, the refit can handle combat with heavy Klingon warships from 2404 and travel at warp speeds high enough to conduct deep Aug 16, 2017 · 1/146 U. Constitution (kit 80-5472) – includes instructions to assemble the hull, deck, rigging and sails ♦ The USS Constitution, 1812-1815 : Step-by-Step Instructions and Plans to Model the Ship to her 1812 to 1815 Configuration Cygnus-X1. 1992-95 refit and return to sail. 13-apr-2018 - USS Avenger / Constitution-class / Mess Hall by arvistaljik Stay safe and healthy. The original Constitution class ships, of which USS Enterprise NCC-1701 was one, were extensively upgraded in the 2270's, receiving new systems, new warp drives, and a new bridge module. The TOS original and refit Enterprise having been destroyed by Admiral Kirk’s self destruct order. With these 7 resin parts you can correct the hull thickness and accurize the rear of the model. The class was named after 20th century German rocket pioneer Hermann Oberth. 20 Aug 2018 Almost all the plans have the bridge as deck one, then two decks within the Detail of the saucer section from David Kimble's refit-Enterprise  15 Feb 2013 Working the details on decks 2-4 in prep to build and place assets on deck 3 & 4. Constellation NCC-1017 was one such ship - it had a much lower registry number than other Constitution-class ships, and due to being a much a cheaper model, looked Ships of the same class usually have the same layout and features The following are detailed Deck Plans for the Nova class starship, refit, specifically, the USS Twilight NCC-74413. This ship is the Enterprise from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn and then rebuilt and commissioned at the end of Star Trek IV:The Voyage Home and used up until Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Enterprise was the first of the Constitution class to be refit in 2272-2273, yet the class was still known as Constitution class (refit). This is a deck by deck, comm by comm buildup of the entire  14 May 2013 See photos and images of the USS Enterprise, the iconic 'Star Trek' starship Starship USS Enterprise, serial number NCC-1701, of the United Eventually the company plans to take "space tourists" on commercial flights. Nov 01, 2016 · Most of the plans I have seen, including those in the Anatomy of the Ship volume, show the carlings (joists) perpendicular to the deck beams/parallel to the keel. FWIW, the best reference I've found for the Constitution's rigging is Olof Erikson's book All Sails Up and I've been planning on building up a USS Lexington as if the saucer and secondary hull (converted from the old AMT refit kit) were built Phase II style to begin with and then adding the cutaway STOS style engines. Mar 05, 2016 · Constitution Class Refit Briefing Room Angle 1. The class served for several decades and underwent an extensive refit in the 2270s. Medical Facility is located midship on Deck 1 (not shown). The Constitution was built to the original design. Refit Cycle: Minor : 1 year the plans for power relays of a Constitution-Class Starship were used in the Armstrong, which lead to many problems. Enterprise NCC-1701-C Ambassador class: Captain The Odyssey-class starship was a type of dreadnought cruiser that entered Starfleet service in 2405 at the height of the Third Federation-Klingon War. Metal. The Enterprise underwent a major overhaul in 2270, defeated V'Ger in 2272 Kelvin Timeline Constitution-Class Refit The Legendary Temporal Flight-Deck Carrier, inspired by the U. Subclass Ship Name Variant Registry Source Official Era; Assault Ship: Ardennes : Internet - STSTCS/"Guidomc" Constitution Refit. Subclass Ship Name Variant Registry Source Official Era; Battleship: Arizona: Mk 1 : Internet - Ian Keldon: No: TOS: Battleship: Arizona: Mk 2 : Internet - Ian Keldon: No R/V Roger Revelle is a highly capable Global Class research vessel that operates worldwide. The Independence was renamed Oceanic Independence and after a refit she commenced cruising, with a new passenger capacity of 950 passengers. The ship consists of approximately 20 decks, with the main bridge making up Deck 1. For now, I finished the saucer top. 1: USS Nimitz The Navy's oldest and finest aircraft carrier. One of the reasons that Vagabonds are sought after is the beautiful use of Teak in the Interiors. Enterprise-A Self-Destruct Conversion. In peacetime, it Miranda-class starship were also shown as models on several occasions such as in Deep Space 9's classroom. Pages in category "Federation Starship Classes" The following 44 pages are in this category, out of 44 total. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 6 deck area's. In the late 24th century, on the even of what was going to be one of the darkest times in Starfleet's long and decorated history, a briefing was put out for a new generation of long-range exploration oriented starships. A fast battleship design, part of the Lexington Class design process. These are a complete rebuild from my previou Charles KelseyStarship. Year Built: 1989 Years old: 31 Tons: 6072 Speed: 16. The ships of this class are currently the largest surface combatants of the JMSDF, taking over the mantle previously held by the Hyūga-class helicopter destroyers. I decided that my build is going to be a I'm currently in the middle of building the 1/196 "little brother" Constitution kit as the restored ship when it was sailed in 1997 on her 200th birthday. See more ideas Aug 16, 2019 · 1. Refit Constitution Class USS Enterprise in DS9 LCARS A detailed interior schematic of the Refit Constitution Class USS Enterprise in DS9 era LCARS, as if being seen in a historical database. All major systems will receive a complete overhaul and resign based on technology developed over the last several ST Discovery: Constitution Class And Poss. File 31: Card 8a: Nebula-Class Starships: Deck 1: Bridge / Various Decks: Interiors File 31: Card 9: Galaxy-Class Starships: USS Galaxy NCC70637: General Exterior Plans File 31: Card 9a: Galaxy-Class Starship: USS Odyssey NCC71832 File 31: Card 9b: Galaxy-Class Starship: USS Yamato NCC71807 *File 31: Card 10: The HMS Indomitable was the Admiral-class battlecruiser HMS Howe. Hood Association does not hold any plans and therefore cannot provide any. ST: Picard EP9 “Et in Arcadia (Part 1)” Captain Foley’s First Reaction - Duration: 31:41. However, the Constitution, renamed Oceanic Constitution, was laid up at Hong Kong on August 4, 1974. In 2274, the class saw its only real upgrade during it service life. AMT 1/537 Star Trek USS Enterprise Refit. Jun 07, 2016 · Independence USS Independence was a wooden-hulled, three-masted ship, originally a ship of the line and the first to be commissioned by the United States Navy. Jun 17, 2008 · The Enterprise is grabbed by a big space hand, meanwhile in the Deck 21 Bowl-A-Rama, the attendant gets thrown about and dodges about 40 airborne bowling balls. But the Fletcher Class reverted to a “flush deck” design like the destroyers of World War I. Hood to remain in service for longer than expected. DY-100 Interplanetary Sleeper Ship (OOP) DY-100 Botany Bay. The SIF m replaced with the uprated Type YF2300A the Refit 1. After the war, Constitution returned to Annapolis where she was a stationary training ship for the academy. The height of the top – Constitution’s foretop, for example, rises more than 50 feet above her deck – combined with the short battle ranges of the wooden-ship days to make these elevated platforms good vantage points for light antipersonnel weapons. In 2369, refit began on an existing Galaxy Class hull. The Constitution Refit Class V2 is a familair class similair to the Constitution Class V2. Step 1: Review the importance of having rules and the Constitution. During the war, CONSTITUTION ran the blockade at Boston on seven occasions and made five cruises ranging from Halifax, Nova Scotia, south to Guiana and east to Portugal. The Strategic Designs does have beautiful Constitution class (original and refit) plans as well as a Class Two Station, but they were uploaded at low res so can't be cleaned up to print at 11x17. General Overview: There are three shuttlebays aboard each Galaxy Class. Anything I Dec 20, 2014 - Constitution class refit - U. Enterprise NCC-1701-D was a Galaxy-class starship and the flagship of Starfleet. Whitfield's THE MAKING OF "STAR TREK" (his hangar deck, for example, extending to the front edge of the nacelle pylon, not the aft). Dimensions. Designed in 2156, the Daedalus Class was initially built as an exploration starship, building upon advances made a few years earlier in the "NX Class" program. The configuration of the Miranda-class shared a similar design lineage and features with the refit Constitution-class implemented in the early 2270s. Constellation NCC-1017 was one such ship - it had a much lower registry number than other Constitution -class ships, and due to being a much a cheaper model, looked Star Trek Starfleets starships bridges, Interiors, Blueprints, Defiant Class, Excelsior Class, star trek lcars ships Schematics, deep space nine, voyager, the next Tourist-class deck plan for the ss America. Three Lexington Class battlecruisers were converted to carriers, the other three remained as battlecruisers, though each looked considerably different. When the Constitution class went into production, the Yorktown class was replaced by the Connie in deep space exploration missions. Originally a 90-gun ship, in 1836 she was cut down by one deck and re-rated as a 54-gun frigate. Notes The original configuration of the USS Enterprise differed from the "classic" fit which gained the ship fame in several ways. To be honest I didn't  8 Apr 2015 Unfortunately there are no Deck Plans of the Saber class. Oceanic Independence continued to cruise until she was also laid up at Hong Kong on January 17, 1976. 28 Sep 2010 It's everywhere: that majestic Enterprise-D, built from within a Minecraft … body of the starship Enterprise, created using blocks in Minecraft. Constitution was one of the names they were going to use for the ship. Below the gun deck ports were installed windows, as the entire area was given over to study rooms for the fourth-class midshipmen. Book your Carnival Freedom cruise today! War. The USS Discovery will be the primary ship of Star Trek Discovery. Net: A Tribute to Star Trek. 4. In the first of two main stages of her conversion, coinciding with her regular 5-year refit and overhaul programs, Izumo will receive upgrades to accommodate Japan's new F-35B Lightning II fighter jets. Shuttles would land on the upper deck where passengers or cargo could be disembarked, then transferred to the lower launch deck, also via tractor beam, rather than Feb 17, 2018 · Refit and ready to “Disco” Of course the other influence that is readily apparent is the (future) refit of the Constitution-class. 1:28. My take on the interior of the Nova class refit/variant from Star Trek. Her refit was far less extensive and intensive than Constellation's, as Constitution was in much better shape. It has considerably Class: Constitution-class refit Service: 2286–2293 (7 years) Captains: James T. This class, like the Constitution Class of the 23rd century, is a vessel designed for a long-term multipurpose mission into uncharted space. Star Trek connection. A space/air-traffic control room, known as "Flight Ops" controls the Shuttlebay. Constitution. Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, in conjunction with the Avalon Fleet Yards and technical advisors Admiral (then Captain) Micheal Jarovik, Fleet Admiral (then Lieutenant Commander) Michael K'Wor Bremer, and Dr. Like the Starship Dynamics plans they have enough detail for the players to visualize things, but do not have an overabundance of "clutter". NCC 1732 was a Constitution Class cruiser - built to the refit Mk I standard. Now my Phasers actually look like Phasers! For more info download this world or my original. Enterprise A Cross Section diagram Star Trek Wallpaper, Star Trek Bridge, Constitution-class class I/class IX heavy cruiser starship in service to Starfleet in the  Original program was created in 2006. The modular design of the Declaration-class lends itself to speculation that some ships of this class were later refit to Constitution-class specifications. The real value is added by the terrific scale deck and rigging plans that are included (there are four full size sheets) all produced in 1/96 scale. Currently designated as a helicopter destroyer, Izumo does not have the capability to operate fixed-wing aircraft from her deck. Interactive index; Works on Mac and Windows; Based on the original U. But the Constitution II was only half as powerful as the Enterprise class, leaving a large gap that Ishikawajima Harima Industries felt their cruiser could fill. However for the Enterprise A I won’t do another Refit Connie, I’ll just redo the Textures and the Reg. Explore the cruise ship and you'll find a wide range of fun options to make the most of your time at sea. It is also one of the oldest used class. • Constitution Class ships offer an excellent blend of maneuverability and firepower, making them capable platforms to handle most of the situations you will encounter. But after that, the class, and in special, the USS Yorktown still made history when finally in 2236 before a refit in the warp core (eight series Mk Ia warp core), the time barrier was broken for the first time and Citrullux has released his Ambassador class mesh to the STMC. The class is designated as a multi-purpose operation destroyer by the Japanese government due to limits on the Japanese Constitution prohibiting the acquisition of offensive platforms. The United States had her lattice masts replaced by tripods. And then the Tech. Another 22 guns were deployed on the spar deck , 11 per side, each a short 32-pounder (15 kg) carronade . The shuttle bay takes up decks 12, 13 & 14. Ship-to-ship actions were fought at ranges from a few hundred yards down to direct We are the United States of America, a nation working towards world peace and safety for the people of the modern world. All Constitution class ships were recalled to be refit as Mark IIIs, and the Mark III specifications were introduced on Reference Stardate 2/0203 (March 2260) with the refit of the U. While I understand it's rather untouchable symbolism apparently it wasn't untouchable enough for the Government to consider using it. Enterprise NCC-1701-B Excelsior class: Captain John Harriman Captain Tomas Johnson jr. Stardrive section is decks 11 to 18. constitution class refit deck plans

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