When to trim up or down on boat

4. Trimmed out occurs when the motor is farthest from the boat. Boats with trim tabs can plane at a lower rpm and lower speed, because the tabs hold the bow down, and at the same time, the back end up; otherwise, the boat would fall off of plane at that rpm and speed. 2. You will notice that when your motor is all the way down and you hit the trim up it goes slower and then about 1/3 of the way up it makes a different noise and tilts up faster. Use this technique to find the most efficient trim at any rpm when the boat is on plane. Mine (1988 100HP) is the later style, requiring two buttons. googled6c448570f997d400. Then trim the motor up and down, try to add a little more fluid and trim it up and down again. 3. When you run shallow, adjust as necessary to your  28 May 2010 Before you back down the ramp, your boat, trailer and tow vehicle need to Use the trim control to raise the outboard motor or stern drive to the  29 May 2013 Most boats have a way to adjust the trim of the boat through the For popping skiers out or “hole shots”, trim the bow down. there are different agencies, yet I actual have used those with sturdy outcomes. An untrimmed boat will produce more spray aft of the bow and it will produce a larger wake. Adjust the trim slightly up or down once the boat is at cruising speed. This is an issue for low speeds. I bought a boat from Rob on the board. Properly sized trim tabs can significantly reduce the time needed to get up on plane. Trimming your outboard full down or “in” is known as negative trim. 10 Apr 2019 Starting off the boat is trimmed all the way down, that will help us get on plane quickly. Boat Trim Tabs. 22 +/- 1/4 inches, then the trim limit switch is adjusted properly and the commander trim toggle switch is working in the up/down mode. This is the position the engine should be in before throttling up from a dead stop. 15 Amp @ 250 Volt, 12-48V. (Photo: Scott Sommerlatte) The tabs are controlled at the helm with two buttons or joysticks — one for port and one for starboard — marked "Bow Down" and "Bow Up. Your rig is porpoising because the outboard does not have enough power to keep the bow up while on plane. so now i engage the trailering bracket and put up with it. When trimmed, the bow spray is farther forward, the wake is reduced, and the rooster tail is smaller and farther behind the boat. Trim tabs are used to straighten out the boat or compensate for heavy loads on one side or the other of the boat. • 84° of Trim and Tilt. Store Universal m-y wedge in any boat compartment for convenience. When the trim button is pressed up, the gearcase rotates away from the transom and, once it's past the neutral point, the propshaft is pointed downward. Many newer outboards with power trim can only trim within the 20° range while underway above idle speed. Sunday, while under idle speed I trimmed the motor down and heard a clicking/whining sound and then the trim stopped working altogether. Generally speaking, as the boat comes up on a plane, you will want to trim up the bow for a smoother ride. As a general rule for trimming sails, ease the sheet of each sail out until the luff (or front edge) of the sail begins to luff (thus the name). The Boat Trim System is easy to manually operate from the control panel. It's not that difficult to troubleshoot with a volt meter and a friend on the switch. Apr 14, 2011 · The Mercruiser Bravo 3 on my 05 256 ssi seems to trim up and down just fine with somewhat limited upward range during boating using the trim switch on the shifter/throttle. Shop Wholesale Marine for a great selection of trim tabs brands like Bennett Marine, Nauticus, and Lenco. " The beauty of these individual controls is twofold. If crew move around the boat or there is a change in sea conditions or speed, you need to check the trim. Most trim carpenters don't even use a tape to trim windows. When you trim the engine up to clean up the wake the bow rises which causes the stern to push deeper into the water. If the boat starts to porpoise (the bow bounces up and down), trim the leg in to regain control, then slowly ease out to re-trim. Boats with tachometers allow the boat owner to govern and moderate the engine's rpm rate during wide-open throttle operation. May 05, 2006 · I have four trim buttons on the boat (1998 Ranger R82) and none of them respond when I try to trim the motor back down. Jul 27, 2012 · Maximum down trim — not absolute maximum but the max appropriate to the turn's speed and radius — should occur at the apex of the turn. , Naval Architect & Marine Engineer, Hawaii Marine Company, 2004 If you have too much helm and have to struggle to keep the boat on course, reduce sail area or adjust the sail trim. If a smaller gauge wire has been spliced into wire harness, this could be the cause. Jun 26, 2019 · Increased fuel efficiency: When the stern is down your boat pushes a “hill” of water in front of it, which requires more energy to overcome. Trim tabs get mounted at the transom, which is found at the back of the boat, on both the left and right side. The Marine Mechanic I'm going to connect you with knows all the tricks and shortcuts. If I start using the trim up/down, then it blows through a quart after a few times of going up/down. BTW, getting lazy in my old age. An offset or deviation from normal on this axis is referred to as trim or out of trim. As the boat reaches the apex of the turn, you feel it begin to slow down because you now have a  Trim tabs work by adjusting (usually electric/hydraulically at the touch of a switch) the tab up away from contact with the passing water; or down (sometimes also  4 days ago By selecting up or down on your trim switch you change the angle of the outboard or sterndrive and this moves some of the thrust either down  Trim tabs improve the performance of your boat by adjusting the running angle Bennett trim tabs help reduce bow rise, get you on plane faster, correct listing, If you over-trim the boat, simply press “Bow Up” and the bow of the boat will rise. Jun 24, 2011 · I\'m sure this has been discussed on here before but: If you leave your boat in the water most of the time is it best to leave your outboard in the UP or DOWN and dirty position. Jun 25, 2008 · Trim Tabs are the flaps installed on the transom of all the larger power boats to improve acceleration and planing. The trim and tilt system of your boat's outboard motor has its own set of problems, many of which you can fix on your own. With the traveler farther off center, the sail can be flattened by tightening the mainsheet and pulling down the boom, without pulling the boom back toward the Ulterra® is the only trolling motor that gives you push-button command from anywhere on the boat. Over-trim the sheet to break open the stops. The trim worked fine at first, but when I let off the trim to check the level of the outdrive and proceeded to lower it more it would not. Remember: If the drive is trimmed up, the bow will come up. Depressing the UP/OUT and UP switches at the same time allows the current to bypass the trim limit switch. Simple fixes include adding a set of O-rings or swapping out parts that you can unbolt from the system and replace with new parts. When I went to tilt the motor down to leave the dock, all I got was a clicking noise (using the pan switch and using the shifter switch). But the manual mentions that the engine is much more efficient if the trim is set right and I'm also assuming that getting it trimmed right, even on a pontoon Once the boat comes back down, the outdrive will once again push it back out of the water. The LCD indicates trim angle in number from -5 to about +40. Also attaches to the 12 V battery and the floor mounted ground bolt. How to use trim in a sentence. At Fisheries Supply we stock a variety of boat trim in stainless steel, aluminum, vinyl and teak from trusted brands like Whitecap Industries and Taco . A 60 hp motor really doesn't noticeably lift the bow up or shove it down regardless of the the trim setting. The LED's indicate if the trim is set outside the usable range. com , or call toll free 1-800-998-9508. 5. I read doing some Googling that the Trim Limiter might need to be adjusted. The motor runs but then nothing. Both of the outboard trim switches on the outboard and throttle work. Trimmed in occurs when the motor is as close to the stern as possible. Clean it up. It is true both will move the bow up or down. Very few boats can use lots of positive trim effectively. We want to create a solid clean wake for the rider to launch off so a wake thats washy or has breaking water on top is no good. The optimal position depends on the conditions of the lake, and the weight that the boat is carrying. Try it, you will like it! Rich. Find out with boat trim gauges from Great Lakes Skipper. Jun 25, 2008 · Problem: AT Top Speed and with the trim light up the boat made 5200 RPM / 40 MPH , with pitch 22, I need to buy new propellers, But I am not sure to go to 26 or 28, I like 28, but I fried when the boat is with more of 6 passengers and strong sea, the boat can loose force and spend a lot of gasoline, in theory double propellers understand that Mar 29, 2019 · In certain situations on points of sail between close-hauled and a beam reach, it may be better to trim the main by moving the traveler down rather than letting out the mainsheet. What does everything do  Also if you trim up too far the propeller will cavitate (slip) causing the boat to and are great for multi purpose boats as they can be put up and down quickly. You can add throttle as you feel the boat slowing. trim definition: 1. my 115 leaks down. Additional control panels can be installed for multiple stations. Shifting the weight in the boat aft, trimming the boat up, and driving the boat so that it stays running or sitting on the back of a wave (instead of running down it) will all help. Each switch is marked “Down” on one side and “Up” on the other. Go to the trim/tilt pump assembly and make sure the purple wire connector (single wire) and the blue wire connector two blue wires on one side of the connection are not corroded or loose. It worked fine last year. html Shop, read reviews, or ask questions about Trim Motors at the official West Marine online store. Stow, deploy or trim the motor up and down by using the buttons on your i-Pilot® or i-Pilot Link™ remote, the foot pedal, or a Humminbird® fish finder. I was preparing to dewinterize the boat on the trailer. I see some people tilt it up, out of the water, when parked at the dock. The whole sail should be rotated around the boat when changes in the apparent wind occur. Posted: Aug 30, 2009 7:26 am Post subject: trim plate for surfing? up? down? finally steped up to a modern wake boat. Sign convention consistency is extremely important. Compen- sate for this as you steer. Go to the trim/tilt pump assy. So my owners manual says when boat on trailer parked I should leave the trip/ motor down and not in up position. If the boat begins to feel unstable or is hard to steer, slow down and/or readjust the trim angle. Press the boat carpet to the edges where you want to The first thing to look for, would be a low battery or loose wiring connections. Jul 16, 2012 · removed two relays checked to see if i would get 12v by pressing buttom to make trim go down or up and i do get 12v but trim does not go up or down. Looked at it this morning trying to further trouble shoot and again there were issues. Sometimes when running down the lake sometimes when fishing with motor off. If it doesn't work on either you've either got a bum connection to your trim motor or the trim motor is sticking/failing. So the bow falls down and the outboard tries to push it back up. That was used in high performance applications too. Trim up was working but not lifting high enough to get it out then it stopped working as the skeg was stuck. To operate the power trim, hold the trim/tilt switch in the "UP" position to raise the bow or in the "DOWN" position to lower the bow of the boat. Mar 07, 2019 · Get the trim just right for the load and the rpms. Three Cylinder Power Tilt and Trim [Mounting class] for large-sized outboard engines 130 to 250 PS The Boat Trim System is easy to manually operate from the control panel. Get the boat on plane, trim the motor out a little, and then take it up to full throttle. If you trim up too much, the force is going to push your bow high into the air, making it harder to get on the plane. now that I have a larger boat with functional trim tabs, and I frequently boat in Lake Michigan that can easily see 3+ ft waves during high wind days during the fishing season, is it better to run your boat on plane with the bow pointed UP and hitting the waves further back where the weight of the boat is (essentially riding over the waves), or to keep your bow down and use the bow to plow The Best Position for the Boat Motor. Jun 08, 2009 · You want to trim it all the way down to take your hole shot. has one of those trim tab gadgets lol. Continue making tiny trim changes to find the spot where little to no forward or back pressure is required from your hands on the yoke. There are three main trim angles. The most likely solution is your trim is out  14 Oct 2016 Trim the bow up. It is tiller st Keep the trim rams fully retracted when not in use to prevent corrosion build-up. Jul 24, 2015 · Trim tabs are pushed down or retracted with electric or hydraulic rams, also called actuators. Now, it has reached perfection. Roll The tilting rotation of a vessel about its longitudinal/X (front-back or bow-stern) axis. They also allow a boat to keep its bow down and stay on plane at lower  trim tabs get you up on plane quickly and correct listing at nearly any speed, regardless of Bennett Trim Tabs are attached to the bottom edge of the transom . When having a problem first you need to determine whether your problem is with the power Trim and Tilt Motor or the Hydraulic Pump Valve Body assembly. Ride the water instead of flying from one wave to another. enable your boat to plane at speeds lower than natural planing speed. Only problem is a very stiff and heavy coiled cord. Note boat speed on your GPS. As the throttle is advanced, the stern of the boat begins to squat, lifting the bow. If the trim is adjusted too far up, the boat will begin to “porpoise” as the bow starts to bounce up and down across the water. These engines have two trim cylinders and one tilt cylinder. I'm not worried about the prop getting stolen either. Jan 01, 2016 · Every adjustment made to the trim in one area of the boat will have an effect elsewhere. " Sep 09, 2008 · Of the trim at the motor shared the same malfunction, it'd likely be a relay and you could confirm by switching the up and the down relays (there's one for each) and then the problem would be reversed. Outdrive trim can only do the latter. But, the trim tabs will move the lateral position of the boat as well as positioning the bow up or down. This loose connections could be at the motor's up/down switches if it has them, or the remote switch on the remote throttle/shift unit, or wiring from the motor's relay box to the electric trim/tilt motor itself. Bennett Marine designs trim tabs so that the average do-it-yourself boater can handle the installation in an afternoon. If I leave the drives trimmed out, after about two days, they gradually lower back down and the oil is almost gone. It’s also a sure sign that the boat’s trim is not right. they set the engine back approximately 6" so verify the steerage cable for Feb 27, 2011 · Situate the boat carpet where you want it, and then start pressing and rubbing the carpet down, from the center to the edges. However, it is unwise to operate on Jan 06, 2019 · Understanding Ship and Boat Trim (Stability & Trim - Part 2) By: Brian Trenhaile, P. Simply depress the starboard side trim tab switch until the boat levels out. Is it easy to swap them out? It was on my old evinrude but I'm not sure where they are on this motor. 6. But I also think your measurement is off due to the angle the motor is sitting versus the boat. Boat heel and pivot point. It sat for 6 years in a guys yard. Call us today (800) 888-2044 to get started on your next aluminum extrusion project. Take a measurement using -joe-'s method and I'll be it's closer to 4". Jun 17, 2013 · Johnson outboard, 1993 J88MSLETE Suddenly tilt goes up but not down, Manual release valve it only goes down to the top of the trim area. 1 volvo penta engine Although the boat changes its pitch due to your cyclical stroke, on average, for maximum speed, we want the boat to run level. IMPORTANT: The engine outdrive trim tilt pump motor will work only if BOTH relays are connected. Adjusting them down so the boat has a level ride and the boat will be more stable when when the water gets rough. 93. Jun 16, 2017 · A boat running directly into or with the wave is the most stable in relation to the gradient, and a boat with the beam to the waves is in the next-most-conforming position. If you are following waves in a storm my boat is safer with the plate up. I cannot see the area in question with the motor lowered but I think it is near the oil fill spout. The boat may also begin to "porpoise" or pound the water in a rhythmic pattern when the drive is trimmed too far up. Remember to use the power trim to adjust the prop path parallel to the water flow. Add to Cart. "Go slower, but keep the boat going so you won't get swamped with water from side waves. May 06, 2012 · If the boat is not maxed out on HP you can add a bigger outboard. Engage the tilt lock mechanism built into the outboard’s bracket, or install a Yamaha engine support to hold the engine in the tilt-up position. elaelap: posted 05-05-2005 10:41 PM ET (US) The up and down relays are identical, so switching them back and forth is OK. The mainsheet should be trimmed to have the upper leech ribbon almost flowing as this helps with higher pointing ability. 7. The solenoid w/ the blue wire from the pump motor is the up solenoid. 6: Tilt Trim Exchange: 4: 1999 Optimax Trim Motor keeps turning on - PLEASE HELP: 1: Tilt Trim Problem 1976 85hp merc: 3: HELP! If you hear the tilt motor running both when trying to trim up and down, it isn't the switch or a solenoid. The center horizontal tabs help control the ride attitude for going straight and the outer tabs control the attitude in the turns If you want the nose to ride higher out of the water, adjust the center tabs up; if you want the bow closer to the water, adjust them down. We’re the Sole Patent Holder, Of a number of in house designed Self Adhesive Marine Carpet Mouldings used by numerous Boat manufacturers. Adk1 Started 13 hours ago. The Black wire works as a Ground on power Trim and Tilt Motors that don’t ground thru the case. Each test should consist of a minimum of two (2) runs at WOT, trimming to achieve maximum speed. When you're perfectly trimmed, you should be able to take your hand off the yoke and continue flying without pitching up or down. When the Trim Position Switch fails, the gauge usually pegs to "full up". Trimming the motor up will bring the bow up. Well, then in this case it is best to trim the engine up out of the water to avoid that growth issue we talked about earlier. What could be the problem. If the boat begins to handle poorly (chine walk, loss of feel in the wheel, etc. Corrosion resistant brass switch. So then I whent and put trim tabs, so I wouldnt have to trim the motor all the way down to act as a stabilizer, and it kind of fixed the problem. Jun 13, 2013 · Hello, I just replaced my trim motor and now after using it one time the motor is stuck in the up postion it had a hard time getting up too. While this article is geared toward the tilt and trim system for outboard engines, much of the information provided is pertinent when troubleshooting stern drives. If that happens, trim down slightly or tab down a tad. Jan 04, 2012 · Got back home trimed motor up and down to put boat away and all was good. Trim outboard down until the rubber begins to compress. Use extreme caution when operating with drive unit raised. We bring in thousands of boat parts every month, so check back frequently for the latest deals from Great Lakes Skipper. When the trim tab is deflecting downward, and you increase your speed, the water that is sent on to the trim tab causing an upward pressure, which in turn causing the stern of the boat to raise and reduces the hull resistance. If the distance is approx. Since 1968, West Marine has grown to over 250 local stores, with knowledgeable Associates happy to assist. Try to trim it right down to bottom, the trim will work. So before you leave the dock, the boat should be 12 mm bow down, so that at speed the hydrodynamic effects will trim the boat level. Jul 03, 2018 · Use your power trim and trim tabs as a team: We’ve shared why a boat needs trim tabs — it’s so important, it’s also on our list of tips. First of all, power-trim tabs trim the hull, while outdrive trim trims the prop. It's not that uncommon for these to go bad. it seems to help if i keep the trim pump going for 10 seconds after the motor is right up. NEW TILT TRIM MOTOR MERCURY MARINER 50-125HP 809885A1, 809885A2, 809885T2: Details » Buy Now for $73. Hydraulic Power Unit is self bleeding, running the Trim Tabs up and down 3-4 times will purge air from the system. 25" below pad and start making 1/4 changes up until you gain rpm without gaining speed, then go down 1/4". The Outdrive won't go all the way down. In other words when it happens I will hold the down button on the throttle to hold motor were it is (trim motor is whining)while fishing partner reaches over the back an hits down button on motor. The mount is pre-drilled for standard BIA bolt patterns (12-7/8" top holes on center, 9-7/8" bottom holes on center) and is rated for up to 130 HP outboards. Four push buttons are used to adjust bow down and bow up, list starboard and list port. I can hear the trim motor spinning when i try to move it up or down but it just does not move the outboard motor. Let the excess carpet over hang the edges for now. [32] If trim operates in one direction only and/or moves in the wrong direction, check if wire colors are the same on both sides of the trim switch connector. I splashed it down off the lift yesterday and tied up to my floating dock so I could head out for a day of fishing this morning. With a trim system installed, your boat will plane faster and stay on plane at lower speeds. 4. Also, check the boat for any loose items that need repair. For the most part, in calm waters, trim-tab use should be reserved for leveling the boat when weight is unevenly distributed and one side rides lower than the other. When the blue wire is energized it raises the Motor or drive unit up. lowering the trim down farther so the motor doesn't lose the water but  3 Jan 2018 In this video I go through the basics of trimming an outboard to make a boat both plane an manoeuvre well on Planning well requires the motor trimmed up, stopping and reversing requires the outboard trimmed right down. This Old Boat ; 1969 mercruiser trim up but not down Recent Topics. Down refers to the effect it will have on that side of the boat. Available with or without dash-mount trim gauge. This will allow all of the water to drain out of the motor’s cooling system. another owner has had his looked at, it was stripped and seals replaced but it still goes down. Because the sail plan is driving forward it is also rotating around the pivot point and makes the boat turn into the wind. The trim indicators show the position of the port and starboard interceptor units. 0 out of 5 stars 11 ratings May 17, 2009 · I have a 2001 I/O with a 5. Give your boat, and your outboard, a thorough cleaning before extended storage. Trim needs constant adjustment. Jan 08, 2014 · Here is a quick video on how to Manually lift or lower your outboard engine. If the boat is sitting, it takes a few weeks to go dry. Only way to make it go down is to reach over the transom an hit the down arrow on the motor. I'm thinking it's in the switch / wiring seeing the down works but the up doesn't? It is hard to get at but not impossible. Now that I’m on to other things, I thought I’d share some of that knowledge before it all escapes my brain. When I hit the "trim up" button it whines like it normally would but it doesn't go anywhere because it is trimmed all the way up. 01 Nov 17, 2013 · I'm having problems with my power trim. This will help force the bow into the water, digging in and consequently getting it on plane sooner. It is essential to know where this screw is located on your trim and tilt for future emergencies. Practice will teach you what your boat is capable of in varying conditions. Trim tabs are used to keep the boat on an even keel while running. I then manually lifted the motor all the way and set it on the service locks. Now the bad news. The controls consist of an UP, a DOWN and a BEACH pushbuttons. You’ll also notice that the engine RPM will increase when the boat is properly trimmed. just a small thing on such good outboard Jul 03, 2012 · When the blue wire is energized it raises the Motor or drive unit up. We have thousands of discount new and replacement boat parts like boat trim gauges from brands like Beede, Mercury Marine, Faria, Teleflex, Livorsi, Godfrey, and more. To fix this start trimming up the engine until the wake cleans up. Sign Up for Our Newsletter: The Trim Sender Switch is used to send a signal to the Trim Gauge so you can see the level of the drive. A mechanic told me the motor was too high, the cavitation plate was 2 3/4" above the bottom of the hull. The trim angle is the angle of the motor in the water. If they are going to trim it up and take it, they will find a way even with the battery out. Having problems with the trim, it goes down but not back up, solenoid, problem? Mechanic's Assistant: Sometimes things that you think will be really complicated end up being easy to fix. Effect of Trim Angle When Mounting an Outboard Motor . More precise measurements, faster trimming of the boat and a beautifully designed control panel. If it stays straight- great, you are set. 2011. 7 Mercruiser. Check the fluid level but engage the manual stops first. When a boat heels to leeward, the sail plan and CD moves to leeward of the pivot point. Continued to hit the trim switches a few times and it started to work again. 25 » Buy: $73. If this value is positive trim by the stern should be produced. 79 Nov 25, 2019 · The boat may also begin to hop or pound in a rhythmic pattern known as porpoising. Gary Dec 10, 2018 · Trim up too severely, and the boat can begin to porpoise — its bow bobbing up and down. This is because the apparent wind and true wind begin to work against each other, which reduces the apparent wind. The hull drag and prop angle also contribute to this fuel-wasting inefficiency. Good Morning Everyone, I have a 2007 Etch 115. Jul 13, 2013 · Trim all the way down to start from a stop, Once the boat is 'on plane' start to trim up, trim up till the prop loses grip in water or boat stops gaining speed, If boat continually bobbs up and down in water trim is too high, If prop slips, trim is too high, Best to maintain about 20 MPH or so and learn how the trim effects the boat. to make something tidier or more level by cutting a small amount off it: 2. The model number is: e75dplin, bought in nov. Dec 17, 2004 · Hydraulic Power Unit is self bleeding, running the Trim Tabs up and down 3-4 times will purge air from the system. Trimming or lifting your outboard leg up will trim the bow of your boat up. E. The angle of the propeller thrust will help lift the stern and push the bow down so that the boat rolls smartly up onto the water. I do not have a trailer trim switch at the back of the boat. The three trim positions are: Trimming in (or down) Neutral trimming; Trimming out (or up) When in neutral trimming, the bow is lower and the boat is running through the water evenly. Motor trimmed all the way down will help the boat plane easier. Friend of mine bought a fixer-upper Dyna-Trak Bass Boat with an 85 HP Evinrude. When switching the relays, see if the problem changes directions. The first thing to learn is that changing the drive angle of your outboard or sterndrive leg will change the trim of your boat when it is running at speed. Replaced the floor and transom and finally got it in the water today. These Trim Limit wires usually run over towards the Trim Pump Assembly and they butt into the Trim Wire Harness near the Trim Pump. The optimum trim angle varies by motor, boat, conditions and speed. just a small thing on such good outboard The Trim Position Switch operates the Trim Gauge. You can jump the 2 top  6 Jun 2017 Alternatively, the propeller could be trimmed too low, which will drive the stern up and the bow down. The port engine has developed a small hydraulic leak form the top of the main power trim reservoir/pump cylinder. Paid 90 deer for a 20t hydraulic bottle jack at harbor freight. Porpoising — the bow bobbing up and down — is caused by over-trimming at cruising speed; there’s no longer enough wetted surface to support the weight of the boat. Sep 22, 2013 · Covered the boat, put it in the barn, jacked the tires off the ground and lowered the trim using a jump box and the transom trim switch. It will go down but not up. Been using the power trim while out of the water and then we back it down into the water and the power trim won't go up or down. (Unit will pull 25 - 40 amps during up and down motion). Trimming the motor up, while on plane, will get the bow up and typically increase speed. Boat Trim, Channel & Molding Over the life of your boat, it may be necessary to replace a small amount of boat trim molding or marine window channel. How do I raise the drive to the full up trailering position?I u How to trim your boat. Apr 10, 2012 · If that is what you want to do, first set the trim tab in the center and lock it down. Trim the spinnaker guy so that the clew of the spinnaker reaches the jaw of the pole when the pole is laying against the headstay. The Trim Limit Switch is mounted to the Port side of the Gimbal Ring. If you're in a power boat, pay attention  15 Feb 2018 Trim up the motor and slow down! I have owned a boat before and it's a simple rule. They also allow a boat to keep its bow down and stay on plane at lower speeds. Simply push the Universal m-y wedge on the power-tilt rod and it will pop or click into place. Stopped the motor and then nothing would work; the trim or the motor. To remove Universal m-y wedge simply trim outboard to up position and remove. May 23, 2017 · They both have pro’s and con’s. Stay at the stern of the boat to gauge when the outdrive is in water shallow enough to allow safe removal of the power trim pistons from the outdrive. ) Adjust the jack plate up or down, paying close attention the water pressure and max. When I push the trim button down it makes a clicking sound similar to a car with a dead battery. A Little on Flushing the Engine. engine rpms. Much sturdier switches compared to Teleflex junk. Sodus 7/15 AM. to reduce the…. What trim tabs do is create a drag on one side of the boat, or they push the bow down into the water. they arrive complete with relays,wires and a swap. Jul 24, 2015 · In the full down position, the engine is in “negative trim,” meaning the angle of the engine shaft and propeller is slightly forward of straight down in relation to the transom. That's why sailboats seem to keep the weight in the stern when running down the sea. (24v & 32v use proportionately smaller) IMPORTANT: Remember to wear a PFD and hook up the kill switch. power tilt and trim just clicks when i try to go up or down #3899971 and the trim quit just clicks when i try to lift or lower tried all 3 switches in the boat? Aug 05, 2017 · "Never trim the drive unit UP/OUT using TRAILER switch while boat is underway at engine speeds above 1200 rpm. Now, it is time to trim to fit. Allowing a boat to porpoise is a serious hazard that can leave both the captain and his or her passengers at risk for injury. I have a 1991 20cc. The capablities of adjusting the jet thrust up or down adds a new dimension of control and enhances the overall performance of the jet boat. Sandy 7/14. Usually i put the boat in the water and everytbing is fine, i am usually on the ohio river, after a while of boating and i usually dont have to be cruising the whole time. 13m Length 4. You could also add trim tabs. It is an important limiting feature which prevents damage to the drive and/or loss of control of the vessel. I worked at a marina on a lake for a number of years and learned a lot. SouthMarine 704-82563-G0-00 704-82563-31-00 704-82563-30 Trim & Tilt Switch for Yamaha 704 Outboard Motor Remote Control Box, 7ft/2. With the plate up or down the hull never porpoises or rides poorly. I had 1 fail and was able to replace it. If you need any parts, visit us at Go2marine. By. Yes im new and dumb. you will feel the bow want to push into the water - this is where you want to bump the trim up to keep the nose from plowing. Wishlist. Proper trimming requires not only trimming the sheet when a slight header comes, but simultaneously easing the pole forward to maintain the proper angle of attack. It is possible to over trim; you’re in the driver’s seat. Conversely, if windward heel is induced, the boat turns to leeward as the CD moves around the pivot point. I am thinking it should probably be in the down position, based on what I have read. Do this several times to bleed all the air out of the system, and then put the hydraulic fluid fill screw back in, wipe off the excess fluid and your power tilt and trim should work. This lake never freezes, so that's not a problem. The trim motor can provide about 17” of trim before the trim limit switch opens and shuts off current to the pump. Trimming up can help you achieve a level boating plane if the bow is too low. You may have a loose wire or bad ground or bad solenoid on the up side. It was released in 2002, followed by product refinements over the years. If you plan to wash your window treatment, you have to preshrink your trim. A lake with no zebs would probably have no issues leaving it down. Slowly trim out the angle through the neutral position until the boat starts to bounce. but there is absolutely no oil in the bilge. The boa reacts as the stern rises and the bow “breaks over”, resulting in, among other things, increased visibility and speed (figure 4). If it is negative the vessel should trim by the bow. Shop, read reviews, or ask questions about Trim Gauges at the official West Marine online store. To find the neutral trim angle, simple turn the ignition key on when you have set the engine at level. Apr 03, 2008 · I was testing the tilt/trim and trailer switches on my I/0 (1999 Mercruiser Alpha One on 4. Then trim it in a bit to obtain the most The answer to the first question will depend on the angle of the transom or bracket on which the engine is mounted. When the green wire is energized it lowers the drive unit down. It’s then that you begin to realize how much you depend on your tilt and trim on a daily basis for normal boat operation. 2 Apr 2020 Now in open water, make sure the engine is trimmed down to mitigate places the boat's pivot point (the outdrive) as far up-wind as possible,  Benefit: Having your boat trimmed to the proper depth allows you to get up on the way down; iTrim will now engage and automatically trim your engine for you. The goal is to keep the sail trimmed so that it is eased as far as possible without luffing. At this point you can shut off the engine and trim the drive/motor up. Jan 11, 2019 · If your 125 is the 4 cylinder, it has an rpm range of 4750 to 5250 at WOT. One blue/white wire comes out of the UP solenoid and travels to the the trim limit switch. The motor is in the up position on the support/travel bracket. Tiara Boat Trim 4540017 | 1 1/2 Inch 16 Gauge Stainless (10FT) GLS Stock #: 1080648-5Y074. I am fairly new to operating a skiff in shallow water with a jack plate plate. Indicator is displaying properly. Sep 09, 2008 · Pressing the button to trim the outdrive down worked just fine. 1. im sure all boats are different just looking for a place to start tweeking. Now trim the motor out in very gradual increments, just bumping the trim button. Check for 12 VDC at TILT RELAY COIL INPUT (small), UP- blue / DOWN - green • If no 12 V, check wiring from tilt switch to relays • If OK, go to next 9. Trim tabs are small surfaces connected to the trailing edge of a larger control surface on a boat or aircraft, used to control the trim of the controls, i. Apr 10, 2004 · trim tabs Hi Tom, I was wondering if you could help me with where a wire goes for my trim tabs. Trim the spinnaker sheet until the clew is just past the shrouds. Trim up and down worked fine. Press bottom of switch to tilt motor down and trim motor in. If pressing switch does not operate trim/tilt motor, check switch-to Integrated Power Tilt and Trim [Mounting class] for large-sized outboard engines 130 to 250 PS [Characteristics] Trim and tilt integral casting structure. Negative trim—when the trim is all the way down—is used to help get the boat on plane as it accelerates away from dead in the water. As a starting point, set up the jib, then the main and monitor the angle of heel and the feel of the helm. Most power Trim and Tilt units will purge the air from the system just by running the engine or sterndrive up and down two or three times with the vent plug loose. Four wires from the trim control go down in the wiring harness. A tendency to continue these up and down movemen ts is known as “porpoising” and it’s very uncomfortable. If your outdrive doesn't move in either direction you may have a bad pump or some other problem. to counteract hydro- or aerodynamic forces and stabilise the boat or aircraft in a particular desired attitude without the need for the operator to constantly apply a control force. The piston could be stuck but it is unlikely that all three pistons are stuck, so if none move, its either a valve issue or a fluid issue or even a bad pump. Once you have the nose of the boat captured on the trailer signal the driver to back the trailer in far enough to get the boat loaded. Page 42: Adjusting Boat Trim Operation bow up, the boat may have a greater tenden- cy to steer to one side or the other. And I'm assuming that a pontoon boat doesn't really trim up or down anyway. As long as you get hydraulic fluid to the up and down, the hose routing doesn't matter. Some dedicated race and high performance boats go fast enough to generate Generally the wake will be washy on top. When using the trim feature, boaters do different things with the boat. Description: The Trim Senders are located on either side of the Gimbal Ring. In response to the recent article on a non-starting car, I thought I’d write up something on boats, because “darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter,” just ask Disney. We were the first in the world to make trim tabs automatic using "mems" sensors that measure the movements of the boat. This will allow to refill the trim and tilt if it is stuck in the down position or even lower the engine if it is stuck in the up position. How to Trim Up Heather Plants. Fuse: 12 volt system use 20 amp in-line fuse on positive. whats are most doing with it? plate/bow down? plate/bow up? nuetral. When installing window molding, start at the top. This will lift the bow out of the water and create less drag and friction on your boat allowing you to go faster with less effort. Depress down on the right switch and the tab on the left (port) side of the transom exerts a downward force on the starboard side of the boat. Buy products related to tilt trim switch products and see what customers say Boat Marine 3 Pin Up Down On/Off/On Momentary Toggle Switch Panel 12V 15A. Trim Tabs. The higher you wind the motor, the more you can trim up and the more the speed will increase--until you reach the point where the boat begins to Jul 10, 2009 · Outdrive travels full range and the trim indicator reads correctly. It is possible to install it in the outboard engine easily with two upper and lower pins. Therefore, putting the bow 25 to 45 degrees to the wave face is often the best strategy to maintain control in both trim and heel. Have another person crank the wench to rewind the cable. It isn’t going to hurt anything leaving it in the water in the down position, or trimmed up. The Yamaha Owner’s Manual suggests you perform standard maintenance on your power tilt and trim after the first 20 hours, then every 100 hours or annually for the life of the motor. Always make sure that any item or area in your boat is bone-dry before closing it up or sealing it off. Drive your boat 5 mph under where it starts walking with little Increase your speed by 5 mph or so. The trim up worked as normal and I now have the outdrive in the Having problems with the trim, it goes down but not back up, solenoid, problem? Mechanic's Assistant: Sometimes things that you think will be really complicated end up being easy to fix. Is there a "best" way to jump up on plane from shallow water Apr 03, 2011 · a business enterprise talked approximately as cmc makes trim units designed to interchange inoperative trim/tilt units, or for engines no longer initially equipped with power tilt/trim. Some trim is washable by hand, but much of it shrinks a great deal when washed — for example, trim with rayon content is especially notorious for shrinking — which pushes your budget up a Press top of switch to trim motor out and tilt motor up. Hopefully the info I sent allows him to narrow it down. Thought it was up by sound forgot the trailer switch heard slight scrape of skeg stopped immediately. Indicator is a round display with both LCD and LED's. While some boat owners may wish to have a dealer or boatyard install their trim tabs, just about anyone who is handy with a drill and screwdriver can install trim tabs. I have an orange wire(It connects to the center rear terminal on the bottom side of the control) that connects somewhere in the console. The mainsheet hand needs to work it up and down through the gusts to keep the boat on the correct angle of heel. The Trim Limit wires will have a blue and a purple sleeve near the bullet connector on the end of the wires. Read CMC Marine's Warranty Policy HereElectric Hydraulic Tilt & TrimYou Get Power Tilt & Trim, Better Boat Handling, More Speed, Lower Fuel Consumption and No More Back Strain!PT-35 FEATURES:• Rated for 35 horse power and Smaller Motors. By pushing down into the stream of water passing the boat, trim tabs create lift at the transom, which in turn lowers the bow. This cycle will continue to repeat until either the boat’s speed is reduced or the trim is fixed. I'll have it trimmed up to keep it from hitting anything at the ramp and when I give it gas to power onto the trailer the motor goes down. When the bow is down and you have a clean wake astern,  17 Jan 2010 new series of practical video demonstrations - how to trim your boat. If I'm heading into the waves the ride is much better and I make better headway with the plate down. Use trim tabs to trim the hull of the boat — both up and down and from side to side. Newer model switches will have a "TL" or "Trim Limit" embossed in the plastic (see image below) The three wire power Trim and Tilt Motors have an additional Black wire as well. For example, if you have more people or weight toward the port side of the boat, it will lean to port while underway. Jan 06, 2019 · First the trim lever is defined mathematically as Trim Lever = LCG - LCB, in either feet or meters. Monitor the water pressure gauge closely. Got the boat out Sunday and found the trim up function not operational. I filled the fluid too. The Boat: 2007 Bayliner 175 BR with a 3. Aug 21, 2010 · Marine: Boating, Sailing, PWC, Nautical Navigational GPS - OMC Tilt/Trim Goes up but not down - Hello, I got a 1992 Johnson 120 HP V4 with OMC Tilt/Trim. The boat is in the water on a mooring ball. 6 out of 5 stars 587 $27. Check with ammeter on + line to see if registering 50 - 60 amps when unit is run to top and is “bogged” down. I'd say give it a shot at 3. At this point go ahead and secure the front of the boat to the trailer using the front winch strap. I can trim the plate up 70% and pick up a couple MPH in top speed if I feel the need. The Outdrive does go up to trailer position and will go down. Trim it in until the sail just stops luffing. For instance if I have the motor forced down to within 1/2" of all the way, crack the manual valve/screw on the side, the 2 trim pistons will push the motor up 2-3". Using the engine's tilt function to properly trim a planing-hull boat while too far down (drive in) will force the stern up and cause the bow of the boat to drop. Cut a 45-degree angle on one end of the trim and hold it so the short end of the angle The solid black wire leads into the UP solenoid and the down solenoid. Neutral trim occurs when the motor is parallel to the stern. Oct 18, 2009 · So DON’T do any of the following: Don’t Store the Motor Tilted Up When you park the boat for the winter keep the motor trimmed or tilted down, especially if it’s outdoors. should be about 2 inches from bottom of reservoir (approximately 22 ounces). To get on plane, trim the engine all the way down. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 4 to 8 or 10, with I know down trim (angling the prop down to push the nose of the boat down) works well with water props, so I tried about 15 degrees up with my air boat, but he front still bounces up and down at high speeds. 2015 Margay with a 150 pro XS. In a nutshell, it helps correct the propeller torque. Boat Carpet Trim. The traveler should be positioned so the boom is on or slightly to leeward of the centre line. Most of the time nothing. ) On lighter hulls with low water pickups, running at a neutral trim angle is best. The Trim Position Switch operates the Trim Gauge. If you have it trimmed above the trim portion and you are into the tilt portion of the power trim and tilt then when you give it power it will not stay above the trim point. Adding cup may help the propeller stay hooked with the engine trimmed out further. Could be more flexible. I threw as much weight forward as I could, and still the nose bounces bad. and make sure the purple wire connector (single wire) and the blue wire connector two blue wires on one side of the connection are not corroded or loose. Jan 07, 2012 · My trim will go up on its own. Then follow the same procedure and work your way back to the back of the bass boat. I know I’ve left my motor down and had zebs in the intake after two days. You want the prop shaft 3 1/2" below the pad of the boat. Mar 29, 2019 · Trimming down when accelerating forward helps keep the bow from lifting, and can push the bow down enough to slow the boat. Powerful and reliable motor provides 20Á trim or 90Á tilt. Generally speaking, as the boat comes up on a plane, you will want to trim up the bow for a  18 Nov 2015 Switches are labeled “bow up” and “bow down” to make the tabs more Engines are trimmed to adjust the boat's trim, or bow rise, to minimize . If the nose isn't porpoising or plowing, should be good. Each tab is operated independently from paired switches at the helm. The Trim Limit Switch prevents the driver from 'over-trimming" the outdrive while under way. Aug 05, 2017 · For winter storagein my case 3 months (starting today ), should my outdrive be in the full up or full down position. The up/down rotation of a vessel about its transverse/Y (side-to-side or port-starboard) axis. As the boat accelerates, push the bow down position of the helm control in short bursts. Aug 09, 2018 · The ability to tilt and trim your engine improves boat performance under a wide variety of conditions from smoothing out a rough ride in heavy seas to reducing draft in shallower waters. Trim outboard to up position. Can you even get a pontoon boat up on a plane ? I would say if you can't, trimming it the way you got it is close enough. I can hear the relay clicking, so I assume that's the problem. Keep your eyes outside the cockpit and note changes in pitch. " If you look at the wiring for the trim pump you will see that you have an "up" and "down" solenoid for your trim operation. Remove the plastic cover over the 2 solenoids on the trim pump. The down button on the throttle will stop it, but will not get it to go down. Say at around about half a tank or so, when the water gets a bit rough and i try and trim down or up it acts like something is shorting out. When the boat is on plane in smooth water, it should be trimmed properly in a slightly bow-up attitude, and the propeller shaft should be nearly parallelwith the surface of the water. Trim is for minor adjustments while under power, the trailer feature is used to raise out drive Turns out 07warrior was correct. When trimming up or down, do so in increments to see how the adjustments affect the running attitude. The longer the trim and the more it hangs down, the stronger the enhancement. Play As the throttle is pushed, the stern squats and the bow rises (figure 3). Then, withdraw the tilt rams into the unit by pressing the PT&T down button until they are fully retracted. If water becomes trapped in the outdrive certain parts can be damaged. Trim back down in small increments until the maximum speed and rpm are reached. Still way too low. The tilt trim won't go up or down. Here's how they do it. Jto97 Started 2 hours ago. bought the trim control because of failure of 3 different trim control switches on Teleflex throttle and trim control for boat. Yellow and red lines on the tachometer indicate caution and danger thresholds, warning the boat owner of engine speeds exceeding the manufacture's specifications. This is all personal preference, but if you are going to let the boat sit for a week or two. The bottom end gets full of crud from the water. The system is self bleeding. This is the boat’s most efficient trim position for running top speed. The boat weighs about 950lbs bare and floats easily in 7", probably 6"+. HELP !! 1987 Merc 115HP I6 Parts Swap Powerhead Tilt Trim with 73-75 Merc 1500 I6 150HP W/O tilt: 12: New guy, big tilt/trim problem-1986 mariner 90 hp i-6, tilt goes up and down, but will not hold. And if you’re hitting 50 mph (or close) you may have the best set up already. Have you checked the fluid levels of the trim motor. On some older boats with corroded or broken connectors, they were modified with the hoses going through the transom into the rams. 95 MSRP: $215. Learn more. Bleeding Salmon. If the engine starts to randomly lower its self it will stop as soon as I hit the trim toggle. It's all done by eye, with a sharp pencil, a miter saw and an 18-gauge nailer. Learning how to trim your boat properly is not overly complicated, but it does take practice. During winterization, they disconnected my batteries, so I may have to do a little digging if the answer is down. At that point, the boat is properly trimmed and operating at maximum efficiency. Eagle Mouldings stocks and supplies aluminum boat trim, vinyl, and stainless steel and aluminum boat rub rail for a wide variety of boats. Then, take your boat up to your normal cruise, engine rpm and engine trim setting. Trim tabs adjust independently of your power trim and allow each to be trimmed separately for maximum efficiency. It passes from the red extension lead to the blue/white wire and on to the solenoid to drive the unit to its full up position. The leak only occurs when the motor is lowered into the water. When mounting an outboard motor or trolling motor on your canoe (or other boat), consider carefully how you set the trim angle. The owners manual only says down for winter time out of the water storage. This allows the switch to "break" the trim-up circuit as the drive is raised to a certain height. The motor has less than 50 hours on it . We know that the trim is used to get more of the boat out of the water when running, and for storing the engine. Yeah, till I looked at what I sent him I forgot there were 2, thought it was a changeover/polarity reverse. Here is an interesting read. You will continue to trim up until the trim maxes out or your perforamce degrades. 0 Mercruiser 3. The bow drops as the boat falls off plane, then it regains plane and starts the bobbing motion. To familiarize yourself with power trim and its effect on the boats operating characteristics, three test runs should be made: [29] - Mid-trim [30] - Bow Down [31] - Bow Up Trim definition is - to remove by or as if by cutting. 0 with Alpha One Gen 2 outdrive. I brought it down now to 1 1/2 above the bottom and it rides maybe a little bit better. Jun 10, 2010 · You want to find a nice stretch of open, smooth water where you can run for a long distance without turning, and where boat traffic is light. Trim only works up to a certain point, once above that hight the trailer button will raise the out drive the rest of the way. However, in rough weather you want to do the opposite. All stem drives and older outboards with power trim have the capability of trimming all the way up, even when the boat is on plane. 6" setback increases boat stability and improves prop performance. • 1/4" 6061 T6 Extruded Aluminum Construction with Stainless Steel 1. Each trim tab can be controlled independently and activated by the captain controlling the ship. Unit will not trim under power or goes up very slowly while not under power. Dec 31, 2012 · If your boat is 23 feet or longer you should have trim tabs on it any way no matter what so you have better control on how it rides on the water. May 05, 2014 · Boat ran fine from there rest of the day. When the bow of the boat is down, it is easier to accelerate from a standing start onto plane. Begin with the motor slightly tilted down until you get up on plane. S. I think I hear a click when I press the button but wasn't sure due to a lot of activity on the river when I w Trim-Lok Edge Trim – Fits 1/16” Edge, 9/16” Leg Length, 25’ Length, Black, Pebble Texture – Flexible PVC Edge Protector for Sharp/Rough Surfaces, Easy to Install 4. With trim tabs, boats get onto plane faster, use less fuel and don‘t hide the horizon behind the bow during acceleration. Aug 06, 2015 · As it does, it exerts a downward force to the port side of the boat. If needed, one of our exclusive Yamalube Yamabond ® formulas will hold things tight. Get out and enjoy your boat. Severe damage to the drive unit may result if unit is raised beyond the gimbal ring support flanges at engine speeds above 1200 rpm. The battery is good too. The fact that you pulled up and down and it started/stopped working might lead to it being a stuck ram on your trim motor. Trim tabs are a great investment for most boaters and can increase performance and efficiency in both large and small vessels. 79 $ 36 . I have a 18' Panga Marine Skiff with a 60hp Etec, jack plate, and 9x12 trim tabs. I don't know the exact dates or engines, but one type required only two buttons (up and down) while the other type required three (trim up, trim down and tilt). At the beginning of a day while prepping the boat to go out (but not every time), the down trim switch both on the side of the motor and at the helm would cause nothing but a click from the down relay, but after toggling the switch a few times it would spring to life and last throughout the day without a hitch. If the trim is adjusted too far down, the bow will start to plow into the waves, noticeably slowing the boat. Hoist the sail until it is all the way up. Filled reservoir, lowered by release valv … read more The up/down rotation of a vessel about its transverse/Y (side-to-side or port-starboard) axis. e. 2 out of 5 stars 3 $36. If the boat’s overpowered—that is, if it’s heeling too much—consider moving the jib lead aft so the wind spills out of the top of the sail. ), ease off the throttle and trim down. Mercruiser Bravo II with the trim toggle switch on the throttle and a separate tilt (trailer) button which works fine as well. Aug 02, 2017 · Start off with the wind blowing across your boat. 25 Ships: Free: $73. I leave my boat at a marina during the boating season. Scotch heather (Calluna vulgaris) is among the hardiest of the true heathers, thriving in U. I have a 2007 monterey 263ex boat, 8. When you hit the gas and get up on plane you will start trimming up. One of the major differences between upwind and downwind sailing involves how you steer the boat and trim your sails. An offset or deviation from normal on this axis is referred to as My trim pumps have separate up and down solenoids. Once we get up to about 30mph we will start to trim the  Because proper trim tab surface area is essential, larger and/ or slower boats While Underway, do not move one trim tab significantly farther down than the as the boat gains speed, the rim tabs can be retracted by pressing “BOW UP”. If the bow is too low in the water it can catch a wave pushing the boat around making it difficult to steer. Bump the trim button down a little and the prop will hook back up with the water. The lower unit raised all the way up but would not go down and it is still stuck. Tilt the engine down in small increments until the maximum speed/consistent rpm is again reached, and/or no ventilation is noted. $159. Then, loosen your grip on the steering wheel and see if the boat wants to go starboard or port. 25: 7 mins: Item Condition: New other (see details) The ‘PLACE DIVERTER’ is the first jet drive adjustable nozzle, designed to give the jet boat owner complete control of the boats bow attitude and to improve top-end jet boat performance. trim doesn't go down. 3 Jul 2018 When the prop is used for trim, the prop is pushing the boat forward in Use trim tabs to trim the hull of the boat — both up and down and from  17 Sep 2014 you through how to use the power trim on your outboard or sterndrive to your advantage; what it means to trim the boat up and trim it down;  13 Oct 2017 As the boat speeds up and the bow comes down, start trimming the engines out. At first trim sounded slow again then nothing, just the clicking from solenoids. Oct 18, 2007 · "When you're in rough water, trim back down," emphasized Heavener, explaining that a lower bow will keep you from getting slammed hard when your boat hits the backside of a wave. 01 $ 27 . Looking for a Tilt & Trim Motor, Pump, Tabs or Parts to get your boat running on an even keel? We carry Tilt and Trim Motors, Pumps, Tab Kits and Parts for most manufacturers. Like any boat, however, an iceboat begins to slow down when it heads too far away from the wind. In short bursts, the trim tab rocker switches are pushed in the “BOW DOWN” position, moving both trim tabs. But the Outdrive will not go down all the way to level. When I power load the boat on the trailer the motor won't stay at the trim I set it at. Let me ramble on here and see if I can remember any more. Back the boat trailer into the water and clip the hook of the wench to the clip hook on the front of the boat hull. Went boating everything was fine went to dock and trailer and trim up wont work. I tried wiggeling the engine trim switch on the outboard and sometimes it would turn on and start going down on its own. For example, you don’t want to force the bow too far down — the boat will tend to plow and/or bow steer, which results in sluggish performance and poor fuel economy. 3L)this past weekend. Toggle Switch On/Off Up/Down Trim Tab Panel Breaker for RV Caravan Marine Boat | eBay HQRP Momentary Toggle Switch Works with HY29B Flagstaff Tent Trailer, 86 Ranger Bass Boat Rear Trim, Snow Blower, Boat Lift Up-Down Off Control 30-050 by HQRP 4. • 5 1/2" Set Back to Enhance Boat Stability and Performance. That's the good news. (24v & 32v use proportionately smaller) Jul 05, 2020 · Accommodates up to 1" thick panel. If your motor is tipped back, it will tend to force the bow down into the water. Check for 12 VDC at TILT SWITCH OUTPUT terminal(s), UP- blue / DOWN - green • If No 12 V, then replace switch • If OK, go to next 8. Is there any reason to leave the tilt down when parked? It's a 90 hp e-tec. No I don’t pull the battery, but trimmed down would be a detterant. This is known as positive trim. when to trim up or down on boat

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