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3. Put on locking tab washer; Screw outer spindle nut on till it's fairly tight Lock Plate Adapter Sleeve Figure 1 1. x. The wheel bearing lock nut is tightened to 220 Nm (160 lb-ft) from the factory, and is extremely tight and difficult to remove without the correct tool. Popular in lawn and garden equipment, material handling 2. Back off the adjusting nut one full turn or until it is loose. This problem does not arise with other types of hub Locking washers, type MB, are used to lock the smaller nuts on the shaft, whilst locking clips, type MS, are used for the larger sizes of nut. Bearing Lock Nuts - Square Type, Coarse/Fine Thread Locknuts KM, main dimensions to DIN 981. Or it's the ring with all the holes in it which is suppose to line up with the peg sticking out from the first wheel bearing preload nut. A castellated nut must be moved to align one of its slots with the pin hole in the axle end. Five types to choose N Retaining Nut Most commonly used locknuts, made of low carbon steel, these locknuts are the least expensive but require a lockwasher and the cutting of a keyway in the shaft. The values shown in the chart are to be used as a mid-range guideline. MIN. MISUMI offers free CAD download, short lead times, competitive pricing, and no minimum order quantity. 8 mm-PAGES 4 and 5 PEM RT® free-running locknuts are free-running until clamp load is induced. Standard Locknut manufactures a full line of bearing retaining accessories. A low-cost alternative to flange cone nuts. It does take some pressure to hold it on the lock-nut. Locknuts lock fasteners in place to keep them from backing out or loosening due to vibration or torque. d1. As a climber works their way up the grades, they'll be looking to add micro nuts such as Micro Wallnuts, and silver soldered IMPs and HB Brass Offsets, to their rack. 2 Back the nut off one raised Spin the wheel at least one full rotation. Save the yellow retainer for re-installation later. A nylon insert lock nut is hex shaped, internally threaded with a nylon insert. Item #101176367. Disengage the locking tabs from the nut groove by depressing the finger tabs, one at a time. Nr 1. Pro-Torq ® easily secures wheel bearings in precise position the first time and eliminates jamming, juggling and time-consuming positioning of multiple nut assemblies. Hard Locking Bearing Nuts【1-18 Pieces Per Sep 30, 2014 · Under-torquing the lock nut will allow play in the axel and bearing, which would also cause premature failure or possibly catastrophic breakage. The adjuster design was changed to allow more precise adjustment, and previously essential J-36599 will no longer fit the current production or service adjuster. Other dimensions and tolerances related to shaft configurations are also shown. 5. Enjoy the benefits of the Center Lock style in a larger bearing diameter than our regular flange nut. Lock nuts are used to locate bearings onto a shaft. Hex flange lock nuts have a six-sided head and a flanged, washer-like base. KMK. Assemble outer locknut and torque to 50 ft/lbs. 0,01. By contrast, the HM 30. £108. Lock Nut: 11 44895: Pinion Seal: 52 48816: Seal: 12 2-4-6111X: Pinion Yoke: 53 Diff Bearing Kit: 62 ***** Hub Lock: 22 ***** Case: 63: 45886: Bolt for Manual Hub J-36599-Ais used to turn the side bearing adjuster nut(s) during set-up of the 8. 010” Bearing Face Max. Superbolt was the world’s first to revolutionize nuts and bolts with multi-jackbolt tensioning (MJT) technology. Bearing Lock Nuts - With Tooth Lock Washer. Inspect as described on the reverse page of this instruction sheet. (4) Meets torque requirements for NASM25027 through five cycles. Over torque of the spindle nut will cause the bearing to overheat, one of the most common causes for bearing failure. 2. 0) Made In China,Bearing Lock Nut,Self-lock Nut,Prevailing Torque Bearing Nut from Nuts Supplier or Manufacturer-Dongguan Zhengchen Hardware Co. D1. Look to see where the cotter pin hole lines up with one of the notches on the nut. Torque inner adjusting nut to 50 ft/lbs to seat bearings. This is the most popular type of This is the most popular type of KM24 -SKF Lock Nut - 138x155x20mm. then you loosen the lock nut all the way, and then re tighten to 10in-lb - aka barely hand tight. (If necessary to expand adapter, loosen knurled adapter nut at closed end of housing approximately two turns and tap on end of this nut. UN. Drive type: 3/4” square drive; Size: 2 1/2” Socket type: Hexagon 6 point spindle nut lock washer r 00485 2 r 00487 0 meritor fd-900, fd-901, fr00900, ff-901, ff-931 axles thread size 1-1/2" -12 inner nut lock washer washer outer nut stemco pro-torq nut sir2299 si r 2297* si r 2298* si r 2296* 448- 4836 meritor fr00970 & e series drive axles thread size 2-1/4"-16 nut Applications: Type NFLG Nylon Insert Flange Lock Nuts are used in applications where a wider bearing diameter is desired to cover the mating surface when seated, while still offering a locking element. Precision Lock Nuts. face mark (according to chart). 44. 20. 0044. Advantages: • 360° locking Purple nylon insert will not gall threads or remove plating "better than an all-metal Flange lock nut". SC. Use the dimensions of your bolt to determine the appropriate size nut. Reposition the bearing if necessary. STEP 3 B Back the nut off until it is loose. Shop MISUMI for all your Bearing Lock Nuts and Bearing Accessories needs. They are available in threads from M10 x . KM02. This Page has detailed wheel bearing and hub application charts for 1972-1979 Dodge 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks equipped with either Dana Spicer Model 60 5,500 pound rated or Model 60HD 6,200 pound rated single rear wheel full-floating rear drive axles. I made this mistake when I put it on my prop washer hub. The adjusting nut is then locked in this position. Racing Lugs; Hex Socket Lug Nuts; Lifetime Lug Nuts; Lug Bolts; Lug Nuts; Lug & Lock System; Small Diameter Lug Bolts & Locks; Small Diameter Lug Nuts; Washers & Wheel Studs; Wheel Installation Kits; Wheel Locks. Then back the nut off one notch, so that the cotter pin will fit through the castle nut. Width across flats (wrench size) and corners, nut height (thickness) and thread pitch dimensions are given for nut sizes between M1. C. Ball Bearings (18) Power Transmission (11) Automotive Bearings & Kits (4) Roller Bearings (3) Bearing Units (10) Other Products (41) Adapter Sleeves (8) Agricultural Bearings (8) Lock Nuts (8) Lock Plates (3) Lock Washers (4) Spherical Plain Bushings (4) Withdrawl Sleeves (6) nut design (Figure 3), manual setting involves tightening the adjusting nut while rotating the wheel until a slight bind is felt. Once the bearing preload is adjusted, a lock is installed to prevent the axle nut from moving. Locknut w/. The bearing has a wide inner ring with a eccentric locking collar (cam lock) for attaching to the shaft. Lock nuts (also known as shaft nuts) are often found on split bearing blocks and bearings with tapered bores as opposed to parallel. . Some are secured with a cotter pin or axle nut retainer to keep them from loosening when driving. KM03. AN20 (Fig. Get info of suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, traders of Bearing Lock Nuts for buying in India. Screws. CAUTION: Make sure the hub nut tab is located in the keyway prior to thread engagement. P65Warnings. Assemble lock washer, turn nut to the nearest hole in the washer. ABMA Lock-Nut Number, Minimum Value of Major Thread Diameter, Threads per inch, Outside Diameter, D, Maximum Thickness, W, Face Outside Diameter, D-2, Back Face Radius, r  KM Series. ABMA Lock-Nut Number Minimum Value of Major Thread Diameter Threads per inch Outside Diameter, D Maximum Thickness, W properly and according to instructions will lock a bolt and nut permanently. Bearings should be lubricated every 12 months or 12,000 miles. Mounting screws simplify bearing mounting with a. 0 2 447 Locking wedge axle nut 03. ). Tighten the wheel hub lock nut to the specification. Lock nuts are also frequently used to secure gears, belt pulleys and other machine components Looking for HOBART Nut Lock Bearing (235J67)? Grainger's got your back. It is an assembly of a cast iron, or steel, pillow block that is bolted to support structures. 05 FU11SS-FU20SS: 0. 277. Purchase the unique quantity you need from FMW Fasteners today. A section on design criteria covers the derivation of torque formulas, loads on a fastener group, combining simultaneous shear and tension loads, pullout load for tapped holes, grip length, head styles, and fastener strengths. eliminate keyways and tab washers. Replaces standard hex nuts. E. Use the technique described for cleaning and packing your outer bearings. Steer (Single Nut) Steer (Double Nut) Drive Trailer Steer (Double Nut) Drive Trailer For single nut self-locking systems, consult manufacturers’ specifications. 967-18 Left-Hand Thread, Not Self-Locking, Replaces Standard Steel Wing Nut, Zinc Plated Finish, Grade 2, Self-Locking Nylon Insert, Right Hand Threads, … Standard Locknut. , 222 and 223 etc. 2. The width across flats of a nut is typically 1. Self-locking bearing lock nuts and bearing retaining nuts are generally either all-metal construction or feature a nonmetallic Vespel® locking element. MAX. Loosen inner spindle nut. The bearing has a wide inner ring with a eccentric locking (cam lock) collar for attaching to the shaft. KM 00, N/A M10x0. This is taken during the first five revolutions after engaging the locking element and before seating. ESNA® Light Hex Nuts 8-1 to 8-2 FLEXLOC® Self-Locking Nuts 8-3 Prevailing-Torque Type Steel Hex and Hex Flange Nuts 8-4 to 8-5 ANCO Self-Locking Nuts 8-6 Locknuts ESNA® Light Hex Nuts 8-1 to 8-2 FLEXLOC® Self-Locking Nuts 8-3 to 8-4 Prevailing-Torque Type Steel Hex and Hex Flange Nuts 8-5 to 8-6 ANCO Self-Locking Nuts 8-7 AXLE NUT TORQUE TYPE SIZE SPECIFICATIONS Less Than 25/8" 25/8" And Over Dowel Type Washer Tang Type Washer Less Than 25/8" 25/8" And Over *Install cotter pin to lock axle nut in position. pitch Lock nuts are used to locate bearings onto a shaft. , Ltd. DIAMETER. Friction Ring: 301 Stainless Steel. Note: Purchase Genuine replacement Hub and Cup Assemblies through O. 0 2 *No longer available. Our technology has been proven in tens of thousands of successful installations and we continue to develop a multitude of solutions to solve the next generation of bolting challenges. 010 to 0. Once positioned into place, tighten the adjusting nut, drawing the adapter through the bearing clamping down onto the shaft; Check mounting bolt holes to insure adequate bolt clearance will remain after tightening. Housing is cast iron with a grease zerk for re-lubing the bearing. This section of our website is to allow users of our products and other wise engineers to specify and detail the external threads when they desire to use a Whittet-Higgins retaining device to secure a bearing, power transmission, machine or other equipment assembly. Shop Bearing Locknuts at Applied. 5. Align the matching marks (A) on the disc brake rotor and on the wheel hub and bearing. This Page has detailed wheel bearing and hub application charts for 1972-1979 Dodge and 1978-1979 Plymouth 3/4 ton and 1 ton vans and van chassis vehicles equipped with either Dana Spicer Model 60 5,500 pound rated single rear Driveshaft (M10 Bolt with locking teeth, Allen Type) - 96Nm Driveshaft (M10 Bolt with locking teeth, Torx Type) - 100Nm Driveshaft (M8 Bolt with locking teeth) - 64Nm Driveshaft (M12 Bolts) - 110Nm Driveshaft Nut - 200Nm Pinion Shaft Flange Nut (M20 Bolts) - 185Nm MAX, make alignment marks before undoing and don't tighten past these. KMT and KMTA. Slide bearing to the desired position on the shaft. nut until the lock can be engaged. 12,5. Bearing Lock Nuts - Hexagon Type. The specialist at your service for over 10 years. You can also use them in pairs or with other bearing retaining nuts as jam nuts. KMT Series Lock Nut. xi. 965 mm) (0. Eccentric locking collar mounted bearings contact the shaft over a larger surface area compared to setscrew mounted bearings. This large range offers increased safety for both on-road and off-road vehicles thanks to Nord-Lock wedge-locking technology, which ensures the wheel nuts cannot  2 Sep 2015 71 mm) in four sizes with a neat extendable sling. ** Torque values for 1/4" and 5/16" sizes are in inch lb. Loosen the adjusting nut 1/4 to 1/2 half turn. Hub should have . Move it the shortest possible distance, whichever way that is. Inner Nut Torque a Outer Nut Torque Out-of-Service End Play Criteria b Trailer (TB Series) 700-750 lb-ft (952-1020 Nm) 250-300 lb-ft (340-408 N m) 0. Under torque of a spindle nut will allow excessive bearing movement causing uneven loading and excessive wear. Torquenut Where limited headroom is available. – Axilok® size (3) and socket size (1) markings – Significantly reduces the time required for wheel bearing adjustment. 3. 188. Since the drive shaft is assembled by press-fitting, use the tightening torque range for the wheel hub lock nut. Dimensions G: M60x2mm d1: 73mm d3: 80mm B: 11mm b: 7mm h: 3mm Axial static load carrying capacity: 95kN Mass: 0,16kg Then tighten the castle nut snugly until it stops. In addition, self-locking fasteners also decrease the tendency of the fastener to fatigue by re-ducing the vibration transferred to the fastener. Additionally, they can be used to mount bearings with a tapered bore onto tapered shaft seats and adapter sleeves, and to dismount bearings from withdrawal sleeves. The Common Alternatives Jam nuts, cotter pins, lock nuts, lock washers and similar devices also prevent the loss of the bolt or nut by back off but R003010 Tab Lock Washer E3010, M2568 1/16" 4" 2-13/32" R001252 Lockwasher 12397, 42199, 66122, E1252, L1026, L843, M839 1/4" 3-13/16" 2-13/32" R001251 Outer Nut 12398, 42198, 66121, E1251, L840, M840 3-1/4" 2-3/8"-16 3/8" 1227-B-678 Wheel Bearing Nut 12396, 38078, 42201, 66123, E1253, L2099, L842, M838 3-13/16" 2-3/8"-16 1/2" View our conversion chart to find out what size heavy hex nut that you need for your job. Inspect the Shaft Measure the shaft to ensure it is within recommended tolerances per Table 1 Check for any nicks or burrs that might prevent the bearing from sliding on the shaft easily Clean the mounting surface, then apply a film of light weight oil 2. SIZE. Inspect Axilok for two locking clips. If manufacturer-recommended numbers aren’t available, you can measure the size of your existing bearing and lock nut to find a comparable example, but this should only be used as a last resort. 6410. Bearing locknuts are typically rounded on the outside Use stepped-face retaining nuts with DIN 462 spring lock washers. While oscillating the wheel, torque the adjusting nut to 200 lbf-ft to fully seat the bearing components. Including the Machinery Hand book 28th edition. External Shaft and Spindle Threads for the installation of Whittet-Higgins Industrial Retaining Devices. To pre-load the bearings, install the spindle washer and spindle nut onto the spindle with the hub and bearings in place. MB Bearing Lock Washers, Spring Steel, for KM Bearing Lock Nuts Upcoming Trade Shows Pack Expo Chicago 2020 11/08/20 - 11/11/20 Chicago, IL Show all trade shows The Hardlock Bearing Nut is manufactured with a thread tolerance class of 6H. You can see the screws hit the wheel flange so they are captive until pressed apart. The amount of torque required to run the nut down (friction drag torque) should be measured and added to the amount of torque specified for the fastener. If the move tightens the nut, check that the wheel still turns freely. If an axle nut loosens or falls off, the hub bearings can move, causing a wobbling effect. 441 Outer bearing 02. (3) See page 19 for information on NASM25027 as applied to PEM self-clinching, self-locking nuts. 10. Torque the lock nut to 35 ft. The lock nut's flange creates a wide bearing surface. Find here online price details of companies selling Bearing Lock Nuts. HOW TO INSTALL THE ECCENTRIC LOCKING COLLAR MOUNTED BALL BEARING: Starts at 03:10. lbs. For frequent use, one of the tools with the portion that goes in the axle hollow would be better. , 1/2 in Width, Steel Global Leadership in Design and Manufacture of Industrial Retaining Devices: Commercial and precision retaining devices for bearing, power transmission and other machinery and equipment assemblies, including mechanical lock, prevailing torque, locknuts with lockwashers, adapter sets, collars - plain and threaded. 25" and 9. Threads. 375-32 threaded bushings, panels nuts, locknuts, and standard or miniature panel bearings. Use grease hub + components. The adjusting nut should be tight enough so that any vertical movement is eliminated. com Buy Standard Locknut LLC Bearing Lock Nuts N04 direct from Motion Industries. 391-32 thru 5. This tool fits the axle spindle lock-nut on my 2005 Silverado 2500 HD full floating rear axle. SKF N 10 N Series Bearing Lock Nut - 1. Home > Fuji Bearing Lock Nuts > Bearing locknut dimension table bearing locknut dimension table. A set screw locking bearing is shown in Figure 1. NOTE: A more detailed discussion of the four tightening zones is presented in section 2. Be sure to use torque wrench to tighten the wheel hub lock nut. and HM 31. A drive pinion bearing adjustment shim (0. Stemco Double & Voyager Nut Torque Process w/Seal Installation - Part 2 - Duration: 17:43. Rotate hub, then back off inner adjusting nut one fourth turn maximum. The SKF lock nut. Rear Wheel Hub and Bearing Application Charts for 1972-1979 Dodge D200, W200, and D300 Truck Dana 60 and Dana 60HD Full Floating Rear Axles . Sep 07, 2005 · The lock nut series is not a special to Skf or any other bearing company, Look in Machinery's Hand book under "Lock Nuts for Ball and Roller Bearings. 1524 mm) or more Initial Adjusting Nut Torque Tighten Adjusting Nut Install Tab Washer and Retainer Nut Final Adjusting Nut Torque (Counter-clockwise) d Acceptable End Play Trailer (TRIADTM Replace only with bearings as specified in the Bearing Replacement Chart. Spindle Nut 7521633 / S-F236 1227M13 / 298443 Spindle Nut Lock Washer 7521650 / S-16997 1229-G-969 Outer Wheel Bearing Seal 7061238 / S-C421 5330007061238 Outer Wheel Bearing 10945151 / S-141-76 Timken 3994/3920 Inner Wheel Bearing 10948079 / S-14175 Timken 392/3920 King Pin Bushing Spacer Kit 10X(Wheel Bearing Lock Nut Kit Upgrade Set for Patrol GU GQ Y60 Y61 40262-0 R0Q1. Lock nuts locate bearings and other components on shafts and facilitate mounting and dismount-ing. Over 6,000 Automotive Torque Specs. It is designed for the same shaft dimensions as are the N and AN locknuts, but with the added features of self-locking and super precision wherein it has become a most important component for precision bearing and power transmission assemblies. Key Benefits. Spring U-bolts (7/16") 50-55: 45-55: 50-55: Spring U-bolts (1/2") n/a: 65 Choose from our selection of bearing retaining nuts, tamper-resistant drilled spanner nuts, and more. 11 Clean and pack the inner bearings. 45 x th. Back nut off and re-torque to 35 ft/lb while spinning hub. The designations of SKF bearing accessories follow a system that consists of a product type and size identification with or without a suffix. 1/4-20. The most common type of locking nut, they have a small nylon insert at the top of the nut, the ID of which is slightly less than the major diameter of the bolt’s thread. 4. I'm bagging it for today. But for one time use it is fine. 25 mm) total end play. Pro-Torq ® axle spindle nuts provide accurate bearing adjustment, increasing wheel end life. All products are manufactured to ABMA, SAE and ABEC standards. 6, ISO 10512 / 10511 / 7041 / 7040, UNI 7473 Specification & Standards in stainless steel, duplex steel, inconel, monel, hastelloy in india KM1 SKF Bearing locking nut These inexpensive lock nuts can be used to securely locate bearings onto shafts and are designed for use with bearing adaptor sleeves and bearing tab washers. PART NO. Large size nuts have hot-forged washer bearing faces, not machined, unless specially ordered. Hub Bearing Torque Specification Guide 2010. Adapter Sleeve Shaft Nuts, Mounted Bearing Type PDF -AdapterSleeveShaftNuts-MountedBearingType. Applications: Industrial and commercial applications requiring an oversize bearing surface. Hex and Jam Nut Size Table Chart . 17. Nylok® Torq-Patch® Locknut is a self-locking element comprised of nylon permanently bonded into the threads of a nut. inner nut as described may cause the bearing to run hot and be damaged. Round Round General Adjusting Nut Information – Tighten the adjusting nut securely. The adjusting nut is then locked in position. bearing spacer, bearings, oil bath seal, three or four-piece dowel-type nut system and identification tag. The torque specification for this center nut is critical to the performance and longevity of the hub. T metric lock nuts retained with a lock washer; HM(E) metric lock nuts retained with a locking clip; N and AN inch design lock nuts retained with lock washers; N inch lock nuts retained with a locking plate. Install the outer spindle nut and torque it to 200 ft. A rolling- 1" Four Bolt Flange Bearing W/ Lock Collar HCFS205-16. Back the nut off one turn. This series of BEARHUG Locknuts, with a nylon collar, is the mainstay of the precision self-locking nuts. These accessory items include adapters, locknuts, lock washers, lock plates, removable sleeves and removal nuts as well as many non standard variations of the our standard product offering. On a single-nut system, install a cotter pin. seems all the ones I can find stop at AN19. 97 $ 12. The nut therefore remains locked in position. m). 2 Back the nut off one raised face mark (according to chart). Lock nuts are of low carbon steel, plain finish. Too much torque causes axle noise. The drive pinion bearing adjustment shim compensates for machining variations in rear axle housing, differential ring gear and pinion and differential pinion bearings. ca. Half angle of thread α= 30° Tightening with a precision bearing nut (precision lock. Spindle Hardware should be inspected frequently and replaced if they show signs of wear, or during complete hub rebuild or replacement. Locknut Thread Sizes- UNITED STATES FORM We can supply Bearing Locknut Taps and Dies for all sizes #00 thru #30; Sizes . , 10 mm Width, Steel Mi Item #: 00593565 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – www. Quote and order online today! Bearing Lock Nut. Aug 24, 2012 · These components are used to secure bearings onto a shaft. KMF nuts are also re-usable. SF1420CFZ. 2 Apr 09, 2014 · To seat the bearing rollers and the wheel seal, always rotate the hub while torqueing the nut. Home / Bearings / Auxiliary Parts. AN00-AN40 also available for 304 stainless steel. M12 x 1,00. W. 18. 2- INSTALL THE NUT AND SEAT THE BEARING ROLLERS Thread the nut onto the spindle until it is up against the outer bearing. 254 mm to 0. If a machine is unavailable, packing by hand method is acceptable. 250 volume control shafts with . Place a quantity of grease onto the palm of your hand. Jul 09, 2010 · What are the specifications (size) of the front wheel bearing lock nuts on the 2000 nissan maxima. Spin the wheel at least one full rotation. Nylon Insert Lock Nuts. Too little torque, causes wheel hub and bearing looseness. 10,5. 2-1999 specifications Manufactured in USA Jul 06, 2020 · Product Line Description. Spanner Wrenches for Bearing Nuts. Back off the inner (adjusting) nut the amount indicated in the chart below. Hex Thin Lock Nuts - Metric Class ≥4 - Galvanised - UN0234. To establish end play, torque the adjusting nut to 50 lbf-ft while rotating the wheel hub assembly. AN series bearing locknuts For applications where jackbolts need to be protected The Danger with Set Screw Locking Bearings By Victor Wowk, P. 44. J. IFI-100 does not govern lock nuts above 1". just crank on the lock nut with a punch and hammer, spin the hub, then crank on the lock nut to make sure it's still tight. 2 UNF Hexagon Heavy Lock Nut Stainless-Steel 18/10-316-A4 B18. M. 701 mm. Install the wheel hub and bearings onto spindle and torque the inner adjusting nut to 200 ft-lbs while rotating the hub assembly. threads in the nut or clamped components or nut rather than to yield of the fastener. Free Shipping On $100 Orders Lock nut but can also be referred to as a shaft or withdrawal nuts depending on how they are used. 1 Tighten the nut to 100 ft-lbs Spin the wheel at least one full rotation. 18 (24) Without Electronic Locking Differential. We have the best Loaner Axle/Spindle Nut Socket for the right price. Note: A special installation tool to hold outer bearing cone in place during assembly to spindle is recommended. Lock nut spanners are designed for tightening lock nuts, when mounting spherical or tapered bearings on withdrawal or adaptor sleeves. Bearings should be packed by machine if possible. NO. Bearing Lubrication - Grease Along with bearing adjustment, proper lubrication is essential to the proper function and reliability of your trailer axle. 63 (85) Brake Line Flare Tubing Nut. Ft. 3) Using a hammer and drift tighten the bearing nut between the 2 and 3 o’clock position relative to the shaft. ,CAD nut width slot width slot depth. This can reduce shaft damage and fretting corrosion. SKF supplies a wide range of lock nuts. Lock the nut by bending one of the lock-ing washer tabs down (using a hammer and a drift) into one of the slots in the nut. K values: waxed (e. Turn locknut counter clockwise until bearing will freely slide onto the shaft. those for KM(L) and KMK nuts. d : Shaft diameter, inner ring bore diameter mm ・Bearing nut. A spindle or axle nut secures your hub to your spindle or axle. (B) Tighten the nut to 100 ft-lbs. Rotary unions perform the critical sealing function between fixed plumbing and machinery that is constantly rotating. For a double nut or jam nut system, bend the lock tab or install the set screw after the outer nut is torqued to 200 ft-lbs corrosion, locking methods, washers, inserts, thread types and classes, fatigue loading, and fastener torque. Can assist in locating an adaptor sleeve to a tapered bearing along with its locking washer W 19. 31. An Axle Spindle Nut System For Today's Commercial Truck Fleets. 11 (15) Differential Carrier-To-Axle Housing Nut. Looking for lock nuts, locking collars, lock collar, bearing lock nuts? Yes you can buy online at our online shop. can manufacture any SIZE with any type THREAD  Keystone Electronics extenders for . D 3 D 4 g. Other Info. Therefore, a 6g counterpart is required. 21. The PRO-TORQ® Spindle Nut optimum bearing life from your hub assembly. Turn the steering stem lock-to-lock several times to seat the bearings. The old bearing assembly on left minus the bearings I didn't want to dig from trash. Self Locking Nuts When torquing a self-locking nut, the nut should be run down on the threads of the bolt until the nut almost contacts the mating surface. This is noted in the linked article on bearings which lists the most common combinations based on axle weight rating. – Uses locking clips to maintain joint security and ensure proper end-play. Hardware ANSI Menu. Bearing locknuts are also referred to as shaft or withdrawal nuts, depending on their use. 79 x Ø ext. Combination tool for both 4-slot and 6-slot applications. 2) Apply Loctite 620 Retaining Compound to the Lock Nut and thread the nut on to the shaft, hand tighten against the bearing cone. KM(L) when used Thread diameter, mm. This is the favorite method of putting seals on motorbike axle bearings. 07 Thread Accuracy: ISO 6H (JIS Class 2). Fuji Bearing Lock Nuts. 5 Jam Nut - Thrust Screw — 41X-1702 — 41X-1702 1 6 Thrust Screw — 40X-1016 — 40X-1016 1 7 Screw - Diff Bearing Adjusting Ring Lock 41-X-1669 4 8 Lock - Diff Bearing Adjusting Ring 1220-P-1108 2 UNF Hexagon Heavy Lock Nut Stainless-Steel 18/8-304-A2 B18. The method to pack bearing cones is as follows: 1. N Series Bearing Lock Nut - 0. The "N" series is a metric diameter but with an in pitch, the metric series are also metric diameter but with metric pitch. Careful use of a lock nut spanner minimises the risk of over-tightening, which can produce a reduction in bearing radial clearance, leading to bearing damage. 00. 010 inch end play for all K10, K20, and K30 models Nord-Lock created the original wedge-locking technology that secures bolted joints, even when exposed to severe vibration and dynamic loads. Clamp loads for Grade C lock nuts equal 75% of the bolt proof loads specified for SAE J-429 Grade 8, and ASTM A-354 Grade BD bolts. Then the adjusting nut is backed off 1/6 to 1/4 turn to the nearest locking hole or sufficiently to allow the wheel to rotate freely with some minimal end play. A one piece all-metal lock nut with a flanged bearing surface that increases the surface area substantially and has circular serrations radiating outwards. The nut is locked in place with a cotter pin. See Whittet-Higgins website for axial load data Manufactured to meet ANSI /AFBMA Standard 8. On a double-nut system install a jam nut and torque it to the proper Metric Stud Bolt To Nut Size Chart. While these nuts may appear to be conventional machined parts, there is much more involved. Advance the Temper-Loc spindle nut to hold the optimal bearing setting in place Remove Doctor Preload from the spindle and install the positive locking retainer ring Thorough inspection by the trained technician ensures a properly adjusted and secured wheel end bearing. When the Nylok® Torq-Patch® Locknut is engaged, it creates a wedge between the nut and mating part compressing the nylon and creating metal to metal contact opposite the patch. KM Series Bearing Lock Nut - M45x1. MG MGB Torque Specs. **No longer available. 6. 6. Assemble outer locknut and torque to 50 Lb. 1/2" x 1. W. If this happens during operation, the wheel also may lock or come off, causing a risk of serious bodily harm. RETAINING RING. 003”/-. Integral to this function is the inner cartridge, containing the seal and bearing, which must be periodically replaced. The following tables provide Hex Nut and Jam Nut dimensions per ASME B18. • A lead in chamfer equivalent to one thread pitch is required. Applications: Industrial and commercial applications requiring an oversize bearing installations and removals. Two common surface bearing type lock nuts include: serrated flange and KEPS (K-Lock) 1-Prevailing Torque Type Lock Nuts: The lock nuts don't spin while the vehicle is in motion, so where did the heat come from? If it was the hub, it should have taken the bearings out. KM Locking Nuts are often referred to as bearing nuts, shaft nuts of withdrawal nuts. See application chart for uses. 03-. A modified thread angle on the loaded flank provides the vibration resistant locking feature- PAGE 6 SL™ self-locking nuts are designed with Bearing driven up too far and all clearance removed; damage possible. I could not remove the bolt and in fact twisted the head right off. Axle Wheel Bearing Installation Specifications Conventional Wheel-End System Axle Initial Adjusting Nut Torque a Final Adjusting Nut Torque c Spindle Thread Diameter Jam Nut Torque Specification Acceptable End Play Range c Drive axles without lock washers 200 lb-ft (272 N m) Back off 1 turn 50 lb-ft (68 N m) Back off 1/4 turn Less Than 2-5/8 Nuts. (3)Tighten the nut to 200 ft-lbs. Hex Thin Lock Nuts Metric Class ≥4 Galvanised. 29. 438 in Face Dia. 006" (0. 07. Too little torque causes wheel bearing looseness. They can also be utilised when mounting taper bore bearings onto shafts. 16. Locknuts with a thread diameter of up to 200 mm  Amazon. B. $12. Nuts made on cold “nut-formers” may have double chamfered or washer faces. 500" housing end T-bolt for use with early large bearing housing ends with lock nut. Our metric stud bolt to nut table is meant to help determine the correct size bolt or nut for your purpose. NOTE: All Weight Must Be Removed from the Bearing When Obtaining The ZERO Reference Point”. Bearing Retaining Nuts Often paired with spring lock washers to strengthen their hold, these retaining nuts— also known as shaft nuts— keep vibration from shifting bearings, bushings, pulleys, and gears on your threaded shaft or spindle. D4 g. The 6 lugs fit perfectly. The inner nut must be tightened as tight as possible then backed off (this seats the bearings). Diameter Jul 10, 2010 · the only time you apply torque to the lock nut is to seat the bearing, not for final installation. The idea behind the second method is to ensure the bearing is fully seated in the grease and then the final torquing sets the pre-load fairly accurately. BEARING KIT 513279 Contents Identified with * 1 Pinion Nut 1 130542 2 End Yoke & Slinger Assy 1 See page 14 3 Pinion Oil Seal 1 127591* • 4 Outer Pinion Bearing Cone 1 012496* • was MJAHB101 5 Outer Pinion Bearing Cup 1 012495* • was MJAHA101 6 Bearing Pre-Load Spacer 1 504039 See page 8 309015 - Wheel Bearing Lock Nut Socket - Hexagon 6 point 2 1/2” Tools. 35 (47) Electronic Locking Differential Actuator 2. then install the lock ring that goes between the two nuts which is either a washing looking thing with the key that slides in the spindle groove and has one bent side. and check the preload again (or, check the drag on the rotor by feel and instinct). WEIGHT. 030”/0. Metric Lock Nuts, DIN 981, C45 steel. They are used mostly in high vibration applications to secure the fastener. 75  This series meeting SAE-Society of the Automotive Engineers, ABEC-Annular Bearing Engineers Committee and AFBMA- An 'A' before the locknut designation indicates this size was previously manufactured with 11 threads per inch  N means metric thread and the digits are major diameter of thread and pitch. SAME DAY SHIPPING. 90 SKU: km24-skf Availability: In Stock Bearing Lock Nut Spanner Blind Housing Puller Kit Combi Kit Deep Groove Bearing Easy mounting and dismounting without nut damage. Fine U-Nut, SS Series (Material: SS Equivalent) Hard Locking Bearing Nuts. A bearing subassembly includes an improved arrangement for securing the bearing subassembly to a shaft. Be sure to engage any locking device. The primary purpose of locking nuts and bolts is to provide resistance against vibration while the machine is operating. com and browse our extensive selection of industrial parts and supplies for all your MRO needs. M100×2 (class 2 thread). Final bearings adjustment to be (. pdf Subcategories below: KM Steel Lock Nut DIN 981 / ISO 2982: Wheel bearing lock nut: 40-50: 3,5: Rear axle shaft nut (D-41) 150-175: GROUP 27 - SPRINGS. As the bolt threads into the nylon area it impresses its own threads into the nylon and the friction bond achieved resists loosening. LOCK NUT vs. If you do have to file the threads down (or maybe cut them off with a pipe cutter) it looks like you've got enough threads left to securely hold the wheel on. Search Car Torque Specifications by Engine or Model SKU: SL12 Categories: Nuts, Self Locking Nuts Stock Size Chart A Nyloc (nylon insert) Nut is a torque prevailing nut which uses a plastic/nylon insert located towards the top of the nut, reducing its inner diameter, which then deforms over the mating thread. Rear Wheel Hub and Bearing Application Charts for 1972-1979 Dodge and 1978-1979 Plymouth Van and Van Based Chassis Models Dana 60 or Dana 60HD Full Floating Rear Axles. Outer spindle bearing 80ft/lb Steering arm nuts 90 ft/lb Tie rod to knuckle 45 ft/lb Wheel lug nuts 70-90 ft/lb or per wheel manufacturer. Make sure that the bearing is not driven up the sleeve any further. gov Lock Nuts AN. With hub/drum/wheels: A Tighten the nut to 200 ft-lbs while the wheel is rotating. They are used to cover oversized holes or when a flat washer is not practical. The comprehensive range of SKF spanner and sockets are used to tighten and loosen many types and sizes of bearing lock nuts, for bearings mounted directly on a shaft or on sleeves. Customer Service: 1-800-533-6127 Tech Service: 1-800-533-6127 Email: inquiry@service-solutions. 24. Note: Other sizes  Flexloc Lock Nuts are internally threaded and hexagonal in shape and come in a variety of styles. Additional sizes are available upon request. Cap Locks and Cap Screws; Gorilla Locks; Gorilla Guard Locks; Lug Bolt Locks; Small Diameter Locks; The System TM; X2 TM Wheel Zip-Torq ® is the latest in STEMCO’s line of axle spindle nuts, made to keep bearing end play near zero and maintain optimal cup and cone alignment on the spindle to safeguard seals, bearings, tires and brake linings. Basic Jan 22, 2018 · How to properly adjust wheel bearings on commercial vehicle wheel ends. 5 Thread, 52 mm OD, 8 mm Thickness, 5 mm Slot Width-2 mm Slot Depth (4) Misc. Dimensions are presented according to bearing bore size and are applicable to bearings in the various series (e. To adjust wheel bearings, torque inner adjusting nut to 50 Lb. Dec 08, 2011 · 2-Surface-Bearing Lock Nuts: SERRATED FLANGE . the bearing assemblies use a bearing plate welded to the bearing assembly and bolted to the yoke ear with self-locking bolts that have a serrated head and a lock patch (see Figure A). AFBMA Locknut Screw Threads charts; Internal and External Lock Nut Threads per ANSI/AFBMA 8. Bearing Lock Nuts - Square Type, Coarse/Fine Thread. MISUMI offers free Stock Items Included. 002 inches) for sizes 11 through 20, 100 Microns (. Bearing designations desig- desig- nation nation. S. KM(L) lock nuts. Shop Nylon Insert Jam Lock Nuts. com: Whittet-Higgins NL-10 Threaded Shaft & Bearing Locknut, UNS 1. Just put a cylindrical sleeve so the locknut preloads the bearing through the sleeve. Their dimensions are in accordance with ISO 2982 and B55646: Part I. 25" ring gear front drive axles. The collar area is the area of the bearing face of the part being rotated during installation (either the nut or the bolt head). 04. 004 inches) for sizes 21 through 40. Tighten the spindle nut finger tight (until snug) and then with channel-lock pliers or a crescent wrench, tighten the spindle nut another 1/4 turn or about 15 to 20 ft pounds of torque. In use the spring bears on the flank of the shaft thread with force (P) generating reaction force (P’) in the screw threads with a resulting high friction torque (prevailing torque). Back off the inner adjustment nuts as per chart below. This is a common arrangement on HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) equipment and general industrial machines. Adjust the nut so the steering moves correctly. DO NOT BACK OFF THE SPINDLE NUT. – Delivers accurate results in the process. Bosch Automotive Service Solutions 28635 Mound Road, Warren, MI 48092 USA. Do not bolt outer housing to support until bearing is tightened on shaft. Part No. (C) Tighten the nut to 100 ft-lbs. Assemble lock washer, turn nut to the nearest hole in washer. Floyd Rose locking nuts are supplied with the Floyd Rose tremolo system but few know that they can also be ordered separatelyin different sizes to match various width and string spacing. 038 inch) is used between differential pinion bearing and pinion head. + 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. 54 (73) Differential Case Bolt. (68 Mm) to seat bearings. Ford F-Pickup Torque Specs. 10. An adjusting nut is axially locked to a bearing inner ring by sliding the adjusting nut over the inner ring so that a groove in the adjusting nut and recesses, for example, pockets, on the inner ring align. Remove lock plate located on the face of the locknut. Both the nut and washer should be of sufficient size to give adequate backing to the cone. PTI stocks KM and KML series locknuts from a size 00 through a size 40. Spindle Lock Nuts Pinion Seals Intermediate Shafts & Related Intermediate Shaft Bearing Drive Shaft Seals CV Joint Components Axle Support Mounts Axle Spindles & Bearings Axle Shafts Axle Shaft Components Axle Nuts & Lock Plates Axle Hubs & Gaskets Axle Hardware Axle Flange Gaskets Axle Boots & Clamps Axle Bearings Axle Beam Assemblies & Mounts Ruland double taps each bearing locknut to ensure precise and burr-free threads to allow for easy installation and removal, proper fit, and extended shaft life. In stock and ready to ship. This will prevent the nuts from rotating together. In the special case where prevailing torque locking features are employed, the model includes an additional prevailing torque zone. 25. 10, hot dip galvanized = . Price $19. Axle Spindle Nuts, Washers and Hardware. Serrated head and lock patch installation procedure: Loosely install the NEW bolts, and then tighten them to the torque shown in Chart 3 below . 56 mm. ISO 9001-2000 SKF Lock nuts are used to locate bearings onto a shaft. Install the hub nut on the spindle. 00 2 445 & 446 Axle nut and washer kit 05. With hub/drum/wheels: Using a torque wrench: 1 Tighten the nut to 100 ft-lbs while the wheel is rotating. No replacement. Locknut Thread Sizes- UNITED STATES FORM. The nylon material prevents loosening from vibration and cross threads to stop the nut from backing off of the fastener. Standard Dimensions : UN0234 . $83. PER M. A threaded lock nut previously held the assembly in place. while rotating the hub. Free shipping Lock Nuts AN of NTN,AN16, Check out the variety of configurable, Lock Nuts AN of NTN,AN16,MISUMI has other mechanical components, Press Die, and Plastic Mold products available. Fuji Bearing Locknuts  Metric. 001 inches) for sizes 00 through 10, 50 Microns (. Thanks in advance Putting the proper torque on the center nut sets the preload for the bearing and keeps the bearing from separating while in operation. 93. The manufacturer has more than 30 years experience in lock nut technology and their factory is TS 16949 approved. 15,5. Bearing lock nuts, sometimes called shaft locknuts or bearing retaining nuts, are utilized to secure bearings onto a shaft and is designed to prevent the loosening of components due to vibration and rotation. to repacking bearings, all old grease should be removed from the wheel hub cavity and bearings. Do not bend it to the bottom of the slot. Product details. Bearing locknuts are manufactured in 1215 lead-free steel with a black oxide finish. Do not reuse wheel hub lock nut. PN. com The Fuji Bearing Locknut is a one piece item where the locking function is performed by a spring peened into the top of the nut. Slide the eccentric collar against the mating end of the insert inner race. The nut locks adequately even when the bolt threats only reach the top of the nut. Advance the inner nut as necessary to engage the locking ring. Thread  Locknuts of types KM, KML or HM, HML, and HMLL have four grooves on their outer diameter. Secure locking; Available in Carbon and Stainless Steel; Superior material for high integrity product; Sizes from  In use the spring bears on the flank of the shaft thread with force (P) generating reaction force (P') in the screw threads with a resulting high friction torque ( prevailing torque). while the wheel is rotating. Mounting. Two cotter pin holes in the shaft, spaced 90° apart, are used to obtain twice as many locking-positionsper- revolution of the nut, and a corresponding, closer bearing setting. They ensure long bearing service life and reliable locking and can prevent bearing fitting damages. 25, and plain non-plated bolts (as received) = . Designed for safe and easy tightening and loosening of lock nuts Used to secure and adjust bearings on tapered journals, adapter sleeves and withdrawal sleeves Demands less space around the bearing arrangement than hookspanners Inch connections for power tools or torque wrenches Unscrew the nut, place the locking washer in position, and tighten the nut firmly again. 781-32 in Thread Size, 1-3/8 in OD, 1-1/8 in Face Dia. The most common set of inner and outer bearings for use on a 3500-lb-rated axle is inner bearing # L68149 and outer bearing # L44649, and grease seal # 58846. 25. STEP 4 categories of prevailing torque type nuts include: all metal and nylon insert lock nuts. 0 2 Grease ECO-Li Plus 450g 0210404500-450 2 460 Hubcap 03. 2 ,0. Failure to follow this instruction could cause the wheel to come off and cause bodily injury. KATO's NEW LockOne is a revolutionary positive locking fastener designed to prevent a standard nut from loosening Once positioned in front of nut, LockOne engages the bolt along pitch diameter inducing spring forces axially and radially. If the locking system cannot be engaged when the nut is at 300 ft-lbs, advance the nut until the locking system can be engaged (reference note above). 807. THICKNESS. AXLES) Unitized Wheel Bearing Nut System Installation and Removal Procedures Before installing Axilok, check the following: 1. High quality 1" four bolt flange bearing. D3. Trailer Parts Superstore® offers a large selection of axle spindle nuts, washers, tang washers and cotter pins to fit almost any type of trailer. 2,0. 6 to M64. METRIC HEX NUT DIMENSIONS CHART. FAG ( Schaeffler). 0) Made In China , Find Complete Details about Prevailing-torque Bearing Lock Nut Js01(m12 P1. Rotate the hub. Easy online ordering for the ones who get it done along with 24/7 customer service, free technical support & more. If it does not, loosen the nut one notch. For the nut closer to the bearing, position the stepped face towards the bearing. These metric locknuts come in carbon steel. 6 Bearing Cap Adjuster Lock (LH & RH) 2 14275 – Bearing Cap Adjuster Lock (RH) 1 – 14275 7 Bearing Cap Adjuster Lock (LH) 1 – 45448 8 Adjuster Lock Cap Screw 2 210601 210601 9 Cotter Pin (LH & RH) 2 90876 90876 10 Filler Plug 1 90325 90325 11 Carrier Cover Dowel Pin 2 7641 7641 12 Thrust Screw Jam Nut 1 210184 210184 SP™, PEM 300® nuts provide strong load-bearing threads in stainless steel sheets as thin as . BUY NOW AN14 Lock Nut. The adjusting nut should catch the inner bearing and its grease seal and free them from inside the hub. Buy online for free next day delivery or same day pickup at a store near you. M10 x 0,75. • IFI-100 does not govern lock nuts above 1". Bearing Lock Nuts M10 - M100 FU-SS Material Nut Body: SS400 (or equivalent) Low Carbon Steel. All other torque values are in foot lb. Bearing lock nut, also known as elastic stop nut, locknut, stiff nut and torque nut is an essential part of every machine on earth. Then the assembler backs off the nut 1/6 to 1/4 turn to the nearest locking hole or enough to let the wheel rotate freely. the Grade B lock nuts equal 75% of the bolt proof loads specified for SAE J-429 Grade 5, and ASTM A-449 bolts. Lock Nut. We have extensive experience with both types. For coupling and brake wheels on 600 and 800 series Mill Motors For direct replacement of std. Most commonly used lockwashers, these multi-tang lockwashers are the least expensive. g. , 3/8 in Width, Steel. Reviews Be the 27400 Combination 4-WD Wheel Bearing Lock-Nut Tool. It is also important that the lock nut is re-tightened to the correct torque to ensure proper bearing life. In Top 10 Manufacturer, Suppliers & Exporter of Prevailing Torque Lock Nuts, Nylon Lock Nuts, Nyloc Nut, Self Locking Nuts as per DIN 982 / 985 / 986, 6924, ANSI B18. 75 to M50 x 1. Description: Features Does not mar the shaft Standard bearing lock-nut sizes Clamp style increases holding power Balanced styles available Superior fit, finish and holding power RoHS2 and REACH Compliant Width tolerance: +. All meet DIN standards for bearing lockout dimensions. GRADE F — ZINC PLATED*. ・Thread data. Zero Products Inc. B Back the nut off until it is loose. Fine U Nuts. Series Bearing Lock Nut. ) 3. It is designed to work with both preset and standard wheel end applications and is compatible with STEMCO’s PPS+ programs. 10). With Electronic Locking Differential. CAD. Still cant find w The locking action is achieved when the nut is tightened against a bearing surface as the teeth of the lock washer dig into it. On hubs that use the tang washer or cage to lock the nut, you will have to do this by sight. The seal rides on the sleeve OD. Available in stainless steel, alloy steel, and low carbon steel; Offered in Metric and Inch sizes; Commonly used  Enduro bearing lock nut dimensions. KM00 . The bolt chart provides both US and metric stud sizes. Torque Wrench rather than a Spanner Wrench. SKF lock nuts are easy to mount, do not damage the shaft and ensure effective locking. Torque has been converted into ft/lbs by dividing the result of the formula by 12; All calculations are for Coarse Thread Series (UNC). A locknut is commonly used in place of a standard nut on vibrating machinery and when joining soft materials. Perpendicularity of Bearing Surface: FU00SS-FU10SS: 0. Our budget range is manufactured to International standards and represents great value for money. The locking washers are made of deep drawing steel strip. If you do not tighten the initial nut, make sure that you use a wrench or some other tool to hold the initial nut in place when tightening the secondary nut. Your proven service leader with reliable delivery since 1972. M15 x 1,00. KM Series KML Series Dimensions. 3) Engage the locking device that is part of the spindle nut system. Examples and the applicable options for lock nuts with a lock washer, locking clip or locking plate are given below. This is the locknut that goes onto the end of the axle on both the left and right sides. Mark the shaft and bearing nut to show the 12 o’clock position of the nut in relationship to the shaft. FLANGE TOP LOCKNUTS. T. Find GMC Spindle Nut Sockets and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! BEARING RETAINING NUT WRENCH, 2-5/8" OD (FOR GM 5,200 & 7,200 LB. Dimensions in: Inch | Metric. Next install washer and outer nut and torque to 65 ft-lbs. Get it as Buy Lock Nuts from Quality Bearings Online Ltd, Full Range Available Online, Products In Stock, Same Day Despatch, All Orders Shipped DHL – Unitized part consisting of nut body (2), two locking clips (4), and a retainer cage (5). BOLT AND NUT BEARING SURFACES Cold-upset bolts made on a “boltmaker” usually are washer faced but large or very long bolts may have a flat face (not machined). The locking clips are also made from deep drawing steel strip. Thread the nut onto the axle until hand tight against the bearing. Effective diameter d=φ98. All dimensions are given in millimeters. (5) Locking performance is not affected by the number of on/off cycles. 5 mm Thread Size, 65 mm OD, 56 mm Face Dia. Available in regular, large and super flange diameters. The Nord-Lock wheel nut range has been extended to 6 sizes, M-16-M24. The outer lock nut is then torqued to 250 foot Prevailing-torque Bearing Lock Nut Js01(m12 P1. Slide bearing on shaft to desired location 4. CY tensioners can be used on grade 8 bolts and studs with high preload For extra high loads. Locking Hub Spindle Nut Conversion Kit Use With Hub Part Number: 9790, 20990 Or 29071 Thread Size: 1-5/8-16 Inch The spindle nut or axle nut on your Ford F-Series is the fastener that secures the hub assembly to the spindle or axle. Winco KM-7 KM Bearing Lock Nut, M35 x 1. 001 to . They are made of a material sufficiently soft so the tangs will withstand several bends of locking and unlocking in assembly, but of a material sufficiently hard to resist the shearing action which may be exerted by the corner of the spanner slots. For the rear drive axle the preload on the bearings is 50 foot pounds. 97. If you check the preload and find it's off, you'll need to adjust the lock nut. Re-torque the inner adjusting nut to 50 ft-lbs while rotating the wheel hub assembly. It is important to use the correct torque when installing the spindle nut. CAUTION: Install a new hub nut if the hub nut comes apart during installation. secure axial locking of bearings and other machine parts grooved nuts or locknuts (KM, HM) with lock HMZ locknuts are made of steel with a minimum tensile strength of 350 MPa. Aligns and locks bearings and other mechanical power transmission components Prevents assemblies from loosening from large forces of vibration, shock, & torque For standard axial load applications. Tool number : KV40104000 ( — ) When installing a the cotter pin (1) and the nut retainer (2), securely bend the cotter pin to prevent rattles. I needed to use a torch! Also, any time you remove a bolt or nut that was Loctited, you will have to reapply it again. Torque the inner nut to 50 ft-lbs while rotating the bearing hub, then back off and re-torque to 35 ft-lbs while rotating the bearing hub. Torque the adjusting nut to 200 ft. It is nearly impossible to give a general torque specification for a locking nut. * Common finish listed — other finishes available. 28. 2 UNF Hexagon Lock Nut Stainless-Steel 18/8-304-A2 B18. Hold the outer bearing seated and use the bearing as a pilot. This tool fits perfectly and makes the job easy. 3M / ASME B18. Push the rear hub and outer bearing onto the spindle as an assembly. Whole stack of two bearings, OD and ID spacers, and two General Adjusting Nut Information – Tighten the adjusting nut securely. It is impossible for our products to loosen unintentionally due to the wedge created underneath the bolt head and nut. PTI’s KM and KML series metric lock nuts are typically used to secure a bearing onto a shaft. Back off the inner adjusting nut one full turn. Others are made to be used without a retainer. We can supply Bearing Locknut Taps and Dies for all sizes #00 thru #30; Sizes  Suitable Lockplate No. Inner spindle bearing 50 ft/lb while spinning hub. KM01. 48 (65) Bearing Cap Bolt. As the nut is tightened, the hub assembly becomes tight and the play is removed from the system. Lock nuts are also frequently used to secure gears, belt pulleys and other  Results 1 - 15 of 183 Bearing locknuts are used in a wide variety of applications including the automotive and agriculture industries. Save wheel bearing lock nut socket set to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. 2000-99 Escalade 4 W/D 165/225 2006-03 Escalade ESV 177/240 2006-02 Escalade EXT 4 W/D 177/240 1992 Fleetwood 107/145 Mounting Instructions (Set-Screw) 1. Nuts. (2)Tighten the nut to 200 ft-lbs. 212. NOTE: The specifications of AN can be applied for KM. 5 times the nominal diameter. Do not use a power tool. May 12, 2011 · So the bearing ID and seal ID can be larger than the end nut thread would otherwise dictate. Jun 22, 2020 · Adjusting Nut Lock Bolt (2) Backing Plate-To-Axle Housing Nut. Mar 08, 2017 · Snug locking nut by hand on each bearing noting the hold-down bolt hole position. Overview; Nov 01, 2018 · Some images of the assembly. Design dimensions fit standard Type BK or BK1 end machining. 888-12 The chart below shows dimensions for locknuts and lockwashers used in the mounting of straight bore bearings on shafts. Place the Bearing on the […] Does any one have the major and minor diameters for cutting a bearing lock nut thread on a shaft to suit a AN-24 bearing lock nut? Or point to a chart. Also, if you have the factory part number, that would be a big help. Correct mounting Bearing driven up the correct distance and the right clearance is achieved. 967-18 in Thread Size, 2-11/16 in OD, 2. The bearing preload is adjusted by tightening the axle nut down against two cone-shaped bearings. Contact Email: This email address will not be posted publicly. They are available in industry standard locknut sizes from N00-N14. 22. Refer to Figure 1. ABMA Lock-Nut Number Minimum Value of Major Thread Diameter Threads per inch Outside Diameter, D Maximum Thickness, W Jan 07, 2017 · Nylon Collar Lock Nuts. 14. 22. LOCK NUT SEAL SEAL SPACER ANGULAR CONTACT BEARINGS SEAL SPACER SEAL LOCK NUT SPACER SPACER ANGULAR CONTACT BEARINGS FK Bearing Support (1), (2) The base mounted BK Bearing Support contains an angular contact bearing pair for increased stiffness and axial load capacity. Bend one tab on the lock washer back over an adjusting nut edge, and bend another forward over a lock nut edge. D6. I can mock up the puller assembly tomorrow and snap a photo. 5, and outer diameters of 18 to 70 mm. The method to repack bearing cones is as follows: 1. Back nut off again maximum 3/8 turn to align washer. 1 (A) Tighten the nut to 100 ft-lbs. They are commonly used in conjunction with suitable tab washers to securely locate bearings and other components onto a shaft. Flange Locknuts are available in Center, Oval and Top Locknut designs with large bearing surface. Search Car Torque Specifications by Engine or Model 21 - Nut, Tie Rod 22 - Pin, Cotter Tie Rod 23 - Tube, Cross 24 - Bolt, Tie Rod Clamp 25 - Nut, Tie Rod Clamp 26 - Clamp, Tie Rod 27 - Tie Rod End 28 - Grease Fitting 29 - Arm, Tie Rod 30 - Pin, Spindle Cotter 31 - Spindle Nut, Inner 32 - Nut, Spindle Lock Washer 33 - Spindle Nut, Outer 34 - Washer, Bearing Retainer 35 - Nut, Slotted Spindle Apr 13, 2014 · For installation the bearings are prelubed, the hub filled with gear oil and the inner nut installed to adjust the wheel bearings. KMF and KM(L). Nut. A low-profile lock nut is hex shaped, internally threaded with a nylon insert. pressure wax as supplied on high strength nuts) = . Metric hex nut dimensions sizes chart according to ISO 4032. The values shown in the chart are to be used as a mid- Enlarging the fastener-head bearing diameter by 35%, say by replacing a standard hex-head fastener with a hex-flange-head, cuts bolt tension by 8% for a given torque. Now turn the hub ten revolutions. Spanner. 13. Unlike prevailing torque tyes, this bearing lock nut does not lock onto mating threads. The oversized flange diameter spans oversized holes and elongated slots. Washer AW. Lock the nut in position. KM, KML, HM . 0 2 448 Locking ring for wedge 03. Toothed lock washers are of spring steel, with plain finish, and fit the assortment of lock nut sizes. The runout of the bearing face to the pitch diameter of the threads has a one revolution total indicator reading of no greater than: 25 Microns (. The seal I referred to is indicated by pencil in 2110 photo. ranges have eight grooves on their outer diameter and eight thread bores for securing a locking clip. n-00 series shaft dimensions inch design / for ball bearings and cylindrical, spherical and tapered roller bearings major dia. (68 N . Motionindustries. Then, back off the inner nut again 3/8 turn maximum. Each locking clip should be securely fastened to the nut body and have a rivet that passes through the top of the locking clip body. Seating Torque [Loading Torque, Tightening Torque] A value of torque typically measured in “inch-pounds” applied to a fastener to induce a compressive load under the head bearing surface that results in creating an axial load (pre-load). (6) Nylon locking element temperature limit is 250˚ F / 120˚ C. Double Jam Nut Systems Torque the inner spindle nut to 300 ft. Bearing locknuts possess a different appearance from traditional hex lock nuts. Lock nut N06-SKF IN STOCK, dim : Ø int. They are used to locate bearings and other components onto a shaft as well as to facilitate mounting bearings on tapered journals and dismounting bearings from withdrawal sleeves Lock Nuts. Loosen lockscrews in adapter nuts and to prevent damage to adapter. Spin hub right 4-5 rotations; Spin hub left 4-5 rotations; Torque spindle nut to ~21 ft. SURFACE-BEARING - a free spinning nut that requires tightening against a bearing surface in order for the locking mechanism to function. Browse Metric Locknut in the The Timken Company catalog including Part Number,Thread D1,D3,D4,Bn,Lockwasher,Suitable Lockplate No. Definitions of terms are located below the chart. bearing lock nut chart

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