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9. 440xx update: If you have something which supports driver series 440xx then you should switch to video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-440xx-prime and ignore this guide (unless you want to use only the dGPU FS#46870 - [cogl] 1. Okay so I'm still a noob when it comes to manjaro and Linux. 2. Unless you are familiar with Arch or want to find a way to set up a server, this can be a bit annoying. After a fresh check this part: https://wiki. Renaming xorg. 2 nvidia drivers 346. There is a remote possibility that dust, dirt, etc. g. 3. Running: Arch / linux-lts / nvidia-lts 375. The backlight on my monitor also turns off (fades out), so I'm guessing that nothing is being displayed at all, even a black screen. 8 Cursor jerking/flicking when changing roles (e. Log. 4. I had access to TTY. I have a laptop with a hybrid Intel/nvidia card and I installed optimus-manager-qt to be able to switch between nvidia and Intel but I accidentally put the boot with nvidia option and now I can't boot and there's just a black screen. 0-58 generic) -Nvidia-smi 381. Sleeping goes normally, but on resume with nvidia driver (173xx) I see black screen and can't use keyboard, with nouveau driver my monitor hasn't any video signal. The repository contains 2571 tools. This may be caused by a conflict between the graphics modules. I tryd with uefi and But to be honest, how needs a splash screen and why booting quite if you have issues to fix. 0 shows: [ 12. 8/450. It finally turned out to be the monitor itself ! You might want to see if you can borrow a monitor for an hour or so, just to rule it out. So I actually don't know how to fix it. Arch Linux needs involved leadership to make hard decisions and direct the project where it needs to go. I have a NVIDIA 6200 graphics card. Mar 06, 2020 · The latest versions of Xorg, kernel, and NVIDIA driver all support PRIME output but setting this up is a bit of a faff. Go to the Storage settings and add Arch Linux ISO image to the virtual optical drive before starting virtual machine, or you will be dropped into UEFI shell. 47 Ubuntu 14. Today I decided to change boot order to try something in a USB stick, but after restart the screen just went black. 0-3 -> 0. Log into your system. 28 May 2020 6 Modprobe Error: "Could not insert 'nvidia': No such device" on linux >=4. - Run wine sodpatcher Hi, I can confirm the issue with 355. BlackArch Linux is compatible with existing Arch installs. Installing Arch Linux on laptop and how to make it usable¶ In this tutorial I’d like to cover all steps from installing Arch Linux OS to stable, secure, and working system with working Wi-Fi, windows manager (i3) etc. 04, and of course along the way I've run into the black screen Nov 13, 2018 · Next is the strange and inconsistent graphics driver picture. Issue solved, got my verbose boot, the ability to enter my full-disk encryption password and use the NVIDIA driver which gave me my three screens back. Intel HD 4000) and have installed the nvidia package, you may experience a black screen on boot, when changing virtual terminal, or when exiting an X session. Any pointers in the right direction are highly appreciated. 2, with a patch applied for kernel 4. 8. It stop at "Message received from greeter: Connect". 22. @deadlyRants. For those systems with proprietary video drivers, such as NVIDIA, the process is not as easy. I can't find what to do from Apr 07, 2017 · If you have an Intel CPU with an integrated GPU (e. I did use PRIME to run some applications on DGPU and they work fine, so at least the nvidia card itself must be working fine. For more information, see the installation instructions . May 08, 2014 · Black screen with NVIDIA drivers. Jul 21, 2020 · I haven’t really encountered any graphical issues. Low makes it so you can at least play the game, but you might have a headache Hello. modeset=1, see example: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash nvidia-drm. Oct 26, 2016 · The first package: nvidia-current resulted in a black screen after reboot, which may be related to the reason the Arch Linux installer previously ended in a black screen too. 20, 3. 0-2 hitting a bit of an issue, may be related to having multiple monitors but not too sure. For all Linux users there are times when you want to update the Linux Kernel. Current Problem: For those unaware, NVIDIA Optimus is a technology that allows integrated Intel graphics and a discrete NVIDIA graphics card to be built into the same computer (generally a laptop) and switch between the two on-demand. 4 Sound problems. I get a black screen when rebooting. Don't worry, there is a way to fix this problem. 0-ubuntu33 nvidia sgfxi is a self-updating nvidia, ati/amd fglrx, and xorg free driver installer and xorg configuration script written for originally for Debian, but since expanded to also include support for Ubuntu and Arch Linux systems. This message has been forwarded from Arch Linux Forums: Suspending the laptop is not the issue I am experiencing but waking the laptop after suspension is what breaks. Now, after updating nvidia drivers to v340, he shows me logo of KCHAMP and after it Apr 18, 2018 · Linux Distro: Arch Linux 4. Mar 12, 2017 · FIX: DISABLE KILLCAM Using: https://lutris. 2 5. d directory, when a sufficiently new X server is detected, to cause the X server to load the "nvidia" X driver automatically if it is started after the NVIDIA kernel module is loaded. 95Hz (the monitor native resolution) the display area goes outside of the screen and then the monitor tries to auto-adjust itself but it fails. 7. 441] (EE) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Failed to tear down EVO channel Linux chromebook 3. gz (140 KB) PS I previously asked how to fix a screen tearing issue but it looks like simply putting nvidia-drm. 3 MATE, GTX 570 SC with nVidia drivers. I can quit weston using Ctrl Alt backspace but nothing else. If you’re new to this or looking for a suggestion, XFCE is a fantastic place to start. 51 (buildmeister@swio-display-x86-rhel47-06. 15. log. 04, the machine freezes to a black screen at the end of the boot process, and the only way of getting it out of there is for holding the power button. I have a ASUS Nvidia GTX470 tha had exactly the same Freeze black Screen Crash problems sometimes On Windows 7 64 bits and windows Vista 32 Bits. 6. php/NVIDIA_Optimus done that almost to the letter keeping in mind SDDM. I have a Thinkpad X1 extreme with an Intel and NVIDIA video chip and hybrid graphics. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. FYI I'm using a Nvidia GeForce 920mx GPU on my laptop with Nvidia packages for the driver. 0. It made installing Arch Linux a breeze with having this along with the beginner guide. xz) I'm new in Linux. 04. This newest model, the 3rd free up, changed into to be had April 11 with graphical set up choices and preconfigured desktop environments. 26 so we are covered) is to activate KMS, this is done by editing your /etc/default/grub file and editing the following line to add nvidia-drm. I guess I'll just check in here. Normally, after about 2 seconds (after the rockchip driver loads) the screen turns on and the boot process continues. gdm black screen possible solution for everyone who's using gnome/gdm and facing blackscreen with 'startx' and 'systemctl start gdm' , just force it to use xorg i. It has a built-in Arch Linux wiki, so that the users can browse through any pages on the Arch Wiki page. GeForce GTX 660 graphics card NVIDIA driver 440. If Kernel Mode Setting (KMS) is inhibiting your graphics card from working properly, you can disable it by appending radeon. conf, for some reason nvidia-xconfig command doesn't work properly; in /var/log/Xorg. The problem is, that if i reboot, at the point where i am supposed to enter my passphrase the screen turns black. Performance could be better I guess but I do get 40-60fps in 1440p everything maxed so it's certainly playable. After upgrading to Ubuntu Gutsy it doesn't work anymore, but pressing Fn+F3 (blank screen) and Fn (restore display) works. I was pretty much using my successful 4. They have decided to form a good relationship with Nvidia fans and Nvidia itself. Installed nvidia (and nvidia-utils as dep), ran nvidia-xconfig, rebooted, got black screen with cursor. One of the biggest offenders in causing screen tearing is also the most popular GPU manufacturer on Linux, NVIDIA. Now, it launches to that black screen everytime. 12 Make sure the Target package set in this hook is the one you've installed in steps above (e. This is one thing that running Linux in a Virtual Machine really doesn’t allow you to do (pass a GPU through a VM), as far as I know. Get the latest versions of Chameleon (Enoch) or Clover from Downloads here and install one of them. Ctrl+Alt+F2), and blindly log in as root. modeset=0 to the grub line. Aug 09, 2015 · Hi guys , i want to install ubuntu 14. I suspect the issue is related to the Nvidia graphic drivers but I am unable to fix it by myself. 19, 3. I use NVidia Proprietary Drivers to run my Graphics card Sep 29, 2016 · Arch Linux configuration consisting of 8 monitors across dual GPUs. Additional info: * NVIDIA version 367. Also seeing the exact same problem. 26-1 nvidia-settings 430. ) nvidia G94glm, driver nouveou, Display Server: Xorg 1. Your argument is a bit off - this isn't about Nvidia wanting to use "Free software" in their "closed source programmes", it's about Nvidia wanting to use an advertised feature of the Linux kernel platform to enhance performance *on Linux*. 3. 7 config but like you I'm just getting a black screen. Jun 27, 2020 · Pacman-based Linux distributions such as Arch Linux, Manjaro, etc use the Pacman package manager to install, remove, or manage software packages on them. 19. I've installed: xf86-video-intel; xf86-video-vesa; bumblebee; bbswitch; lightdm; i3wm; This is the xorg conf I'm using: Hi all! I have a problem with suspend on my laptop. I tried to launch Shockshell - always black screen appears. The screen goes black and my GPU fan comes on at full speed, then the laptop reboots after a few seconds. Kernel: 4. I just installed Arch from a live cd, set up network, installed wifi  Whenever I boot into my Arch Linux system, it gives me a black screen. , when mousing over hyperlinks) 6. 04 for years, and even though I tried all the above answers, I couldn't get any of the Nvidia drivers to support screen dimming on my Macbook Pro 5,5. My problem is that I can't see anything on monitor until OS booted. 10 everything worked fine. Choose the first option so we can install Arch Linux in UEFI mode. somogyicosmin 20 This would happen rather quickly and just before crashing would see a black screen with some purple / green lines in a thinish bar (maybe 25-50 pixels big) across the screen and then the monitor would stop receiving a signal. First, it's a DRM issue. 6 Screen tearing with NVIDIA; 6. i did a hard reboot and that was my first experience getting a black screen after the hard reboot. You can install tools individually or in groups. so my laptop was running windows 10 when it froze. 10 ships with 3. Mar 19, 2019 · After the above steps, I have rebooted the system. conf file to something like xorg. Feb 09, 2016 · Arch anywhere has a graphical installer script that allows the users to easily install Arch Linux with a simple menu system. pkg. Basically that. This is since latest kernel update. php/NVIDIA , however i got black screen after rebooting. Chris Bailey, Arch Linux - daily, on more than 10 . I found the solution, you need to add the kernel parameter ‘nomodeset’ before it boots and it works like a charm. Greeter start normally, Pam do her thing and open a session for sddm uid=0, successfully started session. Since today my Laptop gets stuck on a black screen with a flashing underscore on boot. I also tried installing the proprietary drivers from NVIDIA's website with the same results. 0x0000053A. i searched, but i could not find anything. " I don't know what that means. The issue started occurring after a kernel update to Linux 3. 3 , i created bootable usb using unetbootin and win32diskimager, both resulting in the same black screen, i can boot to the usb (the menu) but when i press try ubuntu or install ubuntu monitor goes offline (may be GPU compatibility). Now you can launch the game, but graphic options in the configuration panel are broken (and there is no text file to change them manually) and some textures are missing (black). 036] Kernel command line: console=ttyO0,115200n8 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rw rootfstype=ext4 rootwait fixrtc May 13, 2018 · Hi, i tried out some lower display-resolutions for a notebook. For instance This mini-HOWTO is about how to install the OpenGL drivers for Nvidia graphics cards on Linux. 04" OBS 0. archlinux. Update: I'm now getting a nice KDE-looking warning box on the black screen that says "Plasma is unable to start as it couldn't correctly use OpenGL 2. If you have installed an update of Nvidia and your screen stays black after launching Xorg, or if shutting down Xorg causes a machine poweroff, try the below workarounds: Prepend "xrandr --auto" to your xinitrc; Use the rcutree. 1 Switch to Intel integrated GPU and turn off discrete Nvidia GPU 3. 22 Bug report included. Installing NVIDIA drivers on Arch Linux is quite simple and easy. TTYs other than 7th work fine. Dunno if it can help. 04 (4. Use the installation media chroot in. xinitrc. @deadlyRants I posted a bug in my linux distro but they said they can't do anything because this is a closed source driver. After installing nvidia-prime, I got a black screen and could not log into my Manjaro KDE. Quick Workaround for R61 (at least 8918-5QG) using NVidia Use Vesa driver instead of the proprietary NVidia driver. d/blacklist-nvidia. Technical Issues and Assistance. 30-2-x86_64. 48-9 Both AppImage and self-compiled from current master branch (6675). Well, not anymore. This also applies to other Pacman based Linux distributions. But now xfce has a black screen and i cannot change the resolution back. 2 (rev a1) tested distributions: Arch Linux kernel 3. Keyboards and mouse are still working during black screen, I can see the operations after the monitor works again. Weston-launch seems to start correctly but the weston interface doesn't show up, the output is only a black screen. The use of nvidia-settings made this very painless, I suggest you use it as well if you’re using Nvidia cards. Here are my steps and results (I am a total newbie to Linux and Arch, so forgive me if I'm not technically precise -- I'm willing to learn! ) 1. Posts and videos that talk about it are all posted between Sept and Dec of last year. We move the configs to our home directory. Jul 10, 2013 · G75VW Black screen (no BIOS) After BIOS update [solved] NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB (GP104) OC @ +200/+800 w/Custom VBIOS Windows 10 Pro x64 / Arch Linux w "Black screen" live cd If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Aug 27, 2016 · with difficult i can login in second screen/terminal, and from here, if I launch the command rm /etc/X11/xorg. It’s a tried-and-true Linux desktop that’s light on resources while still providing a complete desktop experience. Most of the drivers worked out of the box, I just had too look for the chipset drivers (nforce) and the driver for the Nvidia Go 6150 display adapter.  Other users reported nvidia-364 working, and they were right. Arch Linux, Nvidia GTX 970. Was wondering if someone knew what that was all about and if they had a solution. iwlist interface scan | less Reports and other information for PLANET ALPHA. By creating a separate installation media that is dedicated for providing support to Nvidia's graphics cards. 14-1 libvdpau 1. For Manjaro KDE users (others ignore at this point): Sep 23, 2019 · Computer boots to black screen after using Nvidia PRIME. Screen flickering. question · troubleshooting . I have an NVIDIA chipset with the newest NVIDIA driver installed/configured etc. 8. 7-arch1-1-ARCH; I have to use DisplayPort connection, because my GPU can provide 144 Hz frequency only thru this connection. In KDE's lock screen it is also possible to use either password or fingerprint, this can be done by adding the following to the top of the auth section: /etc/pam. Display port black screen after update. Rebooted and made sure XFCE ran with new driver. Then I close and open the lid and boom it's working fine. Jun 14, 2019 · The default Arch install doesn’t come with a graphical desktop because Arch gives you the power to choose your own. But when GRUB loaded I can see black screen with backlight. I installed the xorg packages and the nvidia drivers (I have a 560ti). sudo pacman -S nvidia nvidia-libgl lib32-nvidia-libgl nvidia-settings. conf When an application is rendered with the discrete card, it only renders a black screen In some cases PRIME needs a composition manager to properly work. Installing arch Yesterday I tried openSuSE 11, Fedora 9 and Arch Linux and same thing happened with nvidia drivers. When I push space or enter in order to wake up I get black screen. d/kde 6. if I try ctrl+alt+f1 nothing happens. 1 No Arch linux boot goes into black screen on laptop with Intel HD onboard graphics 2 (Arch Linux) XOrg won't work (black screen and/or no backlight) after installing nvidia drivers if I add nvidia-drm. 18-37-ARCH #1 SMP Sun Nov 20 16:29:56 CET 2016 armv7l GNU/Linux I got the laptop with Arch. This has been working well, but the boot time of 17s bothered me, so I removed the auto-login and tried running the emulator using a systemd service. After this change, I would restart the computer, and I would be presented with a login But the screen remains simply black. For the last 2 days I've been trying to install KDE Plasma on Arch Linux (I will get to the Manjaro point, okay). org/index. Currently, if I plug a tv cable into it, it is recognized correctly by xrandr and KDE's system settings app, I can change the resolution (tv shows it when it changes), but no matter what I do, it just stays a black screen. All my current configs are in this repository. Actual behavior - While I was writing this message, I went to keyboard layout options, and the OS crashed, it went back to login screen twice (I was on the same window each time, it showed nvidia black screen, then the login screen) - No audio (I only have a device named "Dummy audio input/output", you seem to have audio, can you confirm that?) 概要. 2-1 I've not installed any nvidia package using AUR. Click Manage 3D Settings. I'm new in Linux. Persona 5 installs properly on initial startup but becomes a black screen right afterwards. config and rebooting worked for me. 04 kernel 3. I just installed the nvidia drivers (nvidia, $ nvidia-libgl). always black screen appears. I have a Dell XPS 15 9570 that I just updated to linux kernel 5 and when I reboot, the built in screen just blinks and doesn't respond to switching to the terminal with Alt-F2. Find out how well this game works with Proton and Steam Play. I ran mkinitcpio -P after installing Nvidia drivers and new Linux Kernel. Aug 12, 2015 · Nvidia Go 6150 (now black screen using Windows 7 driver) in Graphic Cards Hello Folks, I've set up Windows 10 (64-bit) on an elderly HP tablet PC (tx1410us). Now, after updating nvidia drivers to v340, he shows me logo of KCHAMP and after it Hello. So I removed all three parameters, run “update-grub” again and rebooted. net/games/overwatch/ Setup: GTX 970, Ubuntu 16. Jul 20, 2020 · I've recently set up my Macbook Air (late 2010) to dual-boot OS 10. I try to install arch linux but when i boot i can see the arch menu and i choose "boot on arch linux" then it run command normaly and after a time i have a black screen with a white cursor. First we break our system. 14-1 libxnvctrl 430. conf /etc/modprobe. Dec 20, 2016 · hey guys. Ask Question Asked 4 years, 2 months ago. On Ubuntu 15. tar. Screen is largely black, but has extreme triangular tearing. The default Arch settings do not come with a graphical desktop because Arch gives you the ability to choose. Aug 09, 2013 · This will actually install bumblebee. 82 Wine Staging 5. From here, I would access the the TTY Terminal to change the name of the xorg. Shall I install Display server xorg after or before the installation of Nvidia drivers?? What is the proper way to configure xorg and Nvidia? When I give the startx command it is showing black screen. xrandr --setprovideroutputsource modesetting NVIDIA-0 xrandr --auto Now reboot to load the drivers, and X should start. gz or . A rolling release distro featuring a user-friendly installer, tested updates and a community of friendly users for support. upall. Starting X only gives a black screen, even if started with options · xorg arch-linux amd-catalyst. Jun 07, 2014 · Strangely enough, after many hair-pulling software and driver changes, the black screen, raster dots, etc. There is also the option of running memtest, "Hardware Information", "Boot existing OS" and reboot and power-off. modeset=1" I've been playing BL2 for a bit on Arch. Boots and goes into black screen. Additionally I was  28 Apr 2017 #!/bin/sh xrandr --setprovideroutputsource modesetting NVIDIA-0 -If at any time you get a blank black screen, ctrl+alt+f4 will drop you to tty  Black screen after resuming from suspension after upgrading sddm to So I got an Intel-Nvidia system, with the proprietary driver, bumblebee and primus install. Ran pacman -Syu last night, went to turn on my laptop this  16 Aug 2018 I made the switch to ArchLabs after getting fed up after finding out the amount of privacy related stuff in windows 10. 16: Slade901: Linux - Software: 2: 08-16-2006 02:33 PM: Black screen when booting new 2. Jan 26, 2017 · Installing Arch Linux is not a piece of cake for everyone, especially for the newbies. However, after the upgrade, the screen simply does not turn on. It works with Nouveau drivers, or Intel Integrated Graphics (with SDDM). You need to replace the original . I have 4 monitors with the 3rd (LTR) being the primary/where the login typically displays, upon starting the 1st monitor displays correctly (just the typical plasma SDDM background but no prompt) however monitors 2,3,4 are all black. 6. Have to force close the program to exit. 01 32bit. 26-2 nvidia-utils 430. config file created by nvidia-xconfig: version 304. x xorg = "black screen" khermans: Linux - Hardware: 4: 04-10-2005 08:28 AM: HP nx9105 With Latest Nvidia = Black Screen: c3nturion: Linux - Laptop and Netbook: 6: 02-03-2005 02:06 PM: Nvidia Black Screen (hsync out of If the screen goes black, you may still attempt to switch to a different virtual console (e. 7 support, but if I install 370. Now, after updating nvidia drivers to v340, he Manjaro is a GNU/Linux distribution based on Arch. console in (boot with "" kernel option) and Xorg. org/ index. nvidia. You will end your first install (and/or reboot procedure), with a black screen after several normal messages or disk activity just before getting the normal user prompt (it will never come out). 35-r1 on kernel 4. Booted up a Deepin Session and initially I had the same black screen as with the nouveau driver. The last major hurdle that I have to clear appears to be the monitor/video card on my laptop. Scanning Network. d/kde. Active 1 year, 8 months ago. Suspending with nvidia and killed X server from tty1 after resume I see black screen again, but I can by touch run startx and I have my desktop. Removing the enable_fbc=1 option fixes this issue. 04 and I now have this same problem. Now start your virtual machine. Feb 12, 2020 · In this Linux talk I fixed my Linux Screen Tearing / Flickering issue where my screen would flicker and tear while I was recording videos. Jan 07, 2015 · Previous Arch Linux installation on a Desktop, Laptop or Netbook with a working Internet connection. After I reboot, my screen is black. The program runs but nothing shows up in the VR Headset. You can do this by typing root (press Enter after typing it) and entering the root password (again, press Enter after typing it). The "bumblebee-nvidia" package contains the shell "wrapper" script, init scripts to run it at bootup, and a SELinux security policy, and lastly a copy of the NVidia Linux binary driver "blob" downloaded from NVidia's UNIX drivers page. update. 036] Current Operating System: Linux alarm 3. The laptop wakes up to a black screen without a functioning system, not even CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE works. We already have written about installing Budgie, Deepin, MATE DEs in Arch linux. pacman -S mate mate-extra And also lightdm. bash_login. Run the command to know the name of your network interface – iwconfig. When I now execute startx only a black screen appears, but no errors are printed in the /var/log/Xorg. I figured out by mistake that the system goes into suspend even before closing the lid after about a minute of waiting. I can hear the movies playing and if I click or press a key it will skip it. Installs on most Linux distros. Tried with dxvk-bin and dxvk-git packages from aur. Arch Linux : no screen found with nvidia graphics card. midfingr 60,735 how to add nomodeset at boot and what to do after you boot into a black screen with a dot - Duration: 9:23. The black screen during scree sharing could be caused by automatically switching graphic card (such as an Nvidia card). Hi! Yesterday I installed the proprietary driver for my Nvidia GeForce G105M and after I had reboot the screeen turned black. Why or how do I fix it? 3 Answers. php/Bumblebee#  8 May 2013 Distro is Arch x64 with testing repo (xrandr 1. conf) update the initrd (sudo update-initramfs -u) reboot If this doesn’t resolve the issue, please create a new nvidia-bug-report. But, FINALLY, through the tools created by the community, I have been able to get my Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 Graphics Dock (GTX 1050 Mobile) working with my Arch install on an X1 Carbon 6th Gen. com) was causing the problem. Now, after updating nvidia drivers to v340, he I confirm that IgnoreABI is freezing my computer with black screen, with no way to switch to a TTY. Please help (I can disable the nvidia driver and use ubuntu without it, but it takes the whole point of using it) Okay so I'm still a noob when it comes to manjaro and Linux. Hello, I am rather new to Linux and POP OS as a whole. pacman -S lightdm lightdm-gtk-greeter So far so good. Computer uses nvidia optimus. It may even happen with the installation CD/DVD of some new distributions (Mint Mate 16, 17) NVIDIA 400 SERIES BLACK SCREEN FREEZE AND CRASH Well maybe its too soon for me to speak but here are my results. With this latest release of the NVIDIA drivers, Arch Linux boots up and loads `startx` with a black screen. The non-free option will load the proprietary Nvidia drivers. 11 Jan 2020 Almost certain it's something to do with discrete/integrated Nvidia and Intel GPUs. move the mouse across each to make sure they're in the right order! if they're not, go to the previous step and switch them around in the server layout. Here is a small tutorial to revert to 1. Note: The complication in the Exec line above is in order to avoid running mkinitcpio multiple times if both nvidia and linux get updated. I can see the Linux Mint logo and the progress bar for booting up but after that the screen is black. Jun 17, 2019 · You have just installed Arch, started your new system, and have a black terminal screen. 8 I followed the various guides that I've seen on the forums. Resuming after first hibernation works just fine. modeset=1 in GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT solved the issue, without the need to follow the other instructions on the arch wiki. After completing, run the following command to install the latest 32-bit version of the driver (IMPORTANT for playing Steam games). ) when I install the Nvidia Drivers the screens do not come up at the GDM login page, and attempting to login to a Gnome on Xorg session results in a login loop. pacman -S xorg-server xorg-server-utils pacman -S nvidia nvidia-libgl nvidia-settings Then i installed my DE. The xorg. 2 Keeping the discrete GPU off at boot 3. 1. Open the Nvidia Control Panel in the Windows Control Panel. System: Processor: AMD E1-2500 APU with Radeon(TM) HD Graphics Physical Memory: 3219MB Total Kernel Version: Linux 4. If your display dpi is not correct add the following line: xrandr --dpi 96 If you get a black screen when starting X, make sure that there are no ampersands after the two xrandr commands in ~/. conf Jul 01, 2004 · Black screen after installing nVidia driver: GardarS: Linux - Newbie: 1: 06-23-2005 05:28 PM: nvidia 7174 widescreen laptop 2. What is the difference between nomodeset and Nvidia-drm. Occasionally the emulator will randomly crash, and there are certain areas or menus of a game that will cause a black screen. skel. If your window manager doesn’t do compositing, you can use xcompmgr on top of it. Only getting a black screen on the monitor. Arch anywhere is made for especially for beginners, and of course as well as for advanced users too. @ctag Unfortunately, nvidia-prime did not work for me. This is solved by blacklisting the Intel GPU modules. 16. persisted. Viewed 12k times 1. $ sudo pacman –Syu upgrade to latest nvidia, after reboot get only a black screen. after installing the NVidia driver, it would black screen. 19 version: 1) Download and unzip one of the files at this page (. What follows is a method to get this working on an Optimus-enabled laptop. 164. When I first tried to launch it it gave a black screen so I just closed it and restarted and it worked. When I then, again hibernate, the second resume ends in a black screen with mouse cursor. Jul 10, 2013 · G75VW Black screen (no BIOS) After BIOS update [solved] So today I tried to update My G75VW's BIOS to the latest version, and after the first reboot everything was fine, but then I tried to install the new VIA HD Audio driver, and this time, when I tried to reboot, computer did not boot. Posted by ABOhiccups: “Unable update / install Nvidia LTS Driver for Arch Linux” 2017 Shield TV - Repeated Black Screen During Video. It is valid if you are running Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 prior to version 1903. I have a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GPU. " 'bumblebee-nvidia' is both a rpm package and a shell script. The task is an easy one when using a program like UKUU. Now, after updating nvidia drivers to v340, he shows me logo of KCHAMP and after it After the base installation of arch linux. With open source dirvers ("nv") this doesn't happen. But, as these things often go, my involvement has slid down to minimal levels over time. SDDM greeter shows up, I login, KDE Plasma and all previously open apps show up again. My system (Gentoo ~amd64) is working fine with 367. It will go out momentarily as if switching modes, then come back to the mouse cursor on top a black screen. . conf. conf automatically take me back on 1st screen and start GUI So the problem should be in the Xorg. sudo pacman -S nvidia-340xx Apr 26, 2016 · I updated my laptop to Ubuntu 16. Without leaving the “ black screen ” make the deletion the driver from your favorite Linux Mint OS: 1. Jul 27, 2012 · Arch Linux (blank screen) - Duration: 2:41. I can get it out of this by attaching a monitor to the HDMI port and then I get a screen on that monitor (and the built it stops blinking, but still doesn't show anything). Visually what I was setting up as 2 screens, one for the first GPU and another for the second. Run the command – ip link set interface up. 20 / kde / kwin / sddm / x11 GTX 970 (Also happens on the current arch kernel, it is not limited to the lts kernel) I will post a stacktrace as soon as I get home. Nvidia GeForce 610m 2GB Hard disk 750 gb + 2 tera Nvidia optimus support Sep 30, 2016 · Everytime it was turned on the screen would black out and I would have to hard reset the machine and manually remove the settings. 11: I'm running Archlinux x86_64 on a desktop with two Nvidia GTX 550 in SLI mode, with only one monitor connected to the VGA port of the first card: using a resolution higher than or equal to 1680x1650 at 59. I’ve been with Arch for some time, taking the leadership of this beast over from Judd back in 2007. bkp. 10. 21-Mar-2015 - Fully re-written due to new information coming in: Possible side effects After clicking Ctrl-U at the boot screen, the screen goes black. I made a video demonstrating the issue at ultra detail, and low detail. Ignore my previous borked rating: shader compilation in first loading screen took half forever and I thought it crashed. Expected behavior. When I open the game with Proton w/ D9VK the game opens to a black screen and the menu music starts playing. 10 with Ubuntu 16. It also doesn’t install nvidia-prime (sudo apt install nvidia-prime) switch to nvidia (sudo prime-select nvidia) remove stray blacklist files (sudo rm /lib/modprobe. Game-Ready Drivers Black screen on systems with Intel integrated GPU. That was fine. 0-21-generic Distribution: "Ubuntu" "16. Jul 03, 2020 · If you see an empty black screen or a black screen with a blinking cursor, try switching back to an empty TTY (with Ctrl+Alt+F5 for instance), then back to TTY1 with Ctrl+Alt+F1 6. 16 Nov 2017 If you encounter a black screen during your screen share meeting, follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue. Arch Linux (blank screen) - Duration When using the gl Video Driver in RetroArch on Linux with the Nvidia proprietary drivers, if threaded video is enabled RetroArch will segfault on startup and only show a black screen. 166 black screen on boot by ramsey » Wed Feb 20, 2019 4:51 pm In case anyone is still running into this problem, here is the tarball and signature for 4. modeset=0. 9 Unusable screen resolution set; 6. Feel free to inspire from them (as I did from others). logging in with wayland works, but the screens are still blank, and nvidia settings can’t see the graphics card, yet nvidia-smi does show my card detected, out put below: I made an initrd to include the ply-image binary and loading screen, and the emulator was started using auto-login and a script in . Jun 14, 2019 · The following packages (and their respective versions) are currently installed and linked to nvidia, all of them installed from Arch repo: nvidia 430. 8 14 Xorg fails to load or Red Screen of Death; 15 Black screen on  28 Nov 2017 I then installed the nvidia driver, blacklisted nouveau and ran nvidia-xconfig and nvidia-modprobe, rebooted and I arrived on a black screen. 14. 5 Graphic artifacting under b43-firmware May 02, 2020 · EndeavourOS is a rolling free up Arch Linux-based distribution with some at hand new options that support the consumer enjoy. After z0z0z/mf-install tweak, game runs fine and everything seems to work. 10 64 bits, Driver nvidia-375 Overwatch is on all low settings, 75% render Mar 03, 2015 · Try to boot with GraphicsEnabler=Yes (Inject NVDA with Clover). 7 and 3. If I leave it long enough, I'll get a socket closed. I already tried : Re-  14 Jun 2019 on my computer, I followed the tutorial provided here: https://wiki. The video output of a Windows guest in VirtualBox sometimes hangs until the host forces a screen update (e. Now, after updating nvidia drivers to v340, he TOPIC: LWKS on Arch Linux: Starts with blank / black screen, must press ALT+F4 to exit. Which means all of the same issues, though one Youtube video showcased Arch Linux and he said USB devices worked but WiFi, BT, etc did not. Aug 03, 2017 · NVIDIA drivers: this does not apply to my laptop, but I would like to figure out how I can get the best drivers in Arch Linux for my NVIDIA GPU on my desktop machine. Look if the gfx card starts working after rewake. 17 kernel: Chikne: Linux - Kernel: 7: 07-28-2006 07:38 AM: Startx results in a black screen with VGA It is actually part of the installation procedure from Arch Linux and that tutorial can be found here. In this article, we will discuss installing and removing software packages from the command line in Arch Linux and Manjaro. This same technology is also the cause of Linus Torvalds' infamous 'finger' gesture directed at NVIDIA themselves. Jan 30, 2019 · Arch Linux (blank screen) - Duration: 2:41. Arch Linux and ArcoLinux packages will be updated. Hi all, I was able to get it running with latest Arch (5. Mar 09, 2008 · Monitor goes black at screen saver/power save and won't come back. i am having an issue after getting the nvidia gtx870m driver installed / trying to install the driver on my laptop with a fresh windows 10 install. The image can be burned to a CD, mounted as an ISO file, or be directly written to a USB stick using a utility like dd. Hi folks those of you using Linux VM's -there's an excellent Free pdf reader (works better than using built in reader in Edge on Windows) called OKULAR. I've got an Nvidia card with Nouveau and nouveau-fw from the arch user repository and the latest mesa packages and KMS enabled. Can load to character select, then get a black screen. Fedora and OpenSUSE. dzme Nvidia - UEFI - Clover And a requirement for Wayland on NVidia (you need at least Gnome 3. 10 Blurry icons in system tray; 6. sudo pacman -S nvidia nvidia-utils lib32-nvidia-utils nvidia-settings sudo nvidia-xconfig (reboot right here) (find that screen goes black and the backlight off when I switch to TTY7 / x) (switch to tty2) sudo modprobe nvidia (no output, things still don't work) sudo prime-select nvidia (apparently prime-select doesn't exist on my system for Arch Linux Downloads Release Info. Re: [SOLVED] Black screen after install nvidia driver & reboot. Log in to a virtual console by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F1. Jan 14, 2019 · OS: Arch Linux Ryzen Threadripper 2950X Processor Meg x399 Creation motherboard NVIDIA GTX 1030 (PCIE Slot 5 x8 for Host OS) NVIDIA RTX 2080 (PCIE Slot 1 x16 Primary slot for My Guest OS, bios display) NVIDIA RTX 2080 (PCIE Slot 4 x16 for Wife’s Guest OS) I followed this guide on arch wiki: PCI passthrough via OVMF. I have a Geforce GTX 430. General RAM consumption is around 12-13 GB, with a 50% load on the CPU and around 40% on the GPU. EDIT: Just for the completion's sake, I did a fresh Arch arm install on the RPI4 unit and the only additional packets I installed (with their dependencies) were: Code: Select all linux-raspberrypi4-headers base-devel kodi-rbp4 wget omxplayer-git xorg-xrefresh xorg-xset Running Arch Linux with all the standard repos and Plasma 5, after upgrading sddm 0. No screen or FPS counter updates. After initial system login we need to do a full system update by issuing the following command. Hi, I can't solve an issue I'm having (linux and linux-lts) after resuming from hibernation the second time around. Skel is essential for Tiling Window Managers as the code for the desktop is still in /etc/skel. Sep 18, 2018 · How to fix black screen after login on Linux Mint (Nvidia) black screen death of Ubuntu desktop | start xserver | blinking cursor in desktop solution. I followed these instructions https://wiki. 518] Current Operating System: Linux That was the only source I found of Linux running on the Shield. See the Arch Linux wiki for instructions. 13-4-ARCH #1 SMP Wed Jun 26 16:26:15 CDT 2013 armv7l [ 1952. I am trying to install the display server,Nvidia driver. - Installed d3dx11_43, d3dx9_43, dinput8, and dotnet461 using winetricks. Followed most of archwiki advices like adding something to kernel params or blacklisting intel graphics drivers and adding nvidia to initramfs, nothing works. by moving the mouse cursor). Nvidia already have access to similar functionality on Windows and OSX (or will soon) - they won't be 3. Dec 29, 2018 · Arch Linux. Arch Linux Installation and Configuration Guide with Screenshots; Step 1: Install Xorg Server and Video Drivers. It should work on any GTK based DE/WM & possibly others. If you get The Black Screen connect over VNC and let the device sleep. Official releases include Xfce, KDE, Gnome, and the minimal CLI-Installer Architect. 23 (sans patch, of course), I get a black screen during boot (when the module gets loaded - normally, it would just flicker off briefly), the graphics card fan switches to full-speed and the following message appears in dmesg (retrieved via remote login I'm new in Linux. 0-1, xorg-server black screen on a backard bell for Geforce 310M and Linux Kali 1. Most linux distros seem to hate Nvidia's graphics cards e. Do you think it enabling "dev_boot_usb" will work from ChromeOS ? i had upgraded to windows 10 using microsoft's download update. this is my xorg. It is a note to me :smiley:  What is the proper way to configure xorg and Nvidia? When I give the startx command it is showing black screen. Screen capture works but window capture is all black. The UI is fully functional but produces nothing but black, and clicking in the right place will load a project, leading to the editor also being fully black. Install Nvidia Proprietary Drivers - Duration: 11:00. Please check that your graphic drivers are set up correctly. 04 #71 Posted 12/03/2016 10:40 PM This page is now deprecated in favor of: Laptop Troubleshooting If this guide was linked to you by a third-party website, please contact them and have them update their links, or… I've been setting up arch linux for a few days - mostly it's been easy to make progress but I'm having a real problem with multihead support. So I hope nvidia fix it soon or open the code. System76 have decided to be kind. Jun 23, 2015 Apr 17, 2019 · FINALLY -- Arch Linux with working eGPU - internal screen AND external monitor off of eGPU (nvidia) arch command in Linux with examples arch command is used to print the computer architecture. first off, i want to apologize if this issue was resolved in another thread already. install nvidia driver (via gui -> system settings -> software -> additional drivers -> proprietary driver 367) 6. And black screen will last from a few seconds to a few minutes, no exact lasting time. Jul 23, 2013 · Hey, I updated the bios 2 months ago. Glitch also present on Mint 17. Primary monitor on DP, secondary on DVI, the secondary blanks correctly, the primary doesn’t regardless of whether the secondary is connected, or even if the secondary wasn’t connected when the system booted. Tip: To make it work in KDE's lock screen, also add the same line at the beginning of /etc/pam. i did a fresh install of windows 10, but could not get past where i am today. Now move down to look for your WiFi network. I have ArchLinux setup to the point where I have a prompt (no GUI installed yet), and I have networking. It is a simple, easy-to-follow graphical installer script that allows you to install a fully functional, custom Arch Linux system with graphical desktop environment and extra software without much hassle. Drivers. 18, 3. Leds turn on, backlit keyboard turns on for a second too as usual, the DVD reader makes a noise as usual. is causing the graphics section to Docker also allows monitoring the current stats of all the containers running. Build breakdown: - NZXT S340 Glossy Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Case - GIGABYTE GA-Z97X-SLI LGA 1150 Intel Z97 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB Jul 18, 2018 · This brief tutorial describes how to install GNOME desktop environment in Arch Linux. However there are no problems on my PC with same driver and graphic card "nVidia Corporation NV43 [GeForce 6600] (rev a2)" (it's what lspci throws, just without "Go"). nvidia, nvidia-dkms, nvidia-lts or nvidia-ck-something). 20 staging, proton 3. Re: linux-gru 4. The other answers are good steps to try, but note that some combinations of Ubuntu/Linux Kernel and the Nvidia driver just won't work. The oldkern boot option still functions normally. 2 Cinnamon, GTX 970 SC with nVidia drivers here. It is intended for new installations only; an existing Arch Linux system can always be updated with pacman -Syu. However, the login screen would not load and the system would present a black screen. 私事ですが、初めてArch Linux をインストールして利用し始めてから2 年近くが経ちました。 Arch Linux はLinux の中でも特にカスタマイズ性に優れている魅力がありますが、一方でそれが選択肢を多くさせてインストール手順を難解にさせている部分もあるかと思います。 GPU selection for NVIDIA based laptops. Dec 07, 2019 · Also Read – Arch Linux Take Your Linux Knowledge To Next Level. Thank you so much for this guide. 3-1 Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 970 Graphics Driver: 390. Xorg. Run the command to search the available WiFi networks. I am using Awesome WM. Open a terminal & run this command: sudo pacman -S nvidia. exe by a cracked one. This page will be updated in that regard as feedback comes in. I tried other linux installation and it work. Hello. Windows Computer Turns On But Doesn’t Boot: Black Screen Mouse Cursor Fixing screen tearing on Manjaro Linux with Nvidia non-free drivers Black screen when it should get into GNOME Shell Wayland since Linux 5. reboot 7. 12. Click on Program Settings under I would like to use the following 3D settings. All I need to do is install the wrong nvidia drivers and we end up in a black screen. NVIDIA GeForce GTX Arch Linux. I've tried using nvidia-xconfig and bumblebee. 11. First update your computer. When Intel i7-6700K 32 GB Corsair DDR3 nVidia Geforce Titan X 2 Samsung Evo 850 256GB Arch Linux Gnome Ubuntu Gnome 16. Added the nvidia-settings option --use-gtk2 to force the use of the GTK+ 2 UI library. This fix is known to work with the nVidia non-Free driver package on Xfce & Openbox. Mar 25, 2019 · Date Mon 25 March 2019 Tags arch / linux / dell / precision / xps / i915 / nvidia / video / graphics / install / laptop One of the… things that, around the beginning of the year, I tentatively planned to do more of this year… was to share more of what I do and resurrect this blog. After installing and booting into ArcoLinuxD you end up in a black screen. I am using nvidia-xrun to load nvidia drivers. nvidia-bug-report. Now Jul 07, 2012 · I have experienced the same problem with an Nvidia Quadro K2000M on a Lenovo ThinkPad W530 using Ubuntu 12. 11 Cannot change screen resolution when running in a virtual machine; 6. Arch Linux NVIDIA 440. Using included wine from the launcher. - Downloaded the Steam version and copied the Everquest F2P directory into Program Files on the new PREFIX. If you run Windows 10 1903 or newer, use this guide instead. I am using arch linux. Aug 25, 2009 · Reboot results in black screen with Kubuntu Dapper: johnyang: Linux - Laptop and Netbook: 4: 10-23-2006 03:41 PM: Black screen when booting new Kernel 2. xz + Locking the screen saver on Simply select and install an 'nvidia-prime' profile through MSM or mhwd (such as video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-440xx-prime) and ensure the package nvidia-prime is installed. 35-1 * Xmonad 0. blank screen (cannot reach login, though splash is shown) color is kind of black with purple. Nov 30, 2014 · Each time I tried to log back into the desktop from sleep, I would get a black screen very shortly after I entered the desktop. I've been doing quite some searches on "GTX 860m linux" etc, but all I seem to find is horror stories. modeset=1 get black screen and nothing happens. My graphics work fine on my display. And for most kernel updates it is a very simple procedure. This guide will show you how to select the graphics card OBS is running on using the native control panel from NVIDIA. The only thing that worked was if I add nomodeset. 23, but Ubuntu 17. When I go into a different TTY and run htop, I see xorg, bspwm, sxhkd (I've tried the default keybinds to open windows, just in case I'm looking at bspwm without a background and bar (which I haven't installed yet Jan 24, 2009 · Black screen after installing nvidia drivers I have a fresh install, as in, I haven't installed a WM/DE yet, just a couple packages like vim and zsh. Audio for the most part works great. BlackArch Linux is an Arch Linux -based penetration testing distribution for penetration testers and security researchers. Updated nvidia-installer to install a file in the system's xorg. You can also try to add the nvidia module directly to your mkinitcpio config file. Quick Workaround for T61 (at least 7662-CTO) using NVidia Quadro NVS 140 Arch Linux 5. php/NVIDIA determined that I have the N130  I had a black login screen problem with my arch linux after installing nvidia GPU driver, Here is how I solved it. if you have one (or more) monitor that won't show anything (and the mouse skips it) make sure you used the correct bus id Jun 30, 2020 · The game remains responsive, but the game stays on the cutscene with a black screen. So it's no secret that NVIDIA Optimus technology has a somewhat Running the editor yields a fully functional loading splash menu, untill the editor loads into the project screen, where the entire window is black. 0-2 causes black screen at gdm on latest nvidia driver Attached to Project: Arch Linux Opened by John-Michael Mulesa (jm2) - Sunday, 25 October 2015, 18:02 GMT restart x! (in ubuntu just hit control-alt-backspace) if it works, you'll have a desktop across all (or most) monitors. Show anything but a black screen on statup. In addition to just installing the Nvidia drivers, this mini-HOWTO also explains how to install XFree86, the OpenGL Utility library (part of Mesa), the OpenGL Utility Toolkit (), the full set of OpenGL manpages, Qt and its OpenGL extension, and Java and its Java 3D extension so that a user can have a Mar 21, 2018 · Arch Linux. Disabling threaded video will allow the gl driver to function as normal. Then to use the discrete Nvidia card it works the same as PRIME offloading above but uses a different command. If you have an Intel CPU with an integrated GPU (e. AUR Nov 13, 2019 · Install Arch Linux with UEFI Firmware in Virtualbox. modeset=1? I even tried Nvidia-drm. It works with intel integrated graphics (HD 530). 1 (linux) Jun 27, 2016 · Once it so happened that after installing the proprietary drivers and restart the computer, have ended up with a black screen, do not worry. We have already posted a guide about Arch Anywhere. I used 12. This is a similar issue to many other users as seen on this forum, but I can't find a solution for myself as I'm running the game on Linux. However, when I force it to use Nvidia drivers, it gets stuck in a black screen. Anyways, I cannot seem to  27 Apr 2018 We install the wrong drivers for our Nvidia card and it will break the system computer and we will change the root with arch-chroot command. Monitor works (power led not blinking), but it shows nothing. I tested this guide in latest Arch Linux version, and I hope this will work on other Arch-based systems such as Antergos, Manjaro Linux etc. iball8888: Linux Mint: 10: 12-03-2010 08:43 AM: Arch Linux over time Screen jitter then black screen: teek: Linux - General: 4: 01-26-2010 12:57 PM: nVidia in Xorg=black screen: FXRS: Slackware: 13: 07-01-2004 01:55 AM The initial boot-screen when put on a USB stick and booted into from a system of interest gives you the option of booting "BlackArch Linux" or "BlackArch Linux (non-free)". e : uncomment the '#WaylandEnable=false' line in /etc/gdm/custom. Linux Arch Linux [ 253. I'm currently using xmonad wm, but can also reproduce this issue with jwm as well. So how can i do it under a tty terminal? (On this pc i am on testing. Linux - how to add nomodeset at boot and what to do after you boot into a black screen with a dot - Duration: 9:23. It’s high time that changes. A few days before the Arch package was out I built a kernel from the final 4. EndeavourOS first seemed remaining summer season. 16 sources. vvilp / my Arch Linux cheat-sheet forked from tungel/my Arch Linux sudo pacman -Ud nvidia-utils-313. Throw in different desktop environments with their own display settings and compositors, and you have a real mess. I had to use timeshift to restore the system. When starting X, my screen goes black, my fan starts spinning at full speed and after a few seconds, the system dies (turns off, not cleanly). NextHow to fix any Arch Linux based system like ArcoLinux, Antergos, Manjaro,  So currently, I've https://wiki. 57-2 on a 1080 Ti) and it appeared to be working well up through the second cinematic (the one that includes the "Prologue" title card) on default options (albeit 1440p@120Hz). Tried wine versions 3. Comment 18 Mark Weiman 2019-03-18 18:35:20 UTC Created attachment 143729 [details] [review] parameter-patch I wrote up this patch to make it easy to switch between forcing the slow and wide to fast modes. My goal is to make the default laptop display run again, using the Intel hd graphic card and an additional monitor using the Nvidia card (but I would be happy as well if only the laptop display would work again). To bad that there doesn’t seem to be a way to get Arch Linux to work with the secure boot option, cause it is kind of a nice option for those of us that are also using a Windows. [ 1952. - Created a new WINEPREFIX for the game. Nothing from there but still a black screen. Use the journal to show messages for a boot with the issue without the nvidia module being black listed. 1 0. This is my first time on a UEFI installation (which uses systemd-boot and not GRUB). archlinux. FS#58666 - [linux, nvidia, xorg-server] Blank screen after boot Attached to Project: Arch Linux Opened by PF (greyeye) - Saturday, 19 May 2018, 20:35 GMT A further update: I installed the nvidia driver for my card from Arch repo (nvidia-340xx). and i3 wmbut getting errors. added this to mkinitcpio MODULES="nvidia nvidia_modeset nvidia_uvm nvidia_drm" I installed the nvidia drivers with pacman -S nvidia, then tried using startx. 82 - latest proprietary driver package on Arch Linux I’m having issues with the nvidia Linux driver (both 319 and 325 beta) on my Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 laptop (MBG2BMH with GeForce GT650M GPU) running Arch Linux x64. Panel Self Refresh (PSR), a power saving feature used by Intel iGPUs is known to cause flickering in some instances FS#49628 FS#49371 FS I was getting a black screen when booting. 6 my drivers: mhwd -l --pci video-nvidia-340xx video-nvidia-304xx video-linux video-vesa in tty xrandr --output --1920x1080 cannot Also, multiple instances of glxgears will fail. -Asus x556 (GT 940MX) -Ubuntu 16. FS#57401 - [nvidia] Black screen on second monitor using Nvidia DRM KMS Attached to Project: Arch Linux Opened by Thomas Rue (ThomasRue) - Tuesday, 06 February 2018, 20:14 GMT I use pm-suspend to suspend on desktop. I've been doing some research on laptops, and the most promising one has a GeForce GTX 860m. rcu_idle_gp_delay=1 kernel parameter. The nvidia driver for Linux Mint 17. This is really frustrating, not seeing anything, and not knowing what is wrong with that kernel! I've promised my son a laptop suitable for Blender, Unreal and it should all run on Arch Linux. 7 Plasma cursor sometimes shown incorrectly; 6. arch linux nvidia black screen

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